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    Thanks K_Solomon, I couldn't have put it better. I was merely pointing out a fact what many people are going through while trying to get their paperwork sorted out and he always get's on here spouting garbage.


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      The wait times are ludicrous. My sons and I haven't seen my husband in over 13 months. We finally got a case complete at the NVC on the 11th, so we'll see how long it takes to get to the consulate. I'm in New Zealand so it shouldn't be a lengthy wait once it arrives.

      Congressman and senators are of no assistance when you're going through the process. The USCIS and the NVC are accountable to no one it seems. They can do what they want and delay it all they like without ever having to tell you why.
      The whole of life is but a moment of time. It is our duty, therefore to use it, not to misuse it - Plutarch


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        what a collection of weeping if USCIS hired 5000 more employees so you weepers wouldn't have to wait, who will pay their salaries? What if the processing fee were raised to $5000 to pay for this fleet of workers? Would you pay? Or cry?
        There are numerical limitations in each immigrant category (except spouse or parent of a USC)...set by by USCIS...they can only issue so many immigrant visas per year, whether you like it or the vias bulletins (or have someone read them to you, so you can understand the 'big words')...grow up...everyone wants everything now, but no one wants to pay....service from any source is not either the customer (you) pays a higher processing fee or all of our taxes must be raised to pay for one adjudicator per whiner in the US....which is it? (and be sure to stop by Target and buy some Kleenex to mop up your tears)


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          Get lost Someone12 - tired of hearing your trash. If you have something to say which insightful then no problem, but if your going to spout your small minded comments then do somewhere else. Why not start your own blog?


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            Marriage Fraud is an issue with who?

            Brittany Spears got drunk/high married some loser in Vegas and got annulled 48 hours later.

            Why is it any of the US Governments business who the he double hockey sticks a US Citizen marries?

            It would be a credible system if they in fact
            applied the actual penalties to people who brought someone over here fraudulently. Perhaps it would "prevent" immigration fraud.

            Recently we had a person in the news who married somene for money, and managed while she was here to become a Mole in the CIA AND the FBI. Her ex-husband did not face any charges and she got to keep her citizenship and only got 18 months in jail.

            Compare that with deporting some poor EWI that has a US Citizen Wife and US Citizen children getting deported and barred for 10 years.

            The system is corrupt and rewards criminals.

            It is suprising to me so many people who live in the so called "land of the free" advocate Government interference into family matter; marriage.

            I think if Uncle Sam sticks his nose into one marriage to "verify it" he should take 2-3-4 years to process all requests for marriage licenses. The parties should have to undergo security checks, make sure all 50 states verify no criminal record. Provide credit history to the spouses and prove they can support a wife and child before they marry.

            That would be fair to all citizens.
            "Being all fashioned of the self-same dust let us be merciful as well as just"
            Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


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              Be quiet you fool.


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