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First preference priority stuck again

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  • First preference priority stuck again

    What the f..k is going on with the family based first preference? It's a complete joke, why does it move so slowly?

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    What the f..k is going on with the family based first preference? It's a complete joke, why does it move so slowly?


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      i agree


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        if you look at all the categories, the first preference has moves the slowest over the past two years.


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          you know ur right and i have always said the same thing, they should do something to speed up the i-130 processing times for the u.s citizen spouses before anything else. in my openion , the n-400 applicants and i-751 and i-131 etc.... can wait bcoz they r allready in the country ,, but the u.s citizen's deserve to be with their family's before anybody else. i mean it's not just the uscis process..once the i-130 gets prooved ,ur looking about another 4-5 months between the nvc and the embassy ..and this is really bad .. the u.s citizens deserve to be with their family's , they should make a premium process for the i-130's , and iam sure 60% of the applicants will pay the $1000 to get it done fast .. just have a little faith and take it easy


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            quick....someone get me a kleenex....


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              Comment to S12's post 7:35 p.m.:

              I figured you'd be overdosing on Sudafed by now.


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                In my opinion we all should write to the News Papers in Washington, D.C. New Your, Illinois, California, to all the leading News Papers of U.S. about this delays in Processing dates, Finger Prints, and all about the back loge at the USCIS.

                Congressman, Senators, are not doing any thing for Country how do you accept them to do any good for the U.S. Citizens.
                USCIS is making good money on account of fees with out any improvement in the work.
                God Bless America


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                  GOD bless America and everybody elso


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                        Someone12, it's high time you kept quiet.


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                          I agree Adam, higher fees slower processing, no USC would accept that type of service.


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                            traveler: and when were you elected Grand Poobah of this site?
                            If you don't like the delays, write your congressman...writing newspapers won't do anything. And as some have pointed out, our representatives are supposed to be focused on US citizens, NOT illegal worrying about illegals..they don't belong here.
                            But Congress established the level of legal immigration, and USCIS only have so many employees...if you want more, pay higher taxes.
                            The main problem is there are too many bogus sham marriages that are swamping USCIS's ability to adjudicate...if Congress put an end to all waivers, we would see the number of 'good faith' marriages dry up to nothing....and at NO cost to the American taxpayer!!
                            Yep...I'm still talking traveler, like it or not.


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                              You really should give it a rest sometime someone12. After all your posts on this board, you are yet to conduct or guide an educated discussion. It simply eludes you. The sheer "stupidity" and lack of constructive content in your posts are simply put appaling. To top it off the laughable part is you are quick to judge the I.Q. of others. You have no manners, no insight, no immigration knowledge and worse of all an overwhelming inability to see the flaw of your conduct.

                              Dont worry whatever you post back, i wont be dragged into the dead end of your empty thoughts. The level of your posts are equivalent to that of a village idiot (putting it mildly) who sneaks into some internet cafe, spots a computer and types away.


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