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    I wish you could read my mind, so that you sense this feeling, it makes me so much stronger! It make me believe that I can fly in the air to wherever I wish.

    My dear, I wish you never lose the sense of reality.

    I'll tell you what, I had the same thoughts when I was 16. Thank you God, for not letting me continue gaining knowledge and understanding, that almost killed me and separated me from others mentally! because there was too much knowledge, that was getting into my brain faster that one human being could have comprehended, but I was able to. It almost like my brain never listened to me, it made me feel so different from everyone else, because they saw that I'm different, and most of the people either didn't take me seriously or were scared to death from my irrationality. It made me feel so emotionally lonely, so hopeless, so desperate for understanding from others, so desperate to share, I can't even explain now what to share.
    Thank you God for giving me ability to stop the process of this madness and giving me chance to be normal! I am so glad I can control the flow of understanding in my head. I am so glad I know how not to think and just enjoy the life, without understanding it. I am so glad I can be happy and love other people and see the beauty in them, nomatter if they understand me or not. I almost so glad that I can make myself to be stupid!
    I think that you have a choice: to be happy with people, or to be genius and stay lonely for the rest of your life. You can't have both at the same time.

    And I will tell you this: what you wrote above sounds like a copy-paste from average MD-PHD-shrink lecture on how to treat a 'maladjustment disorder' among the average ****sterheads.
    I think if I was under 11 it would somewhat impress me.

    Sorry, I just wanted to share. I hope you understand.
    I appreciate it. Regardless of my reply above I know it took you at least some time to sit down and write what you did.

    If you are not phony and everything you say is true, then you should understand and believe me that I know how you feel.
    I am not phony , but I do not see that you know what and how I feel.
    You rather rely on certain pre-existing 'model'.
    Like modern psychiatrist would.
    You would check the boxes on multiple choice questionnaire and - there you would have an evaluation of what type of person you are dealing with, based on statistic method that compares the results with many others who checked similar boxes.

    But, you should know it by now, there is no 'group' of people like me , at least not large enough to be properly evaluated and made a part of statistical measures.
    When you talk to me you literally lack such model and for lack of it you fit me into the group that I don't belong to but that you think is most likely befitting me.

    Simple as that.

    I wish you the best and I wish you to find that middle........!!! And I wish you to find that person if you haven't yet !!! And I wish you to know love and become complete and beautiful and be able to share it with others and yourself !

    I am fairly rational and compromising individual in my daily life.

    You see, I am far beyond your comprehension...

    My Very Best Wishes To You All,



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      It's ok, Antifascist1.

      Your response just proves me that I am not a God, but just an ordinary, normal individual and I am very pleased with that.

      The question is 'will you be able to accept HIS answer?' but it is more of the rhetorical question.

      I just wanted to share my experience, being diagnosed to have extraordinary mental abilities in early childhood, but using my strong will power being able to overcome and control them. I thought it would be helpful in some way for ya.

      But, anyways, it is getting too psychotic even for me, so..................

      Peace out!


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        Maybe it's time to close this political topic. Let me sum up all the arguments regardless of which side you're on. I presume we're all Americans here who love this country. But let's face the fact...let's be honest...the US wants to control the Middle East and oil wealth!


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          I presume we're all Americans here who love this country.
          This is the best statement I ever heard from you, Macy.

          Let me also add: since we all are Americans, let us also be UNITED when it comes to foreign affairs, no matter what divisions or disagreements we have in matters domestic.

          With this I part,



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            True! it is natural to have self-preservation instinct and seek new ways to increasing prosperity.


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              Priest pleads to abusing 47 girls

              A retired Roman Catholic priest, who lives in Belle River, Ontario,
              has pleaded guilty to sexually abusing 47 girls over a span of 34
              years during his service in parishes from Windsor to London.

              Many of the victims, now all women, were in a packed Chatham
              courtroom Thursday morning when Charles Henry Sylvestre, 83, entered
              his guilty pleas to 47 charges of indecent assault.

              Several observers in the courtroom, including family members of the
              victims, wept as the court clerk read out the charges and Sylvestre
              responded in a calm, quiet voice.

              The women ranged in age from nine to 14 years old at the time the
              assaults took place in parishes in Windsor, Chatham, Pain Court,
              Sarnia and London between 1952 and 1986.

              From the USA to Canada to Europe and many other parts of the world,
              Catholic priests continue to commit *** crimes. And this has been
              going on for centuries. When will this be stopped?


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                Let me also add: since we all are Americans, let us also be UNITED when it comes to foreign affairs, no matter what divisions or disagreements we have in matters domestic.

                No AF, I cannot agree with that. We cannot compromise our principles for the sake of nationalism. No way.

                Macy... excellent example using the priest....

                AF.. Becasue all the catholics are catholics, should they stand behind the catholic church to wipes these kind of crimes under the rug?
                NO way.

                It is same thing. One cannot compromise principles. Strive to do the right things.


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                  According to Christian religion Evil will only stop right after 'the end of the world', be patient.

                  Catholic priests are the same people like us with the same chances to get pervertible.


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                    I used to be a Catholic but now consider myself as a Christian. One reason why priest is committing these s e x crimes is because of the Celibacy Law. This used to be an option but made into law by the Catholic Fathers.


                    • #85
                      Oh macy..

                      I have to disagree on that. I dont think it has anything to do with celibacy.. (which by the way is not supported scriptually in the christian bible, in fact just the opposite, it warns about religions that demand celibacy.

                      This is about pedophilia. look at the ages. children were abused... becuase they could be. People entrusted their children to these priests, and they abused their position and violated these little babies. Horror. Put under the jail is not enough for these fiends!

                      Catholic Church is haven for pedophiles, whether they be heteros e xu al or h o mo se x ua l.


                      • #86
                        4now, allow me to clarify...the Celibacy vow is ONE of the reasons why priests commit s e x crimes. In fact, if you open the Bible and read 1Timothy 4:1-3 it states that forbidding to marry is a doctrine of the devil.


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                          Thats the scripture that I speak of in my post. bt celibacy does not cause pedophilia. Pedophilia is a sickness not relevant to celibacy. It is a s e x crime. Many peds can have lots of s e x...and do.. but their weakness and sickness is violating children.

                          Many people go nuts about a ho m o se xua l being around little boys. G a ys desire s e x with same s e x gender. not little boys or girls..
                          only a ho mo se sua l pedophile would present the danger.


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                            No... All pedophiles are not h o m o.. that disorder is the one most publicized, pehaps the most common.

                            What would you call a 20 year old male that molests a 6 year old girl? Is that another disorder than if it was a 6 year old boy?


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                              befoer I forget.. Please tell us how we can use other avatars here other than those tired ones ILW offers. I know you can find a way to get around this. thanks


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