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PLease I need advice or my husband!

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    Which country is your husband from? Which country is the sheik from?

    These are relevant factors.


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      Country of origin is insignificant. There're hundreds of thousands of people in this country from arabic country, not to mention several millions more whose hail arabic descent. I don't see the govt rounding them up like cows and putting them up in a enclosed herding ground like what they did with the Japanese during WW2.


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        Your info is very sporadic and I understand b/c you are upset.. but you are missing lots of peices in this story. I will try to make time line and you correct or fill in the pieces where I am not accurate.

        Your husband is morrocan national who came to USA in 1998 on F-1 (student visa) He attended college off and on but did not necesarily stay in status/keepe I20 updated.

        husband had a first marriage in 1998

        then you say marriage was in 2000 and lasted 8 months WHICH is it? 1998 or 2000

        Husband filed papers in this marriage , but never went to interview, which means it was abandoned. which means he never adjusted to legal status thru marriage. At that time of abandement, legal status was terminated from that application and at some point would have gone into removal/deportation proceedings. However, as it happens in some cases, The order may never had been issued yet.
        Do You know if he was ever issued a deportation order ? & if so....when?

        The only way he would have remained legal was
        unless he returned to legal F1 status and attended school with current I20...DID this happen, or u dont know?

        Was he out of status when you married him , or was his f1 in order/current enrolled in school?
        If out of status, most lkely he has been working 4.5 yrs off the social security he was issued from that marriage then or from being f1 student.

        April 05 you married him and applied for AOS
        lawyer checked system and did not find any deportation orders. correct?
        Special registration did not detain him u say.

        When did USCIS deny your petition for him to adjust status thru your marriage? was it before this ice incident/or concurrent/ or after?

        Plese answer these questions and any other info that you have. You cannot get accurate info here without the correct facts. You will need a expert immigration lawyer, not "filler" that doesnt know what he/she is doing. Be careful of advice here of posters that do not know what they talk about such as the "big Dummy" that says she doenst know what a 1998 marriage would have to do with you.

        Here is the bottom line. Your husband can get married 1000 times, but will not be able to adjust status until the first marriage can be validated, b/c it was under investigation for fraud. It has everything to do with why you are being denied. This case is most likely going to be decided in front of IJ who can adjust your status at that time.

        You need to talk to your husband and know if he was involved in sham marriage just so you know. Dont have your head in the sand on this one. At that time before 911, it was easy to do this
        kind of business marriage. One gal could be married like 8 or 10 times, collect the money and nobody knew anything at INS. it was standard operating procedure. Guy gets work permit and soc sec. They never generally go to first interview for obvious reasons. Nobody pressed those deport orders back then. Later, guy gets real marriage or more legitamate one that will go to interview for 10 yrs card. end of story. Everybody go his way.

        So now you are telling us that your husband fell in love with this kind of girl and marry her, and didnt know? We do not want to change your member name to BIGDUMMY2? Get a grip gal.

        None the less, if he did, you just need to know so you know what you are up against. and the lawyer needs to know also. This way you dont get suprises, and just deal with it.

        technically , coutry of origin should not matter, but get over it, itduzz It is unspoken, but arabic will have more harder time on this one, especially since ICE involved. This case will probalbly stay in marriage fraud unit for very long time. Get expert lawyer, one who has experience in this specific area, not a paper pusher immigration lawyer.

        Get your accurate facts to us so maybe Mr. Mohan or Sammy can lead you in the right direction.

        Good luck


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          I really don't appreciate you making fun of me. I never claimed to be an expert on this stuff. It seems that many people on this board enjoy seeing US citizens hurt by foreigners. I call myself bigdummy because I allowed a man to use me by believing his lies. Why do you think this is funny?

          I think that my experience might help others and that is why I come to this site. I don't think that every man is like my ex and I believe that many marriages are for the right reasons. I spent a lot of time dealing with immigration matters to get my ex-husband here and I did it right, so I do have infomation to offer.

          My statement about the 1998 marriage not mattering would be if he was a student and kept that valid and never filed for any immigration benefit related to the marriage, which is what she originally said.


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            Oh really.. well I dont appreciate you giving misinformaton.

            Big Dummy you say

            "My statement about the 1998 marriage not mattering would be if he was a student and kept that valid and never filed for any immigration benefit related to the marriage, which is what she originally said."

            The poster and others had like 8 posts before you gave that answer....
            read for yourself...

            Then 6.5 hours later they came to our house and arrested him on Marrige fraud from his first marrige. He is just sitting in a city jail now they have not placed

            Posted October 10, 2005 12:12 PM
            "immgration fraud due to a first marriage"

            then You said:

            "I call myself bigdummy because I allowed a man to use me by believing his lies."

            Are you sure this is the only reason...

            Now your experience may help others so long as you are giving accurate info and know for fact what you are talking about... now if you dont know the answer, try to refrain in all fairness to the person seeking the advice. then its not good to give advices "just because its what you think and you have no basis to back it up." Thats dangereous.... as people come to this board for accurate information..not to be mislead becuase of misinformation. remember that because its important.

            so come on .. No reason for you to be senstitive about this.. lighten up.. change your name to "Lil smart" complete Comprehensive 101. and since u are graduate of prestigious Micael fan club he calls u "Big Smarty" for being honoray member


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              4now tsk tsk, where is your normal nature?


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                Well I am not here too offend anyone in any way or also cause hard feelings amongst posters. I just want some advice. The time line you are refering to is He married her in 2000 relizing somethingwas up to no good he strted divorce proceedings ,he never went to any interviews but I do believe he obtained his Work Id not sure about the SS, he went to the manatory registering after 911 and he was fine. we met in 12/04 we married in 04/05 then we went to lawyer to make sure everything would be legal as he told the lawyer all, the 1 week a ago they {ICE } came looking for someone else and then when my husband had nothing to give them they began looking into his background then 6.5 hour later they took him . Now they moving him place to place for reason our attorney is pushing for answers. He has not filed any papers yet cause there is no where to see the judge w/o a permamtment place. I Am not a big dummy my marrige to my husband is very real and as i said earlier if it is God will we live in his home country we will go there together. No he did not stay register in school at the school of his arrivalbut the lawyer is not concerned for issue.WE feel very confident w/ our lawyer but as a wife I am tring to pull at strings to help my husband in at ways possible. I am sorry I do not know all the F1 lingo that you use.Sorry for my ignorance in this But thank you all or tring to help us. My husband is scared they will read this and use it against me.We ahve nothing to hide now or from his past .People make mistakes .


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                  you asked for help in this matter, and I asked you very specific questions in order that you get that help. You only answered one... about it was the year 2000 that he was married.

                  I never questioned if your marriage to him was real, as yours is not the marriage in question by ICE. If you want to marry a man you only know for 4 months , that is up to you, and I never brought that up. I simply asked you for specifics about 1. his status when you married him... which you didnt answer, 2. and if that lawyer did in fact check legal system if there was deportation order.

                  Why are you getting defensive abour your marriage, when no one here qquestioned it????

                  if you are looking for help here, then you will have to answer ALL the questions I asked in the previous post. No matter who answers you.

                  Still baby..Im sorry.. didnt take my medication I take it u didnt read Michel's thread on "seriously does anyone get denied" I was out of meds


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                    There has never been a deportation order .When I married him he was out of status from his student visa. I come here for advice not critizm you have to understand my point. My husband is my rock and now I have nothing .Thank you for kind words . I think I make a wrong desicion for this forum. I have gotten enough ugliness from ICE I thought I would find words of encouragement here , sorry i am nieve to think people have a heart !


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                      I'm sorry you are upset. You and your husband are scared and you need advice/help, not insults. I am not an expert nor did I ever claim to be! You have a lawyer to help. I hope members on this forum could offer moral support and if anyone has knowledge from previous experience then they could share that with you.

                      I hope your husband will go to IJ and this will be straightened out soon. Try to be strong and stay positive.

                      I'm sorry if anything I said upset you.
                      Good luck!


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                        Thank You.


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                          There is a much BIGGER issue here. You said that this guy is affiliated with a terrorist organization (The Mosque). Do you remember what those people did to America on 9/11/01? What is wrong with you? I hope they torture this terrorist and send his remains back to Iraq or Afghanistan in a body bag. You should be deported for aiding and abetting a terrorist and a fraudster !!


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                            This country would be a much better place if we send people like Mr. Michael Schmitt to Afghanistan wrapped in several pounds of C4. Hopefully, he can take out some Al-Qaida along the way, but considering his intelligence level, he probably just end up self detonating in the middle of nowhere. Oh well, at the very least it means one less rat to deal with.


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                              For starter I am a Muslim also, since 1998, and I am very proud to be. I do not judge you for the religion you choose or what type of building you go to worship in. So open your mind to human kindness.HE IS NOT NOR AM I A TERRRORIST! WE ARE NOT ASSOCIATED WITH A TERRORIST. This site was to offer some advice on my husband case not get threaten by simple minded peolpe who seem to have more time on there hands then they know what to do with!!! By the way my Husband is to bonded out with the possibilty of the charges being drop. I would like to thank the people who did have some advice or encouraging words. And the rest of you MAY ALLAH BLESS YOUR TAINTED SOULS!


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                                Yes I am happy to say we have a bond hearing on Thursday. I had to fire the first lawyer because he was lame!! But we have a very very intelligent lawyer that knows her stuff!! And she says there are so many fawls in my husband case that it is almost positive he will be released and with determination all charge could be drop!! Thank you for your support and advice .Good luck to all who are having issues with this screwed up Immigration system. I have been told by a wise person. We as Americans owned the Africans as slave unfornitatly many many years ago and now INS /ICE own the immigratant with a green card to make it legal.To treat and do as they wish with them . Pretty sad Country we live in. America is made up of many differant types of cultures and athenicity.


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