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    If after an interview, the officer writes pending approval on your file and says you will be notified in the mail if you are approved or if you are denied. What does that mean?


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    If after an interview, the officer writes pending approval on your file and says you will be notified in the mail if you are approved or if you are denied. What does that mean?



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      To Shabber
      Can you please tell us in more detail about your csss/lulac interview how long it took and what they ask you and what was the immigration office looking for?


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        Well my case is kind of unique as my father was the original applicant. I was 1 when I came here. So he asked me when did I come to the US, with or without a visa, just those basic questions. Then he asked where did I live back then, he asked me who was one person who was on an affidavit, he asked some questions about some of the evidence that I had, and of the evidence of my father, etc. He asked if I live with my family now or not and what was their status.

        Then he commented that I got an A in calculus, and asked me what I was doing career wise and where I was currently working. He was making a chronology and taking notes on a separate notepad and putting stickies in his big file.

        I think in the beginning he started the interview on a tough note saying that he went through all the evidence and it looked hard to follow, but towards the end of the interview he loosened up quite a bit. Then he left the room for a minute and came back with an I-765 EAD renewal form and had me fill that out.

        Then he closed the file and said I had more of a chance because I had more evidence than most other people, he wrote pending approval on a sticker and said if they approve it I will get a card in the mail and if they deny it I'll get a notice in the mail.

        The interview I'd say lasted 20 minutes. I don't know what to make of it, I'd love to be optomistic, but on this newsgroup I've read lots of people who then had to wait for a long long time after the interview simply to be denied so I don't know what to make of it.


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          congratulations shabber! for sure yours is approved.



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            It sounds very positive. I think you can sleep easy. Commending you on your achievements, was a sign the Officer liked you.

            During my interview the Officer mocked and ridiculed my achievements.

            Is it possible for a Federal Officer to be jealous of an illegal alien?

            Good luck to you Shabber


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              Did your dad petition for you? What was the basis of your application? What makes your case unique? I'm asking because I'm going to my interview in a few weeks and I'm wondering what kinds of questions they asked. My step-dad petitioned for my. Thanks


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                Well thanks guys for the reassurance, I'll only be fully content if and when I do receive a decision letter/card.

                My father was a LULAC applicant and a member of that class and since I was a kid at that time I was not able to file. So under the regulations if you or your parent or spouse had attempted to file then you would be considered a class member as well. Thats how my case is kind of unique, I haven't heard many other cases such as mine. My father legalized a few years ago through a company-sponsorhip, at that time I had turned 21 and missed it by a month. Even at that time his LULAC application was pending and I believe he had to get that recalled or something.

                I wish all of you the best of luck, and one should never despair. There are other avenues of legalization, ie, marraige, employer sponsorship that should be considered. The immigration officer kind of jokingly stated that in a few years congress would probably pass something to get everyone some form of legal status, which if you read today's wall st. journal there is also a report in that as well.

                If I may ask, 1. why did he ask me to refill a blank I-765 form, 2. if he has decided to approve why didn't he say that to me, 3. when would I be notified from anyone's experience of any decision.




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