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question to houston about INA and disregarding deportation order

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    what do you mean by your last statement@HOUSTON?

    Did Kyl read the **** bill or he's just trying to filubuter the bill or like i said, maybe the new compromising bill didnt have those wording that eliminites this group from applying.


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      this is what i noticed when reading the kennedy/mccain bill
      ¨ Applicants must show that they are "admissible," except that grounds of inadmissibility that relate to undocumented status are not applicable, and
      most grounds can also be waived, except for security grounds and most criminal grounds. INA sections 240B(d) (the bar to adjustment for
      noncitizens who fail to timely comply with a voluntary departure order) and 241(a)(5) (reinstatement of removal) would not apply to noncitizens applying for H-5B adjustment.


      I couldn understand the statement above because im not an immigration experts, so can someone please help me wih it..

      Does it says that skipping court hearings is inadmisable?

      Remember the O.T.M a.k.a other-then-mexicans that were afraid to show up to court because of fear of deportation?..Ive spoken to a few people and they havent been able o ive me an answer on immigration law that could apply to them.


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        I also notice this:

        Noncitizens in removal proceedings will be given the opportunity to apply for H-5B adjustment, and this opportunity must also be afforded to
        individuals apprehended after enactment but before regulations establishing the H-5B adjustment procedure have been promulgated. Noncitizens
        with final orders of exclusion, deportation, or removal also may apply for H-5B adjustment, and they do not need to file a separate motion to reopen
        their proceedings.

        I want you expert to lock on the very last sentence of the paragraph above where it says " and they do not need to file a separate motion to reopen"...Now ive been readin immigration law a bit and there are certain things that i do get , for example..If you are schedule for a court hearing, and you dont show up, then you are ordered removed on absentia + your case get close.....Now this last sentence seem to explain that you wont need to ask INS to re-open your case in which you skipped hearing date and you would just be able to adjust your status even when a FINAL order was entered because you didnt show up <-------------- am i reading this wrong??


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          Got this out of the specter's bill
          Section 202(a)(2) provides that the amendments made by Section 202(a)(1) will apply to
          all aliens subject to a final administrative removal, deportation, or exclusion order that
          was issued before, on, or after the date of enactment of the Act.
          don know whats in 202(a)(2) so i cant commen on it...does anyoone know where i could find the definitions of those section? secions like 202(a)(2) and many really interested in looking at them.


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            Houston & Jean

            Now it is clear that who are inside USA right now will be waived for 212(a0(6)(c). what will happen all those guest worker who will paticipate from outside????



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