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  • Vindication! Finally

    I've ALWAYS suspected this....Is the issue "illegal" immigration or is it really non-white/European immigration???? I ask because after speaking lengthily with a dear friend, she admitted that she may not be as opposed to immigration (legally/illegally) if those who sought to immigrate illegally or overstayed legal entry in the U.S. were (preferably) of European decent, spoke English, and Christian. She mentioned nothing of being afraid that those same "acceptable" and yes-illegal immigrants would be encroaching on the lives and job opportunities of US citizens. Incidentally, my friend is a HUGE, well known proponent of the Anti-immigration movement, only a 2nd generation American, who after some soul searching and my prodding, basically admitted that race was a huge issue...maybe, the real issue....just an FYI

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    Yea; so what is your point ????


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      My "point"? No "point" the posting. Just an most of the postings on this site.


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        Why do so many people play the "race card?" Of course, Mia didn't actually name her source, simply mentioning how supposedly important and well-known her friend is. Furthermore, within Europe, only Britain and Ireland are English-speaking countries; most Europeans do not speak English. I also have to ask: what, exactly, is wrong with expecting immigrants to America to learn and speak English? I would suggest that one of the major problems is that too many immigrants believe that they are too important to even make any effort to learn our language.


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          Spain is part of Europe, and Spanish a European language. Many Mexicans are predominantly of European ancestry, especially its leadership. Other "Hispanic" countries have had much the same immigration experience we've had, with German and other European migration to Latin America. Funny, under the circumstances, if in fact Latin American illegal immigration is predominantly "brown", it says more about the racial situation in Latin American than here.
          Funny kind of racism, too, that roughly half of all legal immigration is from Latin America, and that Mexico is the one country sending the most legal immigrants.

          Furthermore, a good chunk of illegal immigration is by Europeans, such as the Irish, Poles, and other East Europeans.

          You really want to know why Mexicans are the target of us "anti (illegal) immigrationists". Because they comprise the single largest ethnic group coming here illegally. Because many of their ethnic leaders insist that Hispanic illegal aliens are somehow the exception to our immigration laws, while other legal immigrants and U.S. citizens are supposed to obey them. That other laws, such as those against identity fraud, don't apply to Hispanics. That Hispanics are not supposed to learn English and assimilate, but are to receive bilingual education programs with the aim of helping them maintain their ethnic identity so that Mexico can use them as a political weapon and a cash cow. If Poles did this (and they're starting to) you can bet you'd hear more opposition to them too.


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            Since you're framing opposition to illegal immigration as a racial issue, what is YOUR racial reason for supporting it?

            You might also have noticed Presidente Fox's (good "Hispanic" name that, isn't it? actually, he's part Irish) recent racial faux pas?


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              Oh, yes, Mia--I've asked some proponents of illegal aliens, such as Bill Dahl, who frame illegal immigration by Hispanics as "welcoming the stranger" under Christian principles, if they'd be as hot to welcome nonChristian illegals, or even legal immigrants, such as Muslims or Buddhists. You know, I have yet to get any answer, other than "I'll pray for you".


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                Why don't you ask the other 289 million US Citizens?

                My answer would be we have a wonderful immigration record and policies. They take so many from each country every year. And, there is a process to follow. It's when these people
                jump the line they mess it up for everyone. If it seems to be focused on a certain group perhaps it is because they are cheating more.

                If you are trying to make it a race issue your dead in the water. Many US Citizens who are the same race as the ones cheating are sick of it too.


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                  Uhm, I am not sure whether or not race does play any role in immigration. But, I can tell you this.
                  If you are from some part of europe, most likely you have an advantage to integrate in american society. Not only because you would be white, but also your culture is closer to american culture.

                  On the other hand, non white people have more challenged to deal with american system. For one thing, they tend to be poorer or have many things playing against them even if they have money. Things like religion, likelyhood of fraud in their country of origine, the lack of standards similar to american way of doing things, etc. All those put together, make it hard for a majority white society to see them as welcom as white europeans.

                  To sum up, there is a differential treatment when it comes to race. But the root causes may not be race. Rather something systematic. Non white people dont get hard time because they are not white, they do because of all of other bad things legitimately or illegitimately attached to them. If you are non white, the best approach would be to set your mind and realize that the bar is higher for you. Once you know that, be ready to take appropriate action. And no, complaining is not going to solve it, it's just going to reinforce another stereotype.

                  By the way, I am african black and I go through this on a daily basis. But, I dont thing it's a smart idea to blame other people. If you are a good person, just stay true to yourself and the time will teach people who you are. When I was kid, there was a guy in my family who came from a different country. Even though he was black, everybody in our family, including myself, treated him like a stupid person just because he acted different and did not speak our language. When I receive the same treatment today, I picture the same thing I did in the past and come to the conclusion that it's the natural order of things. After all, we just know what we have been exposed to in real life or through reading or other means. The best thing to do is to prove that you are not what the other person assumed you to be. It takes time, but once you succeed, the person would be changed forever.

                  On the other hand, if someone want to kill you just because you are from a different race, here is what you should do: Grab a pen or anything around you, pock him/her in the eye and run as fast as you can.


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