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  • promlem is solved/

    thank you for helping me.

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    First of all u always get finger printed when issued with any kind of visa in ur home country so just by changing ur name won't help u get another visa. My other question is on wht basis did u apply Assylum, u applied it at the airport or after how long. Wht did u write on ur asylum application ur first time entry. U need to give full details????


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      CHEATER! LIAR! DIRTBAG! SCUM! Hope you'll never cross my path because I will push you personally to the first police station. GET OUT OF MY COUNTRY FILTHY PIG!!! NO!!!


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        i think it's all depends on Judge desision. YOu will be surprise about their desicions. Sometimes they grunt assyums fro totally bed csases, and sometimes they deny totally winning cases, you never now....What country you from?


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          listen to this piece of goat excrement..."I never did any crime"...what about all those LIES you told our border officials about how you were returning to school (instead you were working cleaning enema bag nozzles with your tongue)...and working illegally is a crime...but you can't understand that because your IQ hovers gently around one is going to lift a finger to offer you any advice except to get your sorry behind out of MY are of the lowest lie and lie and lie....then you want to figure out how to lie even more....we don't the human gene pool compromised further by $hitbags like you from Outer ***phuque.


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            i got visa and i did fingerprint. so how did i got visa? so? i filled for saylum after got in US, not at the airport. I applied on basis torture, ethnicity and political opinion


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              This case is serious and needs speedy assistance of Malik Papish.
              Call now 1-800-MALIKPAPISH , he wll fix it fer ya!

              "...I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should 'make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibit


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                Thank you S12 excellent post as usual. As for the cheater, liar, dirtbab, scum,pig, let me be the first one to say to you: BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!


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