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No consistency at all in Social Security Offices

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    SunDevil...or Still Learning..where are you?
    you could do some self analysis to how poorly your comments fare on this column.
    Born Free
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    Forever Free


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      The third office was correct in accepting your application.
      You have the employment authorisation,Driver License, and your passport.

      The clerk will not accept your application for SSA Number untill your record is updated by the BCIS/USCIS.
      Your SS Number Card will have a note saying that
      Authorsied to work with USCIS permission and you will have to apply 90 days before the expeiration of your authorisation.
      It will take two to three weeks to get your card.
      All you have face with other SSA Office that was due to lack of information on the part of those clerks. Wish you all the best.


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        Elsa, you could stand to do some self analysis on how you like to blame everyone else for your problems. According to you you had so many job opportunities before you got your card. Now you have your card and they've all dried up?


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          Have it ever occured to you that MAYBE its USCIS thats delaying your status update in your system instead of SSA office (quite plausible, especially taken into consideration their system). Why don't you try suing them as well? Then again, they also hold your future in their hands. Won't be hard for the adjudicating officer to see that little fact.


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            Still Learning...Are you truely thick Up there or are you just pretending?

            I am talking about 6 months of unemployment caused due to the inefficient lazy ignorant officials in the Social Security Office.

            What does my job-offer situation tomorrow got to do with what they have already prooved time and time again.

            Are you a complete Idiot?

            Stay off this thread if you cannot contribute in a positive manner.
            Born Free
            Living Free
            Forever Free


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              Elsa is way too busy hurling insults on this board to look for a job.


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                During April my next door Indian applyed for his young daughter for SS Number Card. According to SS-5:
                Question # 1-Name to be shown on Card:
                He wrote: Shusma Kumar Sharma.
                Full Name at Birth if other then above:
                Shusma Kumar Sharma
                Now the SSA had issued a Card in the name of
                Shusma Sharma.
                He went to local SSA Office the clerk said this is the mistake of USCIS/BCIS.
                He did not even see her I-551 card which had the all three names and wants to put responsiblity on others.
                When I went with him today I spoke to the same guy and he said it was my mistake and he accepted the application for the currection of her name. This will be a permanent record of a child. she will go to College in August this year, she is only 18 and already completed one year of College in Delhi.


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                  Sun Devil?

                  You are one sick puppy.....
                  Born Free
                  Living Free
                  Forever Free


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                    Looks like both Sun Devil and Still learning have lost the oomph to reply any more...

                    Guess you two work hand in hand with the INS ?

                    or perhaps just survive on the basis of kissing ***...
                    Born Free
                    Living Free
                    Forever Free


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                      Look how this little thing dug up an old thread to whine about.

                      Obviously she's still unemployed.


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                        Fresh Taco: I think that a better word than unemployed is...unemployable. Elsa is unemployable. Personally, I hope that she gets deported.


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