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desperate to see my baby help Thanks

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  • desperate to see my baby help Thanks

    Hello everyone I also have some problem. my citizenship is pending because of name check Thanks for help i am 26 year old i have been in usa california since 01/26/00 and i pass my naturalization test on may 05 2005 since i do not have any news from uscis they did not notify me for my Oath Ceremony i have call the uscis but no news any time i call uscis told me fbi name check i have to with it is almost 2 years can any one help me to expedite my name check i have new born baby that i did not see him for long time i am desperate to see my baby any suggestions or any ways to expedite help Thanks ?

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    Have you checked the dumpster where you left him??


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      You should go in person to really find out what is going on. They have lost my application for naturalize and whenever I called them they said that is processing, but when I gone up there in person they told me that they have misplace my application. Which they redid my application and within 3 weeks I got a notice to take the test and 2 week the ceremony.


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        The law provides relief for your case. After waiting 120 since you passed the exam, you can sue USCIS to forced them decide your case. You should file a law suit immediately pursuant to TITLE 8 > CHAPTER 12 > SUBCHAPTER III > Part II > § 1447. Look at what the law says below.

        (b) Request for hearing before district court
        If there is a failure to make a determination under section 1446 of this title before the end of the 120-day period after the date on which the examination is conducted under such section, the applicant may apply to the United States district court for the district in which the applicant resides for a hearing on the matter. Such court has jurisdiction over the matter and may either determine the matter or remand the matter, with appropriate instructions, to the Service to determine the matter.

        Good Luck,



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          thanks for help


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