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Question about marriage location to USC

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  • Question about marriage location to USC

    My fiance is still going to school on the other side of the state. When we apply for our adjustment of status after our marriage, who's address do they use to determine the location of the USCIS center? She is the Citizen and obviously that would make me the applicant for I485.

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    Someone please answer my quesiton.


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      i am not an expert but understand your frustration. i can only give you my best 'guestimated' answer
      i would assume since she's the usc probly use her address, but you may want to contact uscis and see what they think?!?! their website has that infopass deal where u can make an apt on line!
      sorry i couldn't be of any help, by this reading i hope you have found your answer!

      good luck


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        You should use her permanent address ! ! !


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          Your fiancé is still going to school, but when school term is over, does she have a regular permanent address elsewhere that she'll be returning to? If so, use that address.
          The above is simply an opinion. Your mileage may vary. For immigration issues, please consult an immigration attorney.


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            When we file for AOS (2003), I'm still going to school (up to now). My husband is the USC.

            After our wedding my husband and I moved to CO, so we file our AOS (2003) there. Then we moved to GA (2004) and our case was trasferred & approved in GA (2005).

            For the BCIS AOS application forms we've submitted, I used my campus address since my school DSO told me that they still have my records on SEVIS I I'm physically present in OK. My husband, on the other hand used our address in CO.
            Then, when we moved to GA (twice within GA), we submitted a change of address forms to BCIS (& they always send us notices that they've updated our address in their files).

            I also informed my university that my AOS is being processed so they updated my address in the SEVIS files. From then on, BCIS sends notices to our GA address.
            I also started working using my EAD card and was also allowed to take 2 credit hrs per sem (bec I'm only my lab works).
            I hope these helps.


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              That kind of helps, but my question is if two people are married, and they apply of AOS, whos address do they use to determine the location of the USCIS office?


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                That helps a little bit, but my question is that if a married couple is applying for a AOS who are not living together, whos address do they use to determine the USCIS office? Do they go with the citizen spouse or the AOS applicant?


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