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K-1 visas and Cuba

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  • K-1 visas and Cuba

    Just over a month ago, the NVC sent my Cuban fiance's K-1 file to the USINT in Havana. He has yet to receive the Superpacket - the receipt of which means he can then call and make an interview appointment/we can move to the final phase of this process. Does anyone have any experience w/Cuban cases? I'm wondering how long the USINT can sit on the file before having to send the stuff out. The I-797 expires in mid-Oct but I know consular officials can extend it. (He had the background check before the case was forwarded.) Up until this point, the bureaucracy has moved remarkably fast. I also tried to telephone both the Non immig/Immig parole units in Havana only to realize that's a dead end - the lines are jammed/the phones don't work/nobody answers. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks much, Katy

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    My husband came her from Cuba on a K-1 fiance visa. Tell your fiance to call the Interests Section and arrange to pick up the packet. They will allow him to go there. If that doesn't work see if your fiance has any American friends that can go to the Interests Section to pick it up for him. Tell him to keep calling. My husband went there to pick his up - it never was received at home. Be prepared to wait longer with the Cuban process because even after he received his visa on March 29th he wasn't able to leave the country until May 16th due to the exit permit taking several weeks to be issued.

    My email is if you want to contact me I will help you through this process.


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