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    I'm sure you would. Talk about savages.


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      Thanks for taking a look - I already have my grammer school notorized I was in school then. But it comes back to just proving that my dad is my father and that is support and acknowledge me as his child. So if DNA tests and school papers doesn't give them enough proof - nothing will. I can get notizarized affidates from people who have known me all my life. If you think that will help. I also have my Dad listed on my batistism record. Thanks for your response - You seemed to be a good man. God Bless The World and all it's people!!!


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        if you live in the new york area i have a really good lawyer and he is cheap he dealt with my whole family case. but if not i can ask him if he knows any good lawyers....


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          to mike_2007 - thanks for the info - I did call him and he said I don't have nothing to worry about and he has refer me to an attorney - here in Atlanta. I am meeting with her Tuesday - but she said she would not be doing the case but would consult with me Tuesday and all that needs to be done is look at Georgia's laws - but did not seem to think I had a problem to file by using my father. But I really did like talking to the guy you referred - wish he was here. The attorney in Atlanta would not give me a cost - which I did not like - but oh well. Can't have everything. But to Baby I would love to have that attorney's name just in case he knows someone if she is to expensive. And since talking to all these attorney's I feel better that I have not been wrong about being an American. Baby- hope to hear from you and I will let you know how it's goes.


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            it will be in your private message. i dont know if they will let me type his info on here


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              If you are really in a situation where you are unable to pay for legal services, you might want to try a law school's clinical service. Most Clinics are available, however, to those that are indigents. Some Immigration Clinics might be willing to take a case if they find it to be challenging yet with merit for educational purposes. You will have the services for free and you'll have law school students working on your case under supervision of professors/real attorneys. You'll have more tahn 100% better quality of work because the students will be putting in 100X more hours than the average immigration attorney on the job. You should check to see whether or not a law school in your city will take your case. Otherwise, if Catholic Charities isn't an option, try Immigration Legal Aid.


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