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Ok, few more questions as there are too many possibilities

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    Yes, check Milwaukee's processing times. The Service Centers only do the prep work (obtaining the file from the records center, running the initial background checks, scheduling and making sure the fingerprints are clear, etc.) and then the file is scheduled and sent on to the district office.


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      received my fingerprinting appointment letter 2 days ago, scheduled in two weeks in Milwaukee...
      ...Mistake Recognized is half corrected ...


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        Originally posted by LongTimeHere:
        did not they check everything they needed when I was applying for my GC(I got Permanent Residency with no conditions)? Or are they are checking for stuff in the last 3 years? I am a bit lost. I am not really worrying about additional checks but somehow I was under impression that it was interview and the next closest oath ceremony date. am I thinking wrong?
        Hi! The reason for the repeated background check is that even a permanent resident, if he/she comitted any of the offenses that make an alien deportable, then you will be denied citizenship and possibly deported...until you become a USC, nothing is guaranteed..a LPR doesn't have the same rights as a USC...


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          Well, I guess will wait a year and be on my best behavior for the interview . Thanks all.
          ...Mistake Recognized is half corrected ...


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            Another update: got citizenship interview letter for the end of August - website still indicates that I should be having one in February 2005 - so 6 mo early is a great thing. Letter is asking for some redundant documents with my AOS application, such are:
            divorce decrees from any previous marriages for myself or my wife, Selective Service proofs (I called them and they mailed me a special letter with the date of my registration and # - really friendly staff in there), Birth Certificates of the kids ??? (not sure why that is needed again, but oh well), pictures (which I forgot to mail) and that is about it. All in all is a great news. Will keep you posted on how it went.
            ...Mistake Recognized is half corrected ...


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