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what form to withdraw all petitions for alien spouse?

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  • what form to withdraw all petitions for alien spouse?

    we are not going to file the I751. what is
    the procedure for this?
    1. need to withdraw petitions on alien's behalf.
    2. is there a form?
    3. no bona fide in anything.... all of this is
    okey with me. we are to file in Nov. but
    he is going to lose it all. One of life's lessons
    I believe. broke almost every rule of
    rights and priveleges of LPR.....
    ...says, he can go another way to get card,
    that's okey, it won't be easy....
    or i can go back home.....
    hasn't done anything towards marriage....
    so guess it is deserved. Can someone give
    me the correct way to do this? I have all
    documentation. We were suppose to file I751
    in Aug. (now he has no tax returns, no papers,
    nothing) He has been in trouble with the process, ....i was told, no bona fide marriage,
    then don't file. IT is up to him not you to
    be bona fide..... am so very sorry for all of this...
    i have tried so very hard. I have given 100%
    he 0%
    It's gonna be hard I know.

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    I'm sure there is a correct procedure for this..
    i don't know what it is. I do not want to
    lose all that I have over him. from his
    statement, "I have the card, I can do anything
    I want."...after AOS. I don't think he has
    any kind of a case to plead.
    Just need the correct way to do all of this.
    I have all documentation .
    I do not want to be liable for him at all.
    He just said "i was important to him".....right,
    I'm sure I am. I have given him chance after chance...and he "flunked all".....i also feel
    he does not know all ramifications of this
    on himself. He says, he can go home, file
    waiver....(copping out on his part) file
    waiver will mean "thorough investigation "
    of everything I and we have. (he and I, a house). However, he is a signature only. I;m
    the one who put forth the money for down
    payment and all expenses. IT is a rent house.
    .....He is blowing it....he had it all....
    he had the world on a string on a downhill
    pull......quickly he will realize how foolish
    he is and how important I really was.... I
    have supported him, in right, wrong, defended
    him and all. Yet, he says, "It's what I want."
    what I want is to be legitimate...that's not


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        It sounds like you are trying to convince him to reconsider, but yet you claim to know that the marriage was not genuine. A bit contradictory, I think. There may be no "ramifications", other than that he will need to file an I751 waiver after he receives a divorce decree, not until. If he fails to secure a judgment before the expiration date on his Conditional Green Card he will be technically out of status, but normally if it is just a case of getting a decree, there is a chance he will be able to stay any removal procedure if the receipt of a decree is imminent. A waiver does not automatically mean a "thorough investigation". Many are approved without even a follow up interview. Are you sure you are not trying to convince yourself that he is making a big mistake as well, with a comment like this?

        Contribution to a marriage in the way of money has no bearing on any chance of success. Many people do not pay equally into a marriage.

        There is nothing to withdraw if there are no petitions pending and the I864 is irrevocable, unless you seek to file a claim of fraud and the USCIS agrees with your allegation and orders him removeable.
        The above is simply an opinion. Your mileage may vary. For immigration issues, please consult an immigration attorney.


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