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    Matter of Sun, 12 I & N. Dec. 535 (D.D.1966)

    Says hotel manager is a specialty occupation.


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      Thank you!

      I know what you are saying. But, their lawyer handled the application and then said "If you want to appeal, go ahead" and offered no help. They had never done anything like this, so they had NO IDEA he was wrong to not assist them!

      I have found a new lawyer in NYC who was highly recommended and specializes in work visas. We have exchanged e-mails and she wants us to come in for a consultation next week.

      My deep fear is the student visa expiring. He literally has NO WHERE in Poland to go and wait for the next H-1B application to be decided. He would be homeless.

      Thank you all. I pray we can fix this. I know what happened with the appeal sounds foolish, but they didn't know and I am trying to help.


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        >and brought him here to give him a future in >the United States

        He was brought over ona student visa. But you clearly state he was brought over to immigrate here.

        Unless he marries (like 90% of immigrant applications, cuz they forgive so much) -- he'll get decliend cuz you have to keep legal status in the meantime.

        Only if he goes to BIA and appeals to a jduge and builds a case of it -- can he get a visa, etc.

        h1b's are taken up quite fast by indian developes. So he better file quick. But due to "abuse" of the h1b, they're pretty strict on it these days. If you don't have a valid h1b, you'll have to go back and file.

        -= nav =-


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          "Only if he goes to BIA and appeals to a jduge and builds a case of it -- can he get a visa, etc."

          I am not sure what you mean by that as I am new here.

          His family here is well off and can pay legal bills and very much wants him to remain here. While he was too old technically, they have truly adopted him. I am certain dozens of people would immeditely write letters to any judge to attest to what a wonderful person he is and how much he contribes by remaining in the US.

          But will that help any?


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