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  • Someone12

    Can you explain how did you get to USA and Why?
    Also i don't know if you immigrated here why you post hatefull replies. Thanks

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    Can you explain how did you get to USA and Why?
    Also i don't know if you immigrated here why you post hatefull replies. Thanks


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      Change the law so they don't do this kind of stuff.make it harder for them to get legal. How come no one can stay in Dubai if they loose thier job or if they are visiting and they over stay they are hunted down and deported. Some how this labor is needed in this country so no one is doing what should be done maybe they want them to saty and have cheap labor available.


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        Following that train of thought Someone12, you've no problem with those that enter illegaly, marry someone then filing I-601 waiver to reenter the country (after just a short period of staying outside)?
        I'm sorry to disagree, but loophole like that and policy such as amnesty, LIFE Act and lax enforcement is exactly why US Immigration is going down the drain


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          This old woman thinks her opinion matters.


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            Not all men and women who marry illegals are stupid and not all illegals want green cards and amnesty. So stop generalizing, each case is different and the reason people come to this board is because it's supposed to be a place to recieve immigration advice not to beaten down by someone with nothing else to do with their time.


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              After evaluating several posts, we need to recognize one detail.

              If Someone12 wants to have his disapproving positions known to everyone, let him be.

              Obviously, arguing here won't amend nor influence his mind, what would be to point writing anything back and forth about Someone12?

              Have him say his things, it will only be matter if we read and agree. If not, we can move on.

              Having said that, to counter what Someon12 said; it is also MY country where I worked in a government office at D.C. during 9/11 attack and risked my life to serve this country.

              However, my views on most of the illegal immigrant cases here are found to be unfortunate and I want to assist. Illegal or legal, they are immigrants here and the fact is they are in this country. Lastly, let's not forget that it is why we are here and let's continue our forum the way it was proposed.


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                I believe that people come to this country for a better life and that's understandable. If this country wasn't great, many Americans would be trying to immigrate to other countries. The government meeds to do something about the large number of people who cross our borders illegally every day. USCIS has a huge volume of cases to process and I want to beleive that they do the best they can. Not all illegal immigrants are bad people, but if they come into the country illegally they are all breaking the law.

                On this board we can share our experiences, both good and bad and each reader can decide for him or herself what to do with what they read. I tend to take most things with a grain of salt, get a second opinion and proceed with caution.


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                  Someone 12
                  Again i will say if they are stealing they are allowed to do so. Again if you go to dubai or saudi arabia how come no one can roam around there even if they entered legaly forget about jumping the border once you are out of job you are out of country and forget about getting married or being born there it doesn't matter. I know now you will say we have thousands of miles of border but again no one has the technology us has and therefore it is not difficult to seal the borders and make the laws tough enough for people to steal. also there are jobs here which americans will not do and illegals are happy to take those jobs.


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                    I spent 9 months working in Dubai. They do have very strict laws requiring sponsorship for workers and even visitors, do NOT ALLOW one to "naturalize" no matter how long you're there, and only recently started to allow foreign nationals to own property there. The "law", however, is largely at the discretion of the ruler, and is pretty draconian by American standards. Also, arbitrary, because it is in his hands. That doesn't square with a democracy.


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                      The problem is the law and how much it is enforced.They enforce the law and they don't have the problem with people over staying. Also about owning property there its a 99 years lease and not the ownership.


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                        X2--Yes, they enforce the law, but then, they don't have the competing interests we have in a democracy. The latter is why we haven't been enforcing it--too many parties who benefit from illegal immigration one way or another, versus the good of the public.


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