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Sample letter for Contacting the Congressman

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  • Sample letter for Contacting the Congressman

    Hello, my I-485 application has been pending for more that 22 months now. I intend to contact the congressman since nobody at USCIS seems to look out for me. Now, I have 2 questions:

    1) Does anyone have a sample of letter I could use as a starting point?

    2) Would an inquiry by the congressman speed up the process?

    Thank you for you input.

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    Hello, my I-485 application has been pending for more that 22 months now. I intend to contact the congressman since nobody at USCIS seems to look out for me. Now, I have 2 questions:

    1) Does anyone have a sample of letter I could use as a starting point?

    2) Would an inquiry by the congressman speed up the process?

    Thank you for you input.


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      Hi Cisse,

      Here is a sample letter which was provided by Medsavane a little while ago, the way it is presented, it looks like the USC spouse is the one addressing it to the Congressman:

      To:<<Honorable congressman/woman>>
      << their address>>

      << your address

      << ALIEN NUMBER>>

      Honorable xy

      On 3/2/04 my husband and I went for our interview at the USCIS office in<<your city>> to adjust his status to that of a lawful resident of the U.S
      According to the officer everything was fine but he wouldnt approve my husband case due to security and background check.
      Dear congressman/woman,as of <<today's date>>we have not heard from USCIS and as you might imagine this can be very stressful.
      We would really appreciate if you could contact this office in order to find out about our case.

      Thank you and god bless america

      <<sign your name>>


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        Sample Reply from Congressman:

        Dear Mr. So and so:

        BCIS could care less what a congressman has to say about some immigrant and I have more important things to do for people who CAN vote. But when you become a citizen, please let me know and then I can at least pretend to listen and pretend to have any power. Thank you.

        PS The "god bless america" would have been a nice touch had it not been so conspiculously self serving and disrespectful by not capitilizing God and America you immigrant bast@rd


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          Mike-Hole open your eyes and borrow a brain: the letter is written by a USC who CAN VOTE and therefore HAS an impact.

          You are reallly a Hofstra material, little piece of S-H-I-T.

          If I am a b@stard what are you? a frustrated reject who was not able to keep a woman at home due to a severe lack of stamina in bed?

          Anyway Michael, you always remain a FILS DE PUTE! combined with the fact that your grandparents crowled to the US shore due to hunger...



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            Kalla, thank you for your input. It gave me a good start.

            Here is what I intend to send. I will keep the same header setting.

            I will appreciate anybody's positive critic (even grammatical errors) of this letter.

            Thank you.

            Honorable xy

            In September of 2002, My husband and I submitted an application for him to become a lawful permanent resident while in the United States. On October 03, 2002 the former INS notified us that our application had been received and that we could submit an inquiry after 12 months of waiting period. Aware of the high workload of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), however, we decided to wait until further notice from USCIS even though we had waited more than 12 months.

            After 16 months of waiting time, we finally went to the local District to make an inquiry and we were told that our case was being scheduled for an interview. After 6 additional months of waiting time, we headed back to the local office and we did get the same answer (Application is being scheduled for an interview).

            On its web site (, USCIS posts monthly update of the processing dates for its District Offices, Service Centers and the National Benefits Center. This information can be accessed from the aforementioned web site or directly from this link

            According to the information provided on the web site, the District Office in which we filed our application is currently processing applications with notice date of December 14, 2003 (see attached page). Hence, our application was filed 14 months before applications that are currently being processed by the local district

            After 22 months of wait period, we fall back on you, honorable XX, to help us get more information regarding this matter.

            <<sign your name>>


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              Why would BCIS listen to a congressman anymore than to someone else ? I am telling you that they will be very annoyed at you if you annoy them like that and will deny your application. Let sleeping dogs lie and don't look for any trouble.


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                Thanks Michael!


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                  Congressmen do get involved for their consituents on occasion. It's just my opinion, but you might wish to reserve their intervention for more emergent circumstances.


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                    What a dumba$$ ; they will kick your sorry a$$ out of my country if you keep annoying our board with your countdown and contact congressman !! She writes that she wants to be done with interview; BCIS do not give a d@mn about what grints want !!!!


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                      Hofstra is the best university in the world!!

                      paure con c'est rien que de la merde; vas faire foutre a la cache; tu m'emmerdes !!!!


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                        THANK YOU DEPO MAN/BOOOB !!! But who was that french directed at ???


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                          You will make an excellent lawyer Michael!!! That was a reply to the statement of Kalla - Anyway Michael; you always remain a FILS DE PUTE!

                          God bless America!! AMERICA – LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT!!!!


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                            boooob/depo man/michael,
                            ta mere est une pute, et toi un sale nabot!
                            je t'encule!


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                              Hi cisse ,

                              I understand your worries and u can do the countdown everyday to release your stress...which is fine...but it wont make any difference in ur immigration case.... I know u r stressed out about this and u want to be done with it... just have faith and be patient... u r lucky that ur 2 yrs anniversary will be over before interview...otherwise what would happen to you if u had to go through I – 751 waiting list... I m not criticizing u so don't take my post in a wrong way ...but there are thousands of people that r waiting for more than 2 yrs for their immigration cases to be cleared ... have patience... FBI background check could take up to 1 year depending on individual case... contacting congressman would probably do nothing in my opinion after reading several threads on same issue if ur case is due coz of FBI Background checkup ...but u can try it if u want... so sit back and patient... u can save this opportunity for some emergency situation like Swissnut said...but if u want to contact congressman ...u can go ahead ...visit this website


                              Find ur congressman and usually most of them have the format how to contact them on their websites...for example I m writing here one... u can use this one...good luck.... Pasha

                              Congressman First name Last Name STATE/County
                              Constituent Privacy Act Form
                              Please Print Clearly-Check All Spellings

                              Name: ____________________________________________________________
                              Address: __________________________________________________________
                              SSN or Agency Number: ____________________ Phone: ___________________
                              Nature of Request: _______________________________________________
                              Pursuant to public law, 93-579, I hereby grant Congressman NAME and his staff access to my records so that they may assist me with my request.

                              Date: _____________ Signature: ___________________________

                              Please return form to the appropriate office. Check the "Contact" section of our website to find the office that serves you.


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