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The Barak Hussein Obama Immigrant Of The Day: Amine El Khalifi

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  • The Barak Hussein Obama Immigrant Of The Day: Amine El Khalifi

    Muslim, immigrant, terrorist.

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    Muslim, immigrant, terrorist.


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      First, it is a sting operation. The way some sting operations work is this:
      1. Criminal gets caught
      2. Criminal is offered a deal to cut his time.
      The essence of the deal is that criminal must get someone else commit a crime.
      3. Before target commits the crime he or she is arrested.

      Example: Joe is criminal who pimps girls. Joe is arrested but offered a deal. Joe's friend, Jim, has just been released from prison. Authorities think Jim got away easily, so they instruct Joe to get Jim do something wrong again. Joe goes and starts telling Jim how good
      he will have it if he starts to sell drugs , taunts his cowardice if Jim refuses and etc.
      Finally Jim gives in, gets a kilo under his sweatshirt and is busted before delivery.

      The theory behind this type of sting operation is that it is preventive and gets off the street potential criminal before he or she commits the
      actual crime.

      In practice it raises some questions, which are not part of discussion on this forum.

      As far as Arlington man and connection to Obama, it seems that actions of some dumb donkey Arab may surely be used to raise hell
      by "Hallelujah, Jesus!" singing nutcases who will attack Janet Napolitano, along with Obama administration, for "lack of immigration law enforcement".
      By default this will also result in bad PR for advocates of Dream Act , since that scumbag was brought here as a 16 years old kid and currently was
      in country illegally. There goes direct line of attack on Morton memo and recent decisions to allow suspension of deportation where subject was brought here as a kid, was in country illegally and in pursuit of college education or military service.

      The intelligent way to respond for Obama admin would be to distinguish and argue that in fact it works hard to determine who is criminal in this
      country and who isn't and use the case to make an argument in its' own favor, by saying "look, we don't just suspend some removals, but we also preemptively go after those who were suspected of being up to no good" and so on.


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        Actually my point was that Barak Hussein Obama, who thinks this is the US of KKK A, is sympathetic to radical Islam. Just as FDR, Henry Wallace, and Alger Hiss were sympathetic to communism.


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          How does some dumb donkeys decision to blow himself up make Obama sympathetic to it?


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            Obama is a proponent of donkey radical Islam and the head of the donkey party. Donkey Obama refused to search out and deport donkey suicide bomber.

            And what you describe is flipping. A sting operation is a false front presented by law enforcement to willing participants in criminal activity.


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