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    So the police arrested you because you got beat up; is this correct? I am just trying to understand the situation.


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      yes I was arrested when my wife and her brothers made a false claim against me .
      when i went to the court . the judge dismiss my case ,
      is it kind of emotional abuse ?


      • #18
        so what was this claim??? This is the first we have heard of a claim.


        • #19
          coptic dentist ,

          If you are in fact telling the truth, it actually makes your situation worse.

          Here is your problem. You say you are here in the USA because of your wife, right? If your marital situation is as bad as you say it is, then why would not be happy to go back to your home Country? Unless you are in the USA for reasons other than your wife. If this is the case, then you have committed fraud and need to be deported.

          This is a no win situation for you.


          • #20
            i lost everything in my country
            and now my parents are her they win visa lottery and my dad have a medical condition .i he need my help .
            my qestion is the false claim which my wife make it and the judge dismiss it consider a kind of abuse ?
            and is there kind of abuse called immigration related abuse ?


            • #21
              Actually there is an abuse called "immigration related abuse" and you are committing it. Immigration abuse occurs when someone takes advantage of our immigration laws. You are also abusing us with your daily posts.


              • #22
                you are bothering and abusing us by your stupid replies .
                why did you get up today ?
                please go to your bed again .we were secured and happy when you sleepy


                • #23
                  We will be secure and happy when you are arrested again and deported


                  • #24
                    you should be ignored
                    you seems like dirty M F woman


                    • #25
                      coptic dentist ,

                      If an American man was married to a woman who was extremely abusive, as your wife is. He would most likely file for divorce. He would defiantly not be applying for things predicated on his marriage, as you still are.

                      I'm sure that there are thousands of people every year who commit marriage fraud in order to gain immigration status in the US. Many of these cases are beyond the CIS. This is because if both people insist that they are in love without an ulterior motive, what can the CIS do?

                      In your case you simply picked the wrong woman. You should have found someone who would behave until you got your permanent green card. Then got rid of her.

                      I guess your going to have to fix teeth somewhere without electricity.


                      • #26
                        why does every person who is the spouse of the us citizen and has a two year green card file a abuse charges ... ???? its never the other way around is it. ummm i wonder ... ??


                        • #27
                          can you fix my wife's teeth with a sledgehammer.... lol just kidding of course we would not want to abuse anyone who tried there best to abuse the system and was not completely successful would we ?


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                            <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by halflife3:
                            why does every person who is the spouse of the us citizen and has a two year green card file a abuse charges ... ???? its never the other way around is it. ummm i wonder ... ?? </div></BLOCKQUOTE>



                            • #29
                              Yea; why isn't there a reward for a USC who gets abused by a foreugner????


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