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am i liable????

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  • am i liable????

    i was/current getting away from a abusive relationship.....i was part you can say of immigration fraud by bringin in his brother and sister from overseas.......while his sister is nice the brother's had conversations with me that scare me........should i report to ins if i don't if he does something will i be liable for ex husband also got them married to bring 2 more people here.......

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    how did you bring the brother and sister here.. what part did you play in this? did you petition for them

    waht do u mean the ex got them marriaed to bring 2 more people here.


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      his mom had a visa and green card so she petitioned.........but she left the country in 2001 her visa and green card 2007 somehow it went thru and immigration wanted a letter she still lived here and my husband forged it , and and we were the sponsors........he also paid our tenant in 2005 to marry the sister but immigration wouldn't buy it..... so i think it fell thru the crack cause he was very surprised it happened...they came here in feb 2007, my husband don't know how much money he got but took them back and married them in june 2007 they're now petitioning for 2 more people ....sham i have any liablity for these chain of people coming here


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        Participating in immigration fraud is a crime with civil and criminal penalties up to 5 years in jail and a $250K fine. You better speak to a lawyer a.s.a.p.. Better to come clean than have this haunt you.


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          thats what i want to in california which type of lawyer would handle this....i called 2 immigration attorneys and they say they've never done this type of im kinda scared and hope i don't get in trouble..


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            Keep looking for an immigration lawyer. There has to be some that handle it. Or just ask them if you should just write a letter explaining the situation and that you want to come clean. At least that might get you off the hook, but check with a lawyer first. I don't think you have provided enough details to us and I don't think a forum is going to be the best place to get the best answer. They know the procedures and feelings of USCIS than anyone here. If you speak to a lawyer soon and not run from the problem, I think you have a very good chance of walking away from it. But don't just ignore it.


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              anyone know any attorneys that can help me


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                We do not even know where you live; how can we possibly answer that? You can look in phone book. Do not approach USCIS without a lawyer. Do not say anything without a lawyer to anyone.


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