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    What do you guys think about events of the past few days as far as immigration is concerned?

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    What do you guys think about events of the past few days as far as immigration is concerned?


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      Can't really say until the final bill comes up for a vote in the senate. I am disappointed that the committee lacked quorum wednesday. Its seems like the committee is serious about reform this time around as there is emphasis on enforcement and overhauling immigration laws. There are going to be different opinions about the final bill that emerges unfortunately not everyone can be satisfied.


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        A fair question: First, I am not in favor of any guest worker scheme or scam....too much reward for those who have shown little or no respect for our laws, second, there has been much talk about some half-a$$ed guest worker visa, but only at something like 400,000 a year, so what is happening to the other 9,600,000 (or so) illegals??? No answer, so there must be a loophole.
        Third, if we give some kind of status to the 10M illegals and allow their families to come here, well, our population will increase by 40-50M....a number that will cause incredible problems in many cities.
        Fourth, there is no guarantee whatsoever that employers will be paying living wages to the 10M guest workers, which result in more exploitation and depressing of wages in many industries.
        I suggest that all illegals be given one year to self deport, remain outside the US for 2 years, after which they can apply for (but not necessarily be granted) various types of visas for which they qualify (criminal aliens, those who have been robbing banks and selling drugs get the permanent boot).
        My basic idea is to make the illegals pay a fine with the currency that is most dear to them.....TIME....not some paltry sum of cash (which would only cheapen the value of a green card)..and give those illegals one last chance to demonstrate their awareness of being a responsible adult.
        Those who don't take this offer become deportable felons after one year, subject to immediate and unconditional deportation and permanent inadmissability without exception and without waivers.
        Employers should also receive stiff sanctions for hiring can't cost that much to make a phone call or send an email to verify somebody's legal status.
        About the part that criminalizes assistance illegals, well, I would say that giving food, water and emergency medical care is OK, but the illegal needs to sent home asap.


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          Someone12, SunDevilUS and AliBa are metally sick individuals who need psychiatric treatment.

          PPack yourself asap and leave for your Arabic country.


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            Someone12, SunDevilUS and AliBa are mentally sick individuals who need psychiatric treatment.

            Pack yourself ASAP and leave for your Arabic country.


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              Bigdummy: I haven't really been following the debate in the Congress very closely, although I'm heartened by the fact that the Senate Committee failed to even muster a quorum yesterday. This indicates that members of Congress aren't even pretending to go through the motions on this issue; they're very much aware that the American people are opposed to amnesty (or any reward) for illegal immigrants...and that they're up for reelection in November.

              I think that it's interesting that the President lost the argument with regard to the Dubai Ports World issue, even after threatening a veto. The American people mobilized on the ports' deal, and they're equally opposed to illegal immigration. I believe that members of Congress will vote the will of their constituemts with regard to immigration, as the House of Representatives did with HR 4437 in December (now, that was a good piece of legislation).

              Additionally, for the most part, Someone12's comments, as stated above, mirror my own.


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                Horray! Seem as if we r winning. Nothing more loely than keeping out those brown ppl. White Race FOREVER!!!!!!!!


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                  Let's see now. Maria, a Mexican illegal alien is telling a native born American citizen to leave. What is wrong with this picture?

                  This is a woman who can't seem to find an employer that will sponsor her for legal immigration. I wonder why. Could it be that she's nuts?


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                    Actually, I think Bush lost on the Dubai Port issue BECAUSE he threatened a veto. His whole attitude in announcing the deal was confrontational--a big "I dare you". And Congress dared him.


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                      AliBa, I agree.

                      I haven't kept up with the latest immigration reform discussion. Does it include anything about visa overstayers, the bars, etc?


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                        I was disappointed with attendance as well. I have sent letters to my congrssman and senators, expressing my views and have urged others to do the same. My city has a lot of Mexicans and my guess is many are here illegally. The increasing numbers do seem to bother people. Just last weekend I overheard a couple discussing illegals at an upscale restaurant.

                        I was surprised that congress went against the President and to be honest, it made me happy. While I certainly don't want our leaders to be at odds, it was refreshing to see. Like many things in Washington, I think many jumped on the PR band wagon, but hopefully our nation's security is a top priority. I never thought about who owned and operated our ports. It does seem reasonable that since it is a national security issue it be government controlled. That doesn't necessarily mean I believe the governement can do a better job than a private company.


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                          Members may attend and pass the Bill through JC by March 27th deadline , and the floor may vote on the Bill and pass it as well.

                          STILL, it would face a conference talks and that's where "Guest Worker" provisions ultimately would die (IF any immigration Bill is to pass Congress this year).


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