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United States of Illegal Aliens

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  • United States of Illegal Aliens

    Congress failed to pass the immigration reform - ss a result US hs become the state of illegal aliens na d no laws.

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    Congress failed to pass the immigration reform - ss a result US hs become the state of illegal aliens na d no laws.


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      Congress failed to pass the immigration reform - as a result US has become the state of illegal aliens and no iimmigration laws are being obeyed.


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        I agree with this!! Deportation is coming!!


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          Yeah, right, by miracle tens of billions of dollars will fall out of skies and result in speedy deportation of 12 and by some estimates 20 million people..


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            Legalize all illegal aliens and PASS the Senate reform NOW!

            Republicans in Congress do NOT CARE about AMERICA - they only care about being re-elected!


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              Extreme actions are idiotic.


              1. There are between 12-20 million illegal aliens in US.
              2. Most of themn are not criminals.
              3. US lacks resourses and ability to deport 12-20 million people.

              So, what do you do about 12-20 million people , most of whom are not criminals and whom you don't have resourses/ability to deport?

              Idiots need not to answer.


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                Antifacist you are such a know-it-all d-i-c-k-h-e-a-d. Not a perfect way but would be a good move in the right direction would be use attrition to get rid of the illegals. By this I mean, really go after the employers who hire the illegals...make it so tough that if companies continue to hire them and they get caught then they are permanently put out of business through tough fines and sanctions.......with any luck, such actions should the reduced availability of these jobs so making it even harder for the illegals


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                  If 7 million employees scattered through dozen of States how many employers are there?
                  A million, two, three or more?

                  How many can be apprehended?

                  Do you know how much time, man-power, resources it costs to apprehend and deport an illegal alien?

                  No matter what the law is you don't just bust into someone who is here illegally, but first you need some reason or evidence/reasonable belief that the person is here illegally.
                  Illegals do not normally walk on the streets and workplaces with plackards stating "I am illegal - get me!"
                  So you need surveilance, you need sources, you need business records, you need agents to raid the pace and detain employees - so successful case can be brought against employer in Court of Law, then you need to process and deport every employee apprehended in operation and etc., etc., etc....

                  Now I repeat the above question: how many employers will be fined considering the limitation of resources available to carry out such operations?
                  5 thousand employers, 10 thousands, 100 thousands or more?
                  Still millions will remeain and stay employed in absence of any other legal channels of employment available, and chances of apprehension will be low enough to keep it on perpetually - so I don't beleive in effectiveness of attrition.

                  You must understand: most people do not come to America for easy life but escape unendurable one. And 'unendurable' is not just empty stomach, sometimes it has nothing to do with material goods, but above all it's overall way of life in better organized society that attracts immigrants to US and suffocating absence of the same in home countries that drives them away.

                  And honestly, aside from what can be done to employers, I can't imagine what kind of measures and laws must be implemented to make the life of immigrants worse in America than in homecountry they fled so that they would want to go back.




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