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  • VSC I-751 updated

    Just thought you'd like to know that the typo has been corrected. Now it says November 1, 2003. Which is still unbelievable. I'm June 03 and still waiting...

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    Just thought you'd like to know that the typo has been corrected. Now it says November 1, 2003. Which is still unbelievable. I'm June 03 and still waiting...


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      I agree; last time it was March, 2003 so I doubt they moved 8 months within a month !


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        Soon they will correct that as well. Theres no way they can move all those I-751s in 2 weeks!


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          Well the last one, July 21 I think, was May 1, 2003. So it moved 2 months in a month, or two weeks, I think. But from May to November still seems pretty unrealistic. I don't know what to think.


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            As a part of the backlog reduction plan, USCIS is now implementing an 'approval at first review policy' that could well speed up the adjudication of I-751's...basically Aguirre (currently head person of USCIS) has indicated adjudicators that they should make a decision based upon a first review to the file wherein those files do not pertain to persons with possibly threats to national security, for example some nationals from certain countries...., maybe they are using contractors too...who any event, bluetee you might want to put an inquiry to your case since it is now past due and see what happens....


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              hm, interesting Aguila. So November 03 could be right then. Maybe I will put an inquiry in, although I really don't want to draw any attention to my case. I'm in a very touchy situation should I get called for an interview, as my wife and I are no longer in contact for the last few months. She's willing to hold off on the divorce until the approval comes through, but I definitely doubt that she would attend the interview and even if she did who knows what she would say. She would probably go in there just to tell them about how much she hates me.
              Does it make a difference if you inquire about your case?


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                Making an inquiry pulls your case out of the shelves for adjudication....I don't think this could cause you an interview appointment, getting a congressman involved probably would in this type of case.... it is up to you...


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                  I had an Oct 2002 date at VSC. I did not hear anything until June 2004. I had moved (and filed several different address changes). I phoned the 800 number to verify that they had processed the address changes at the end of May. A week or so later I rec'd a letter stating that if I needed to file an AR-11 to send it to London, KY (Not what I asked but at least I knew they had my correct address - AR-11 had already been filed, etc).

                  Two more weeks went by and my approval letter arrived. It was dated early June, however, the decision was dated in April. So, what to make of all that?

                  Did my inquiry put eyes on my file and get it actually mailed out (even though it was already completed)? Perhaps...

                  Was my address change an issue? Who knows - they did have the internal memo I had the district office send to the Regional office when I was in there getting my extension stamp. So I don't think the move came into play at all (same district office).

                  I have no idea what occured but that is what happened in my case. I went in right away to get the GC issued but haven't seen that yet.

                  So take that for what it is worth. Perhaps it will be in the mail today... But then again perhaps not...

                  Good luck and remember that there are thousands out there dealing with EXACTLY what you are going through.



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