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N400 interview(I751 pending) this week!!!!Please share any experiences, thanks.

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  • N400 interview(I751 pending) this week!!!!Please share any experiences, thanks.


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    Hi there! My wife was in the same situation 2 weeks ago. We got an invitation for naturalization while her I-751 was pending. tHe interview took place at 26 Fed Plaza on 11/05/04 and lasted for about 1 1/2 hours. We took EVERYTHING from day 1 of our life as a family including all pictures from times prior to our marriage. And believe me, they photocopied and kept EVERYTHING that we brought to the interview. Hope you have a joint checking account, lease showing both names, insurance on both names, children, etc. The first thing they wanted to see were cancelled checks showing both names from as early time as possible. My wife arrived on 04/2000 but I added her to the checking account in 03/2001 so she explained that. Our lease is on both names from day 1, as well as I added her to my insurance policy immediately after she received a social security card. Then they wanted bank statements, income taxes for 5 years, our son's birthday certificate,... The bottom line, take EVERYTHING.
    The interesting thing is that despite my wife passed English and history tests the decision was not made that day because they needed to finalize our I-751. They said it's going to take no more than 120 days but usually takes much less time. They said they will try to contact us in December. Well, GOOD LUCK to you.



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      I think "ICan'tbelieveIt" needs to take a couple of deep breaths. I get nervous just reading what you write. Holy mackerel. I have this vision of a little mouse scurrying to and fro, not know what to do, back and forth, here and there...

      If you don't pass the naturalization test the first time then you can take it again. But, I don't think I've ever heard of someone failing.

      What I'd be more worried about is having an anxiety attack. Drink some herbal tea or something and have a long bath.

      And, no, JD was not being disrespectful. He's a decent dude.

      Good luck.


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        The interview took so long because the officer was not too knowlegable about the removal conditions process. She was asking other officers a number of times of how to proceed on different steps. Moreover, she was she was checking every single document my wife brought for the interview against what had already been filed with the I-751 almost 3 years ago. The fist thing she asked was our cancelled checks for all years. I gave my Wife about 300 of them going from early 2001 up until now and the officer was checking everyone of them to make sure they all had our both names. Then she chose two checks from each year and photocopied them. Before I proceed, I have to tell you that I read a lot of experiences on the kamya site and prepared all the required documents. As it turned out, the officer did need to see EVERYTHING. The y did not pay too much of attention to the fact that we have a child but paid very close attention to such evidences as joint bank and credit card accounts, lease agreements and lease renewals. I used to work for the Bank of NY in 2001 and our benefits and payroll department used to locate just next to the Twins so on 09/11 they lost all their cmputer records and therefore, when I requested an official letter that my wife and I were covered (medical insurance) by the Bank it took them awile to that. I'm telling you this is because I took all possible efforts to cover every step we took together as a family and the officer did ask for that information. Also I got various letters from my current job (I work for New York Life) about beneficiary info and medical / dental coverage, as well as a letter that I'm employed by the company indicating my current position and compensation. They took every letter we brought for the interview. Nevertheless, since thye officer was not experienced with the I-751, she could not make a decision about removal of conditions during the interview and said that she should carefully review every detal and that she would come back to us in December of 2004. As I already said, the interview was too long and I started worry after the 1 hour passed by. BTW, the officer did not need to talk with me but she noticed that I was ready to be interviewed. Well, all in all, everything went smooth and the officer said they will make all efforts to finalize with removal of conditions and schedule the oath ceremony before the my wife's GC extentions expires on June of 2005. So we just wait.
        Now, my advise to you is study 100 questions for my wife was asked 15 out of 100 and try to not be nervous. One important thing, the officer had a very thick Jamacian accent (I hope you know what I mean by "thick") and my wife had to ask her to repeat many questions 2 or 3 times so be prepared for that. Good Luck to you...
        Be prepared as thouroghly as possible and be very carefull about your spouse's SS# and various dates like when you traveled abroad, attended colleges, etc.


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          Sigh. I love that park by City Hall.
          Formerly Josephine Schmo


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            Hi All! Guess what! Today my wife received an official invitation for the oath ceremony on 11/18. So everything is almost over.

            I just want to remind everybody what has happened. My wife Oxana had a naturalization interview on 11/05 at 26 Fed Plaza while the conditions from her GC has not been removed. The whole interview related to I-751 and N-400 applicaqtions took about 1.5 hours where Oxana was asked to present all proofs of our bona fide marriage. She was asked 15 naturalization questions out of 100 and nailed all of them. The officer could not make a decission regarding the removal of conditions at the time of the interview and said that we'll be notified within 120 days promissing, however, that she would make all possible effort to finalize the decission regarding I-751 and schedule an oath by the end of this year. Well, we got it today on 11/16 and my wife will become a US citizen on 11/18!!!

            Thank you all and good luck to each of you!!!


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              Unbelievable MkVerel!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!
              11/18??? Now that is 1 day from now!!!!!
              It shows that they can do better than we expect it, sometimes. Now that's a positive ending. You expect the interview in december and you get it 2 weeks after the interview!
              Congratulations, once again, and lots of luck.


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                Open Up your heart and pray.


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                  Thanks, On Line Lord.

                  Appreciate it.

                  Take care.


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                    Hi ICan'tbelieveIt,

                    Here's a hug for ya.



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                      I see that over 200 people viewed my posting. I am sure that you, some of the viewers who only wanted to view this, without writing a word, you must deffinitely have some knowledge about this subject, but prefered to stay silent. I say that, because the title clearly states the subject of the posting.So if you were not interested in the subject or/and you were not knoledgeable about the subject, you would have not viewed it at all. Is this selfisnhness, or what may we call this, huh?


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                        Good Luck ICan'tbelieveIt!!!


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                          Thank, you, Mkverel. I hope I will make it. I will deffinitely pray before.
                          And Good Luck to you, too!


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                            I hope you get deported; Get out now !!!


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                              I sent you "something". Did you receive it?????


                              pss. HOW DID THE "SINGING" go????????? I HOPE EVERYTHING WENT GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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