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N400 interview(I751 pending) this week!!!!Please share any experiences, thanks.

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    ICan'tbelieveIt, I did not get anything. When did you do it? BTW, good luck to you with the interview tomorrow! Post what happens at 26 Fed Pl.



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      Hi Mkverel!!!

      I sent them yesterday and the day before. Check your mailbox.As far as posting what happens tomorrow, i will not post, i will only post a coded message. The reason I won't is because there are some "rude happenings" around here, so i decided to not post it for everyone to see. (if you will read some rude responses that were posted on here--also on my other subject that i posted "this is for you, spy", then you will see why i don't wanna write it here. I will give you the details directly. I hope I will be able to. (also, did you know that you can always edit messages that you write? All you have to do is to click on the bottom right of your message, on the "paper and pen" drawing, then you can delete anything you want from what you wrote. I think it would be a good idea if you would delete your email. --just a thought, you decide.
      So it was amazing for you , guys today, wasn't it?????????????????????????????
      Did you sing, too????

      ps: Regards here, too )


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        No coded messages on our board.


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          ICan'tbelieveIt, there was some problems with the MSN box and I'm missing some other messages. It seems that your message did hit my inbox but I cannot find it so could you please resend it?

          P.S. There was no singing and the oath ceremony and we waited about 4 hours till all formalities have been met.

          Regards. I'm waiting for your message.


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            Hi MkVerel, how are you???????????
            I am on my way to resend it. Let me know if you got it or not.
            I will tell you everything about that. First, tell me if you are getting the resent one.
            I hope you are ok. Say hello to your wife from me.


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              John Doe, If you would have read my posts through(i mean through), you would have realized that I came here for the same reason, and besides reading other peoples' story, I came here to SHARE MY STORY. I was going to share my story, EVEN THOUGH people were reading my story but they were not sharing their story with me. Guess what topped it all(you whould already know, by reading it all"
              So, my advice to you, please direct your words to the "other" people. It applies to "them".
              I already did what you tell me that i was supposed to do, i did eveen more, I started SHARING, even though only one pesron was sharing with me, and i was going to share it with all the unsharing people, but guess what stopped me. Why don't you read these posts through, so i won't have to repeat myself?
              Why don't you just stop giving me lessons on how i should react, and start giving the others lessons on howe to be respectful and sharing?
              I am done with this subject. It's up to you to realize "why". I won't answer any hateful messages and i won't explain myself again to phrases like yours. If you, the good ones, get it, get what really happened(which is really easy to, step by step),that's fine, if you don't, that's fine , too. I just want to say that this has not been fair to me. And i continued sharing even when only Mkverel was sharing and keeping my morals up, along with Spy.

              Mkverel, THANK YOU!!!!!
              SPY,THANK YOU!!!!!
              You guys, have been amazing to me!
              Thank You, Thanks You, Thank You!

              So please, JohnDoe, Direct these "one of the reasons why people come to this board is to read of each other's experiences with BCIS, all other issues aside.So why dont you want to post your interview experience here, yet you know it will help others?Please consider doing so and we'll appreciate" somewhere else. And advice THOSE to "please consider so" and so on. And please, read before you want an answer that you should already know. Now, Good Day, John Doe. I have to thank you for posting on my board, I thanked you before(if you remember) and i am thanking you again. I am answering you because of that. Think what you wanna think, i got no power here to make u understand.
              Thank you and Good Day, John Doe.


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                John Doe,
                ps: with the condition that you wouldn't post it here, that would be based on trust.
                pss: it seems that a lot of people leave ilw because of "those" people. I will do the same. I understand why they left this board and they only come here and read their posting, in case someone posted something else on their posting, etc. I will do the same.


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                  Would I be naive enough to post my email here?
                  Sorry John Doe, I will not put my email here for all those "haters" who "love" me to see.
                  I'll let them "love" me even more, LOL


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                    Hi, Spy

                    ps: Spy, you never mentioned if you went to your citizenship test yet or not. Please let me know if you didn't.

                    ;( )


                    • #25
                      No I'm still waiting.


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                        Ok, Spy ;0) , I wrote you on the "other one"


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                          Your N400 wont be completed because you need your conditional removed. that happened to me.



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