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    Jean, Jean, Jean--more people would say they were opposed to "amnesty"--if these polls used the term "amnesty" instead of "guest worker". Why do you think we've got the terms "earned legalization" and "legalization" and "guest worker"?! To hide the reality of AMNESTY from the public because politicians know the public won't buy it. The same rationale for talking about legalizing "undocumented" workers or immigrants. Or, as the newspapers have, speak about demonstrations by "immigrants" opposing being called "felons", rather than illegal aliens seeking amnesty. We know they're talking about illegal aliens, but who knows--the public may think we just mean people who have lost their papers. Again, the idea is fool the public.


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      52% not supporing amnesty is still too low...

      I expected a much higher number then that.

      Now turn around and ask this same group whether they would accept a bill that criminalizes high school students and their teachers for helping them..a bill that would even criminalize priest and jesus himself...lets see the numbers....hose kind of stuff reasonate with the american people....humanity reasonate with the american people..they dont want families's values being broken up because of immigration.


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        And lets ask this question for those very same people. "Are you supporting illegal immigration?"
        Wanna bet what the number will be?


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          Jean--Ask Americans how many already think illegal aliens are criminals for breaking the law, and whether or not they should receive punishment for it. Note, too--the concern about "felony" seems to be mainly for aid workers and U.S. citizen realtives, NOT for illegal aliens themselves. (And forget whether deportation is "practical" or not--ask how many would like to see this. Respondents to the LA Times poll answered open-ended questions in which they said that they only supported a guest worker program for "practical" reasons, not because they believed illegal aliens deserved it.) Ask them if they want illegal aliens to receive amnesty--and ask it outright. Don't pretend it's a "guest worker" program, and that they'll leave at the end of it.


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            I understand that the american people might not think i deserve to stay, but the main point is they knows tha it would be very evil to deport 11 million people just like that...they understand that people like me have been living here all their life, and it would be very hard to leave, so the american public understand this, and for that reason, i applaud them.


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              Now, who said anything about deporting 11 million people "just like that"?! And why on earth should illegal aliens be surprised that they are deportable? They're deportable the instant they step across the border or violate a visa. They should already have that possibility in mind with every decision they make and every action they take. They should be surprised that we haven't already deported many of them after the marches, and if they aren't that's proof itself that our federal government has been and is being far too lax on enforcement.

              Furthermore, it's extremely doubtful that most of them have been living here "all" or even most of their lives.


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                Im sorry aliba,but we disagree..i think you are a glad bush disagree with you and tancredo.

                At the end of the day, the american people will get their way and the polls suggested that the american people have spoken and they wan comprehensive immigration bill, not mass deportation..the american people hates tancredo and j.d hayworth...

                i dont know whether you noticed yet, but j.d hayworth, one of the biggest bigots in arizona, is in a tought battle for his house seats..there's a early poll that have his opponent mitchel leading by one point...he should not trail at any point on any polls if he's that popular with his constutuency.


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                  Jean2005: Representative Hayworth (R-Arizona) is my Congressman. You can bet your worst nightmare that he will be reelected with a sizable majority in November.


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                    Most definately with all you bigots down that side.


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                      hayworth is trailing because he's a racist just like you..the arizonian people hate hayworth because he took money from abrahmoff and he's a racist


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                        The sample size isn't really the issue. The main issue is how it's drawn, and whether it's representative of the population it purports to measure. For some populations and for some questions, such as illegal aliens or Muslims, you may have to oversample in order to make sure you have enough responses to compare their opinions with the population in general. And of course, the method by which the survey was conducted makes a difference as well. A lot of people today screen calls, and don't answer polls, so the responses to phone interviews may well not be typical of the population. As always, look at the wording of the questions and who the company backing the poll is--it's very easy to write a poll that skews responses.
                        Sample size does matter, if you have taken econometrics. But it is also how wide the sprectrum of those pollsters reflect the general population too. In general theory, the higher the number of pollsters, the less likely of false positives being reflected in the results. However, depending on who the polls are written can generate a general skewism toward a poll, as the instance of poll question #11. Thus the reason of my original post and what amnesty really means.
                        "Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence." John Adams on Defense of the boston Massacre


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