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    me again, I guess FB1 is not first priority then?


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      there is no other option for unmarried child over 21. i guess one must have to live with the fact that USCIS does not know what the word priority means.

      i do have another question. as many of you know the VB has been moving constantly for the last 4 months. How many of you believe that the VB will keep moving forward after October especially for FB1. thats where the fiscal year ends for our government and many of the category will get stuck and some might get some backlog... any educated guess?


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        traveler thare is no other option, you must wait until the cutoff date goes over your priority date. so you can file for adjustment of status or cosular processing depending if you are in or outside the country.


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          Thanks, I figured that out but i think this needs to brought to someone's attention, I thought the reason becoming a USC was to give them priority (excuse the pun)? I can understand spouses or a child under 18, but to allow over 21 in front of USC children makes no sense.


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            well not really traveler and here is the reason

            fb2 is devided in two
            A and B
            A is the one ahead of fb1 which current cut off date is 08/oct/02 and covers sposes and children under 21
            B cut off date is currently 01/jul/98 and only covers unmarried children over 21

            however we will go back to the same question, if CIS believes that FB2 A should get more priority then they should place it in top of FB1

            well hope this anwser's your question


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              How long do you expect an 84 year old US citizen (WWII vet) who sponsored his children from the Philippines with 1992 priority date to be still alive when this becomes current? Why the delay?


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                Why does it took the vet 50yrs before starting the sponsorship process to begin with????


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                  <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by traveler:
                  ... how is it that the 2nd preference for green card holders is in front of 1st preference - that doesn't make sense? Green card holders it seems have more priority over US citizens. </div></BLOCKQUOTE>
                  It hasn't always been like that.. and it may change in the future in favour of F1

                  For one reason or other, many PRs become USCs during the process of petitioning, so the beneficiaries change the category: owerflooding F1 and leaving some empty spaces in F2 (which then moves faster).


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                    Ok, we'll see thanks for your input.


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