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      Even though, I am not eligible to vote yet, I would consider myself an independent. I am not a fan of george bush and the ad was funny.........however I think Kerry and his democratic cronies are the biggest bunch of two faced cow pats you could possibly ever have the misfortune to meet. If kerry looks presidental then I would make a great pope with my ****ing foul mouth......NOT......kerry looks like a dried up turd and it would be a crime if the american electorate are that gullible to elect someone who is so indecisive that you think he has a split personality


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        I wonder ...

        Can u really promote such website about president of United States?


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          hahahaha, thanks Julie! That was great! I really liked it!

          And yes, Pasha, this is America, freedom of speech comes before vanity and, no, your tongue can't be cut off for saying unpleasant things about someone who wasn't even elected into office, but appointed by his cronies!



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            Lol aceIaw...

            I know there is always freedom in democracy ... I m coming from a democratic country too...but I was shocked the way they used slang and such words ... lol I can go split on president of USA tomorrow and nothing will happen....dont take it seriously ...just kidding...


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              Paddy... did you help with the dialogue on that video.

              The only thing they left out was "Crackhead"


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                that is so true 4now... .... they used words from paddy's dictionary....

                i would love to learn american


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                  I find it shameful that the majority of the democrats in this country are only out for one thing - to slam the current administration at every turn. It is one thing to have a difference of opinion, but yet another to be so critical of our leadership, especially during a time of war. It only adds fuel to the cause of the terrorists as they see a country divided instead of a country united.

                  Many democrats claim that George Bush has alienated the US from the rest of the world because of the IRAQ situation. It certainly doesn't help the United States' credibility when the rest of the world sees the chaos and petty political fighting in our own country. Why should another nation (ie Spain) support us in our efforts, when half of our own political leaders don't even have the ***** to continue the fight against terrorism?

                  It will be a sad day for the world and a great day for those f u c king Islamic Terrorists if John Kerry ever gets elected as president.


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                    G. Bush & Dems are O.K. but those 133 republic & 7 dems congressmen who coosponsored the Clear Act are piece of ****!


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                      During the 1980's, when the USSR was in Afghanistan and Ronnie Reagan was in the White House, a wealthy son (Usama) of a very wealthy Saudi family (the bin Laden family) was asking the U.S. for assistance in fighting the evil Russians... Of course, it helped that this wealthy Saudi family had good relationships with the Reagan administration.... So, the CIA (formerly headed by the then Vice President, George H. W. Bush) helped this guy out and gave a lot of money, weapons and assistance to a band of rural religious zealots (the Taleban) to drive out the Russians of Afghanistan. Of course, the CIA soon got tired of helping these hillbillies out and, once the USSR was out, it left these people to fend for themselves. These people were very angry and bitter and the wealthy Saudi used this anger and frustration to associate with other angry and bitter men (such as various terrorist factions) in the formation of a shadowy group (al Qeda) whose purpose is to destroy lives and things and anything else related to the U.S. and its 'evil' civilized allies. Funny how things change... But if you think for a moment that only Republicans are fighters of terrorism, you are seriously deluded.

                      Most importantly, you are confusing the fight against terrorism with the Iraq war. That is an old GOP canard that fortunately does not fly with the rest of world, especially in light of the lack of the famous weapons of mass destruction.

                      As to Spain, just like Italy, just like the U.K.... the majority of the people in those countries do NOT and have NOT supported the U.S.-led mission to Iraq, which initially was supposed to be about the threat Iraq posed to others with its vast caches of weapons, germs, etc. Since the governments of those countries are elected by their people, it should not come as a big surprise when these governments are replaced with others that actually follow the will of the people.

                      You are also forgetting that people in most western European countries have lived with terrorism (whether local or international) for decades. ETA has been around in Spain for a while. In fact, Europeans have been fighting terrorists. In addition, one of the largest contingents of soldiers deployed in Afghanistan is from... gasp! France!

                      I think I have every right to dispute how this "war" on terrorism is being conducted. First of all, I do not consider Iraq part of this "war." I do consider the government of Saudi Arabia part of it, though I don't see Dubya and his ilk preparing to invade Riyadh anytime soon... (wonder why...)... and let's talk about Afghanistan... Afghanistan is far from a free country... there are still local mullahs and tribal leaders who are in bed with the Taleban... Women are still wearing burqas. Very little has changed.

                      The current administration lost credibility the moment it linked Iraq to the war on terrorism and 9/11 (which, since I live in NYC and since I lost a friend on that day, I find reprehensible) and when it claimed (as Secretary Powell did at the UN in an open session) that it had intelligence and satellite pictures showing that Iraq was obtaining uranium and had vast caches of weapons.... That's when the administration lost it with me.... but I guess this deception that has cost the lives of U.S. and foreign soliders, as well as countless civilians, is not as bad as a woman's breast shown for a few seconds on TV or a former president's *** life.

                      Of course, Saddam was a torturer and murderer. But how many of them, especially in Africa, are there? I don't see anyone replacing these brutal dictators... Saddam was no worse than many of these people.

                      In any event, this is not a critique of you KJV. You have a right to your opinions and I have a right to mine.


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                        "The current administration lost credibility the moment it linked Iraq to the war on terrorism"
                        Of course - the current administration created terrorism in Iraq because before US led invasion there was no terrorism in Iraq and there were no links between Iraq & terrorism. Now Iraq is the major terrorism center and practically the current administration created terrorism in this country.

                        Why did the current administration do that?

                        US president & Congress & administration although elected in democratic fashion have to listen powerful lobbies and do not have to do everything what is in national interest of Americans. US government does what is the interest of the most powerfull lobby.

                        This lobby is invisible but controls your mind – example:
                        On one day 4 US soldiers died in a bomb attack in Iraq and at the same time 11 soldiers of the country XYZ died in the similar bomb attack. Guess what was on the headlines of all US newspapers. The 11 XYZ country soldiers was on the headlines of all newspapers in US but the information about the four American soldiers were exactly on the forth page of the New York Time.


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                          To NYCImmParalegal:
                          In response to the history lesson from your 1st paragraph: In the 1940's we were at war with Germany & Japan. Today we are allies. 228 years ago we fought a war with Great Britian and today we are allies.......My point being - times change - allegiances change. The bottom line is that we as Americans should be united in times of war. I know that Democrats & Republicans are both against terrorism, it just seems that the Democrats have their own agenda (political motivations). They just can't stomach the fact that George W. is in the white house and they will do anything to win the upcoming election.

                          In your 2nd paragraph, you talk about the war in Irag not having any relationship to the fight against terror - are you blind or forgetful? Do you not remember the cat & mouse games that Saddam was playing with the UN weapons inspectors for 14 years? The intelligence available at the time, certainly indicated that there WERE WMD that Saddam was hiding. This is not republican/democrat intelligence as you have the same intelligence information being reported during the Clinton administration. Even John Kerry was adamant about the threat that IRAQ posed during both the Clinton & Bush years. If there is a perceived threat of this magnitude (even if it does eventually prove to be false), I am sure glad that our President (whether it be George Bush or John Kerry) takes the appropriate measures to secure our nation. John Kerry has said that he would have liked to have waited longer to try to build more UN support for the war. Which is fine, but how long was he willing to wait? He nevers says. Another 14 years? When he himself believed Hussein to be an imminent threat? Easy for Kerry to criticize now, isn't it? The actions of Saddam Hussein during the years of the weapon inspectors being thrown out - then allowed back in - only to be thrown out again, then allowed back in certainly would appear to the normal person as actions of someone hiding something - don't you agree? And let us not forget, that nobobdy knows for sure that he DIDN'T have these weapons.

                          If Saddam would have been smart enough to come clean, he would still probably be in power today brutalizing the Iragi people. Uday & Qusay would still be alive raping & torturing. There would be more mass graves being filled inside Iraq. If Saddam had chemical & biological weapons, don't you think he would jump at the chance to provide these to Al Qaeda terrorists to use against the US? Probably - maybe not - who knows? But I am sure glad that he isn't around anymore.

                          Later in your posting, you wonder why Iraq is singled out over other countries with brutal dictators like those in Africa. I don't believe there were intelligence reports going back to the Clinton years that any African nation was hell bent on developing weapons of mass destruction. If there are in the future, you can bet that George W. will address those nations as well.

                          Another note of interest: isn't it something how all of a sudent Libya is cooperating with the US & Great Britain and is giving up their weapon programs?


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                              2 Thumbs up.. Way up. Couldnt have said it better myself.

                              Melanie: "Why did the current admin. do that"

                              It was GW Bush Birthday/Christmas present for Daddy. He just tried to cover it up with those weapons of mass distraction. Well Actually he pulled it off b/c most americans seem to be buying it. Revenge is a driving force. Why he couldnt just give a new Tie like most kids.

                              Oil is the second. Greed is a powerful force.

                              "No one knows for sure that he didnt have these weapons"

                              And your point is???? Still what is the connection to 9/11. its called When you cant
                              d a z z le them with brilliance.. Baffle them with bullsh*t! Ossama WHO???? (gone and forgotten)the only name America knows right now is SADDAM.& of course he is in custody America is safe. I am a great President.

                              Allies? thats joke. Allies are only as good as the pocket goes deep. Don't forget USA help give Saddam the power when they were in bed with him during the iran years. then when he decided he wanted that little beachfront property.. they said hmmmm. Same deal as afghanistan like nyparalegal said. Check ur history.. always the same with US. buy & sell.

                              Allies... Look what Daddy Bush did to gather allies .. He relieved billions of dollars debt that South America owed so they would say they supported US. Same with Germany & Japan and everybody who owed US money. Jr. Bush is doing the same. "The apple doesnt fall far from the tree". And be assured the Big apple (& I dont mean New York) is still running this show.

                              You wondering about Libyia... $$$$$$$ & oil

                              Khadafi is old now. Still a brilliant man, but no longer has a viable vision that he once had. Hopefully it appears his vision is to see his country prosper again and be opened back up to the world. but if Arabics had listened to him years ago to unite as one nation.. No way would USA been able to invade Iraq like that.
                              Besides... what do you think he has. Weapons of Mass obsolesence. This is a ruse... smell something here... Tune in tommorow.

                              If you want to know who USA is going to be hating on next.. just keep an eye on who they are building up and giving power to. Its a never ending story.


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