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  • naturalization certificate copy


    USCIS requires petitioner to make copy of the back of naturalization certificate. This back side actually is blank. Has anyone make a copy of this back of certificate? What does the copy look like? Thanks.

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    USCIS requires petitioner to make copy of the back of naturalization certificate. This back side actually is blank. Has anyone make a copy of this back of certificate? What does the copy look like? Thanks.


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      Don't take it personally, but this is hilarious!! They are actually asking you to make a copy of a document's back that is BLANK??? Haha
      Ability may get you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there.


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        i suppose to stamp out forgery.... no other explanation is there....???


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          Why did they asked you to make a copy of the back of the Certificate? I don't remember seing that anywhere.


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            that's true, check this out:


            also check on


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              can anyone help with this matter?


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                alex05: When you complete the form N-400, it asked you if you would like to change your name.

                Some time people do change their names at the time of naturalization.
                This name change is printed on back left side of the N/certificate signed by the uscis officer and date of change. Which is the part of Naturalization.


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                  adam, change of name letter is a separate paper. I have a name change letter, but this is not on the back of naturalization certificate. I have tried many times to make copy the back of certificate, even I made a darkest copy, the result is still blank paper. I do not understand why nobody has problem with this. When you apply K1 visa, the instruction says you need to send copy of front and back of naturalization certificate. I do not understand this. Anyone, please help. Thanks.


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                    who the hell cares.. just copy it and send it in.... they want u to copy all pages of ur passport too.... and.... its what they want.. and what they want they get.... we will never understand the reasoning of the gods.. but there is a reason there.... just do it... and keep smiling...


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                      yeah, I already sent the blank copy to them.
                      thanks, anyway.


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                        alex05: You have changed the name.
                        You also have a copy of letter about the name changed.

                        In my opinion what happened the uscis might forgot to change your name at the time of your Naturalization. When you file the Petition they try to check and find out the mistake that they have not changed your name as requested. more over you also have the copy of that letter.
                        This kind of error has happened.

                        Try to mail them copy of your naturalization certificate along with name change letter.

                        When name changed requested, Your Original name will appear on the face of N/Certificate, and New Name will appear on the back of your certificate.

                        Bearer's name has been changed to Mr....... as part of the naturalization process
                        USCIS Dist. Office........State........USA

                        signed by the Director of the USCIS.
                        Official seal next to the signature.

                        With best of luck


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                          My case I 129F was approved only in 10 days, I cannot believe this.
                          Adam, everyone in the ceremony received two papers if they changed their names. Anyway my case was already approved without name change letter.
                          How long does the process takes in the national visa center? Thanks for the info.


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                            Approval within ten day, and everyone has received two letters in the ceremony, for get about others.

                            For uscis mistake you are suffering for, not others The best bet for you to write a letter and attached copies of both side of N/Certificate, and copy of letter and mail to them let see what they have to say. and try to take an Info-Pass appointment with the Officer, at your area uscis office, and show him the letter you received asking for copy of your N/Certificate, Change of name letter, and they had being asking for the back of N/Certificate and ask him to explain to you and request him to inform the office which is asking for the back of your N/Certificate.
                            Beside the letter of name change they have to type the new name on the back of your N/Certificate. Which they have not done so far. This is the way it should have done.
                            I have seen the name changes always on the back of N/Certificates.
                            Certificate of Naturalization is issued on a special paper as well, which can be verified by uscis only or DOS through uscis. It should not take more the 20days. Also inform the office who had been asking for the copy after you visit the uscis officer.
                            Where are you located, State?
                            Hope this will take care of the matter.


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                              Adam, my I129F is done, why do I need to send them name change letter? They have all my records. INS did not request any additional paperworks, my case is sent to NVC now. If I send additional information that they do not need it, this will delay the next process. What I need to know right now, how long the process in NVC? Thanks.


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