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  • will it look bad if...

    do you think it will look bad if i file as "married filing separate" i know many married couples file this way because they dont necessarily keep all their finances together... so what do you think??

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    do you think it will look bad if i file as "married filing separate" i know many married couples file this way because they dont necessarily keep all their finances together... so what do you think??


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      Well it doesn't look good !! Unless you have overwhelming other evidence, why not file jointly even if it costs a few bucks? I smell a Fraud.



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        that was a little unfair!! Some people are more sensitive to their financial affairs... There are probably some good reasons for doing this. I am the same ... seperate bank accounts..seperate credit cards... Money is something u cant mess with. I think MP was wanting some sound constructing advice and not accusations. better to be honest and say hey I do this this way rather than run out and get everything joint just because its whats expected.... everything might be fine today... but what about in the future... U have ur reasons for doing it seperately, u just have to be honest at the immigration interview as to why.


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          Unfortunately, USCIS does not think that way. Why do you want to put yourself in "suspicious marriage" category. Their assumption is that your marriage is fraud unless you prove otherwise, not vice versa. They expect you to have joint bank accouts, credit cards etc.


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            I agree with Ala. I just have joint car insurance for now since we live in seperate states. INS wants to make life HELL


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              seperate states is another thing.... if ur both american citizens where does it say to have a bona fide marriage u have to have a joint bank account and a joint credit card.. just because your immigrants u do..... i dont think so.. if u have a valid enough reason why u dont..... what happend to freedom of choice????? there are logical explanations for everything ..i agree u dont want to make a just cause for concern... however... I think after a unsuccessful marriage once and getting very burnt financially that i am for certain not going to put myself into that situation again... and i can I think explain that to any ins interviewer and have I would think to some degree a great deal of understanding.....


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                Get informed before jumping to conclusions. The issue is bona-fide "intent to marry". Viability is quite different topic, in fact, Congress has rejected proposed viability tests. Circuit courts have specifically stated that "aliens may not be required to have a 'more valid' marriage than citizens". Tax law is extremely complex and people try to benefit from cuts and programs, and adding an alien into the mix only makes things even more complex; but that does NOT mean, all by itself, that the marriage is somehow questionable.

                So, if you have a REAL marriage there should be no reason to worry about.

                If you don't feel confident or if you have questions you must consult with an attorney. This is not the place to seek legal advice.

                -THIS IS NOT LEGAL ADVICE-


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                  actually we werent sure how to file at all since we wed in december of 2006 i didnt know if i should file as usual or as married but filing separately... ultimately we went with married jointly so thanks for those of you who actually gave good advice


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                    Your filing status is based on your status on Dec 31.


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