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    Would winning the DV Lottery make someone that overstayed eligible for AOS regardless of the kind of visa he/she came with to the US? I came on D visa and overstayed...


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      if you are out of status and win the dv lottery you can not adjust within the us.
      the $1000 penalty kicks in if you applied for an immigration benefit prior to expiration of 245i in april 2001, otherwise consular processing is the way to go.


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        Still waiting to hear from you, I need to know the lawyers you were talking about. Kindly respond as the time is running away.


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          Hi Shantax.

          Please be careful. I really think you should consult another lawyer before you go home for that interview. Two years ago I had a friend that won in the DV lottery. She had entered the country on an F-1 and dropped out of school. Later on she brought her younger brother and sister over. She met this guy, a USC and married him. Before they could even get started on the paperwork he started abusing her and she had to run away and hide with her siblings. Then she won the DV-lottery and thought things were looking up.

          To make a long story longer, when she showed up at the consulate for her interview back in her home country, the agent told her no way and denied her application. And this was in the Bahamas, not a country known for huge amounts of there citizens immigrating anywhere. People usually move there. The agents at the consulate are usually very nice and polite. Almost every Bahamian citizen that shows up there is granted a multiple entry visa.

          Her mother had to go over and get the brother and sister, who fortunately had multiple entry B-1 visas and had never worked.

          Of course she tried to explain to the agent at the consulate that her husband was an American. She was told that she should let her husband apply for her. Of course she was in hiding from him so that was out of the question.

          I don't mean to scare you becasue I really understand how important this is to you. I am praying for you that this will work out. Please, Please see another lawyer.



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            Thanks a million for the advice, you have a point and that's why I have requested for board members to refer me to a lawyer that I can rely on. Unfortunately, I have not received any recommendation for a specific lawyer. If you know one, please refer me so that I can make arrangements to connect with him/her.

            LegalNut: You have vanished into very thin air, where are you?


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              Try Carl Shusterman or Siskind and Susser. I know Shusterman has had lots of luck with cases like this..... If your degree is in healthcare or nursing you may even have other options.

              I will pray for your success....



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                Hey Shantax....

                Have you gotten any news about your situation??? I sure hope things are going okay for you...


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                  Thanks for being concerned about my situation. I not heard from Carl Shusterman, when I called he was out of town or something. However, I have decided to postpone the interview (which was supposed to be this coming monday 28 Feb). I need more time to prepare and make sure I nail it down the very first time I go to the interview. Any other suggestions?
                  I advance my thanks.


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                    Good to hear from you. No, I have been searching and researching but I have come up with no new ideas for your solution or mine.

                    I will keep you in my prayers. I hope it works out for you and your family. Keep me posted.



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