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    Originally posted by a9b3h5:
    Slip as in USA has 57 states? No one can goof up their own religion. Wait a minute, teleprompter wasn't there. That is the whole reason.
    Another Muslim bites the dust
    Have all the good s.ex you can, in all the ways you can, for as long as ever you can !

    -- Sabuntium The Great


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      Originally posted by Kollerkrot:
      Dept. of faint praise: Condi on Palin
      Rice: "She's a governor of a state here in the United States."
      Do tell!!
      Looks like I caught you in another lie. Actually Rice had quite a bit to say about Palin; all good.


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        Hey, Bitter4064 Big Grin

        You mean wait two months to see the obvious?
        To see that Obama will win..yes!
        "What you see in the photograph isn't what you saw at the time. The real skill of photography is organized visual lying."


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          Yes, Bitter4064, Obama will win , when camels learn to fly spaceships
          Have all the good s.ex you can, in all the ways you can, for as long as ever you can !

          -- Sabuntium The Great


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            There are three kind of voters that voted for Obama and brought about his victory on primaries:

            1. African-American voters.
            No matter who says what, but these voters voted for him solely because of his skin color.
            As a fact he has no track record or credentials to qualify for a chief-in-commander position. And we are living in time of War!
            So, anyone ,please tell me what motivated those voters to vote for him if not his skin-color?

            2. White "educated" voters.
            These have apparent paralisis in part of brain responsible to make rational, realisctic judgements.
            The only reason they voted for him?
            Affirmative Action. Does it ring the bell, anyone?

            3. Registered Republican voters who crossed party lines and voted for Obama in states where they were allowed to do so.
            These were the most intelligent of all: they knew Obama would be easiest to beat on GE, hence voted for him.

            As to Democratic Elites, the Superdelegates, they must have had their own reasonings.
            After all they all remember what happened after 1992, in 1994. For the first time in 40 years Dems lost control of the Congress. It must have left deep scars in their memory. And they just regained slight, volatile majority in 2006.

            If I am wrong then how come they nominate an extreme left-wing liberal (we all know who his preacher was) in the election year that is destined to be decided by moderates and independents?

            Many Republicans may have wished to see Rush Limbaugh or someone from extreme right-wing as their next President.
            Did they nominate one?
            Of course not!
            Because they knew such candidate would stand zero chances to win.

            Now you tell me why Dems nominated Obama, aside from the fact that most of their electorate lacks common sense and any kind of intelligence.

            "Dems wanted to win", yeah right...

            I tell you, I understand now why Ronald Reagan and scores of others abandoned the Dem. Party and switched over to Republicans.
            It takes an idiot to stay, register and vote for Dems now or in future.
            They are lost cause.

            You want something real?
            Go Republican!
            Have all the good s.ex you can, in all the ways you can, for as long as ever you can !

            -- Sabuntium The Great


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              It is all strategy of Clintons. If Obama wins, they know it very well he is going to fail big time. Then re-introduce Hilary in 2012 and get into White House. If Mc Cain wins, they want Hilary to win the presidential nomination in 2012. At the end of the day, Clintons are the one pulling the strings. Obama is just a puppet.
              If Democrats Had Any Brains, They'd Be Republicans

              Democrats - Brave enough to KILL our unborn, just NOT our ENEMIES!


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                Originally posted by davdah:
                I go along with most of the analysis except for the reasoning on point two. Their emphasis was to prove how educated and unbiased they were.
                Their emphasis is not how in fact they acted.
                Have all the good s.ex you can, in all the ways you can, for as long as ever you can !

                -- Sabuntium The Great


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                  Originally posted by davdah:
                  Sure it was Sabuntium. They needed to show how un-racist they were. That being educated somehow eradicates any notion of bias on color/origin. Foolish, but it overrode any sense of what the decision should have been based on.
                  Perhaps too "educated"....

                  Un-rasist, ideally, would mean someone whose' vote is not based on race of the candidate.
                  Affirmative Action, on the other hand , is an act of preference based on race and without regard to ones' qualification.
                  Have all the good s.ex you can, in all the ways you can, for as long as ever you can !

                  -- Sabuntium The Great


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                    Obama must resign as nominee. That is the only thing he can do at this point. He nneds to let Biden have the nomination. All over for Obama.


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                      McCain in 2008 = Clinton in 2012

                      Allow me to do a little downbeat and wet-blanket prognosticating here, a bit of bad-boy forecasting in the "worst-case" rather than the "blue-sky" register. So get out your tea leaves and/or chicken entrails and read along with me. Please, I beg you, tell me why the following scenario won't in fact obtain--I'd love to be wrong about this. But my nagging gut, unfortunately, tells me otherwise, rebutting what my heart fancies.

                      Here goes: Incredibly, John McCain will win in November--despite a tanking economy, a spiraling national deficit, $4.50 summer gas prices, an ongoing "debacle" in Iraq, rampant Republican corruption, eroded civil liberties, and a campaign that promises to extend many of his predecessor's wildly unpopular policies. No matter. The Democrats will blow it. On paper, you would think that they would sail into the executive office. But the old-shoe white guy tortured war hero will defeat the upstart visionary-albeit-angry black man. Don't bet the ranch on the black guy, hoping against hope.

                      Plain and simple, Barack Obama won't win enough swing states. can't deliver them to him. Nor can Oprah. The Clinton camp isn't going to oblige him with a sudden surge of gushing enthusiasm. For that matter, a grand post-convention rapprochement and de-embittering reconciliation between the Obama and the Clinton camps won't be happening anytime soon, even though Hillary and Bill will go through the motions, making nice for public purview, paying lip service to wishing Obama well and all that. But significant numbers--just enough where it matters--of Clintonistas, centrist Democrats, moderate Republicans, and fence-sitting Independents will peel away from risky Obama as November nears.

                      Obama's negatives are already rising. The McCain people and their shady surrogates will certainly compound matters by deploying every form of character assassination imaginable. Much mud will be slung, and some will stick--that's the whole point of mud slinging (memo to the above-board Obama: the technique works, don't be naive). The McCain people will surely be playing the guns, God, and *** cards--and they will be claiming that Obama has some pinko, effete, elitist, defeatist, terrorist-loving, tax-loving, ultra-liberal, anti-Pledge of Allegiance, anti-Flag-lapel-pin cards up his sleeve. Oh yes, then there's the abortion trump card, too.

                      Whispered insinuations will be quite enough to tip the balance. The McCain strategists will provide plenty of distractions and abundant rationalizations to convince enough white folks not to vote for a black man. Period. End of story. Alas.

                      Hillary knows the above. She sees the primary handwriting on the wall. She's nobody's fool. She's already looking to 2012. Thus she's now pursuing a scorched earth policy for the Democratic Party. She's denouncing the activists while belittling Obama and reserving her praise for McCain. Her current strategy betrays her clear intentions: She wants McCain to win in November (though she could never admit that publicly). She's looked at the chess board and has repositioned her pieces, plotting two or three moves ahead of the current match: McCain's winning the presidency in 2008 will virtually guarantee Clinton's winning the presidency in 2012--and then again in 2016.

                      McCain, she reasons, won't be a two-term president. He'll do nothing about Iraq and Afghanistan, except perhaps to dig us in deeper. He might bomb Iran's nuclear facility, or at least look the other way while Israel beats us to the punch. He will continue to support tax breaks for the rich, while doing nothing to rebuild the infrastructure of the U.S. economy. He won't be leading the way into a green future. He won't be spending his limited political capital on fixing our national health policy, our national educational policy, our national retirement policy, or even our national campaign finance policy. He'll likely need to work with a Democratic Congress--but he's not amicably collaborative by nature, and he'll blow up behind the scenes the first time he doesn't get his way.

                      Besides, McCain just wants to be president once. That's enough to satisfy his ego. He'll be too old and too tired for a second term (one need not be ageist against all older persons in order to conclude that McCain in particular, after a tough first term, will be too decrepit to vie for a second).

                      Hillary has thought this through. After becoming the Big Loser Who Couldn't Reverse Bush-ism in 2008, Barack Obama will not be the party's nominee in 2012. By then, Hillary will seem as if she deserves vindication and a second chance, and her off-putting airs of entitlement and superiority will have dissipated. For 2012, however, she won't pull an Al Gore and defer graciously to other candidates. Mark my words: She'll be running. We haven't seen the last of her presidential aspirations.

                      I don't know exactly what my bottom line here should be. By attending ruthlessly to Obama's obvious weaknesses against McCain in the general election, I'm not suggesting that Democrats should now drop him in favor of Clinton. Nor am I pushing the idea that the specter of a Clinton resurgence in 2012 after a McCain win in 2008 will somehow scare a good number of McCain-leaning Clinton-haters back into Obama's camp for now. I suppose the lesson is simply that the Democrats shouldn't let their wistful idealism overwhelm their savvy intelligence. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. And if you find yourself forced to choose between cynicism and stupidity, don't be stupid.

                      If Democrats Had Any Brains, They'd Be Republicans

                      Democrats - Brave enough to KILL our unborn, just NOT our ENEMIES!


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                        Originally posted by davdah:
                        Would be nice but will never happen. Un-un-race based or otherwise.
                        Yes, I agree.
                        The point is Dems are lost cause for a decade or may be decades to come.

                        Go Republican !
                        Have all the good s.ex you can, in all the ways you can, for as long as ever you can !

                        -- Sabuntium The Great


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                          McCain in 2008 = Palin in 2012


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                            Originally posted by SonofMichael:
                            McCain in 2008 = Palin in 2012
                            I agree (if McCain don't serve two terms).
                            Palin has been the Greatest and most far reaching move of McCain camp.
                            Have all the good s.ex you can, in all the ways you can, for as long as ever you can !

                            -- Sabuntium The Great


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