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    I am going to apply for a L1 visa.
    Could you good people let me know step by step what forms and documents I need to fill out and any further hints?
    I have everything else together, such as company files (we do international trade with often custommade electronic components and parts), personal files and everything is legitimate and should be no problem and we actually have already 2 customers in the US and seek to expand that more and want to set up a affiliate or branch here.

    I contacted a lawyer office (specialized in visas for companies, mostly canadians) in Everett and she was very nice and helpful on the phone. However in my first call 2 weeks ago she told me the total cost is $2500.- (plus copy, tel. cost etc.) and 2 days ago she told me for the initial interview on comming monday she charges $250.- and I can expect that to be 1 hour long and then it will be $2750.- (plus copy, tel. cost etc).
    That is an increase of $500.- in just 2 weeks for her lawyer service. We in Western Europe call this fraud and I am really considering to report this to the BBB, and she can contact me by email and until then she can consider my appointment for monday be cancelled, I told her all that on her answering system on saturday at noon as she was obviously not working. I told her also though that I am very pleased with her friendly attitude and availability on the phone.
    I am not only irritated with the sudden cost increase and also the fact that she did not remember on the phone if I was going for a EB5 visa or a L1 visa and the other little thing was that their answering system said that it is thursday and it reality it was saturday, and also their website is down right now.
    I got to say also that in over 15 years in our company in Europe we never used any lawyers.
    Thank you for your help in advance.

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    The asking rate of the lawyer is the standard rate for many immigration lawyers.Some charges even higher than that.But if you think your company had never hire the services of a lawyer in the past, so why not try on your own ?
    Back to your query...
    L-1 visa is a complicated one as it requires INS million dollar minimum investment and INS has designated regions, "targeted employment area", where you can do your business.Normally, you are at the mercy of INS on this matter of choosing where you want to have your investment.The L-1 visa has a lot of criteria .Since you are ready to invest a lot of money to start a business,you should hire the right professionals who will see to it that the right bureaucratic procedures are are followed and your economic and immigration goals are achieved.Remember, getting the right professionals oftentimes is expensive and you should also look at the tax issue but that is another story.
    From time to time there are lawyers who post their advice here ,maybe you have to wait and see what will be their suggestion.Good luck on your business anyway


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      Dear L Visa Applicant:

      Please withdraw your L Visa Application immediatedly.
      It is well known that most of these applications are fraudulent and I assure you, your application will be subjected to greater scrutiny now that you have admitted you are from Europe.
      There are too many foreigners coming to the US and it is our wish at this time that you remain where you are.
      If Europe is so great a place to live, why are you people so insistant on trying to break into our country?


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        thank you people for your replies.
        Please see the story on the following link:
        It seems to be different from what you believe to be the L1 visa.
        A lot of German companies in my area set up branches in the US, mostly in the Atlanta area, and no way they invested 1 mio. USDollar and so on.
        We in our family company are proud to work profitable with a profit rate of 30% even in these difficult times and since a few years we work without using any bank credits.
        Fraud is not exactly the case....


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          dear Bugsy,
          great thanks again for your substantial information and willing to give credible information.

          dear Titan,
          sarcasm is a poor attitude.
          Why do you think people post on this message board? Because they want to have some information or insight and often times vent some frustration too. I certainly don't need YOUR help, thanks anyway.


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            I am getting the impression that you are confusing L-1 visa and E-1 visa.I wish you luck anyway!


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              did you read that article at
              It talks about L1 Visa and only about that and not E2 Visa.
              If I set up a branch here in the US (just like in that article, 40k or 60k of those L1 Visas are issued every year) it should be doable if I can prove to the INS that we have a viable business and that there is an actual link between the US and German company.

              I have my US girlfriend here since a few years and we could marry which we will do sooner or later anyways but setting up a company here should be that difficult as my company in Germany is sending me here to promote and expand our business to the US, we do that practically already.
              If somebody says our firm or our intention is bogus, so go to my 2 clients in the US and ask them if they buy from us it is a joke or not?!
              I have copies of invoices to our US customers and communication with them and also all our company results with me, they are quite obvious looking good.
              So what's next?


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                I did read the msnbc posting you have and basically about the argentina business folks.
                Try scouting for more immigration lawyers whom you find the right firm to represents you and your business.Again, wishing you luck in your business.


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