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    Hi Sergio

    Actually she didn't get lucky .... Well I have no idea about DMV laws as never got into any trouble with them ... but she got 2 tickets too ...but they never took any action or extra fine for not having driver's license of Georgia state .... Well I haven't inquired about DMV laws ... but whatever I wrote is fact too... may be she is USC ... and that's why ? who knows ?

    As long as maximuss original question goes .... You got very good replies from old man, 4 now and others ....

    If ur wife is staying at the same address as before ( which is on your file ) you don't need to do anything .... U can still go for your interview at same place...

    If u both are moving together to different state .... File AR 11 and move your file....

    Regarding drivers' license ...when u move your file then there is no need to worry about anything ....just get driver's license of new state .... Or you can just go to local DMV and inquire about that .....

    Good luck... Pasha


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      Like I said before, she got lucky because the cop who gave her the ticket did not ask how long she had been living in Georgia. This law applies to everyone not immigrants only. I do not know from personal experience but know because several people I know (USC) have been in trouble. And yes, I checked. This Law applies to Georgia residents too. I do not post stuff all the time on this board but when I do, I know what I am talking about.


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        Hi Sergio,

        I have no argument with you or anybody regarding DMV Laws ...and yes I do believe in whatever you found.... Whatever I wrote was fact and told about experience but nothing else.... Well personally as I wrote before I believe if they both are moving to different state ...and / or transferring their file ....maximusss must get DL from new state....

        Well other person I know very well ... he has driver's license of GA and he has been staying in SC for 3 years now ....and he has tag and everything of Georgia .... So far no problem what so ever ....

        My friend moved here from California .... In California they don't have middle name on social security card and here they require he cant get a driver's license unless he gets his new SS card with details .... Laws are funny ....

        But I didn't write all of this to prove something ... I totally agree with you.... And I trust you that you must have inquired about this in details ... I never looked at it as never got any problem .... Have a great day....Pasha


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          Hey so-called maximuss!

          We have some information from reliable sources that you are not really married to USC girl by love ( bogus/fake marriage ), but only to get your Green Card. You are involved in immigration fraud by defrauding the BCIS!
          We did already reported your immigration fraud activities to the BCIS Authority in your area WI.
          You can consider yourself now deportable alien to your home country Asia.
          We hope very much that this action will help you to have some manners and behave yourself on this board, not insulting and swearing on other respected members of this board.



          Originally posted by MaximuSSS:
          thank you,

          i got the point,
          i am in CA right now and my wife still in WI finishing her school, and there are not that many jobs in Milwaukee, WI.
          anyway, i am here in CA basically working for cash, because i asked my employers to pay me cash untill i go to AOS interview.

          what happens if I don't tell them that i am in CA, is there any way they track me down? can they check where my credit card was used or smth like that (or where i talked on my cell)?


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