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      hi maximusss..

      i guess this question has been discussed before ...dont seem to recall though... well Raju had the same condition.... so if move then u will have to file for change of address which will transfer your file to respected service center...but i dont think that will put you at the bottom of line...thats what i read from lot of posts...but this transfer process might take little bit long....and congressman can be helpful in transfering cases from one to another service center...

      take care...Pasha


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        Chang of address doe not automatically facilitate moving your file. You must request to have your file moved. Many people opt to leave their file in place and travel back for interview.

        If you request to move your file, it should be moved within a reasonable period of time. You should only enlist the help of a congressman if your file has not been transferred in a reasonable timeframe. Hopefully you are moving to a Service Center area that processes fairly quickly .. like Vermont or Washington state area


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          I moved from Missouri to Minnesota but they are both processed through Nebraska. Check and see if you will be processed at a different location and go from there. I only had to submit a change of address form, unfortunately I did this a year and half ago and they keep sending stuff to my lawyer in Missouri. Just make sure you keep on top of things.


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            YES- When you move, your family based AOS has to be adjudicated by the local office with jurisdiction over your new residence. You need to do two things. First, file an AR-11. The law requires aliens to notify Immigration within 10 days of change of address. (Change of address with the USPS does not meet this requirement.) Unfortunately, communication within DHS isn't quite up to speed so you have to also notify the USCIS district (or sub) office taking over your case. Congresspeople in your new location can help make sure your file is relocated.

            NO- Your application is still processed by the date you filed. You don't go to the bottom of the pile. Be aware that the processing dates for each local office are different.


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              hi maximusss...

              u got answers...of course congressman in new location will help you move your file...good luck


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                hi maximusss...

                if you are doing this through lawyer then why shouldnt you just give his address and he can notify you whenever u get interview ....

                well someone else will confirm this ...but i have seen couple of cases doing this ....

                even here in town i live .... my friend went for his citizenship interview all the way to chicago and didnt change any address or anything else ....

                i meant if there is no lawyer it makes sense to do everything by urself ...but as u r paying for this service ... i guess he can surely take care of this and notify you when there is interview ... good luck...


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                  my pleasure ....

                  yeah i have seen people doing this...they just give their lawyer's address and then they notify them about any update from USCIS....wish u all the best...


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                    I do not know how wise the decision of keeping your old DL is but I know that in many states you should change your DL within 30 days of moving. It just takes a speeding ticket or a minor traffic violation to know that you have been in that state for more than 30 days. There is usually a fine ranging between $120 - $200 for that. Other insurance companies do not accept DLs from other states.


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                      No. You moved, didn't you? If you have already filed for change of address you should not be worried about this. I think someone has already laid out the details of changing your address and what happens to your file.


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                        Hi guys ...

                        I guess it depends upon each state laws .... My wife had Illinois drivers license and she didn't bother to change it at all....never got any problem ...she just switched it to Georgia .... So u might want to check that out with local DMV .... Good luck...


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                          Hi Max

                          just took a look at aos time for California. not good 2yrs looks like almost as bad as florida which is like 3yrs. Ok in your case I will not recommend not changing dr licenses/etc. Do things by the book. If this was a case of aos coming up in the next 3 or 4months, i would say dont move the file, but that is not the case. Why dont you move east where aos takes place in some places 3 to 6 months

                          If wife was staying in the one state and u were living/working in another, I would leave the file in place where it was. this is not a problem that you would be working out of state.

                          But Again, if you want the file moved, make sure you request it to be moved in addition to changing your address.

                          Best wishes in your new venture.


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                            If you are a student or are in the military, you can choose to be interviewed in your address of record or in your current residence (if different).

                            If you have dual residence, e.g. you and your spouse are temporarily residing in different households for employment or academic circumstances, then you can establish that one (preferably the location with the shorter processing time) is your primary residence. The way you file your state taxes is the primary evidence.

                            But if you move, your AOS case will have to move to your new location. If you do not notify USCIS of your change of address you face a $200 fine and 30 days in jail. You could also have you application denied and be removed from the country. Neither of these is likely, DHS hasn't been enforcing this to the maximum extent of the law.

                            What will happen is, if you show up in St. Paul or Milwaukee (depending on where you lived in WI) and are residing in CA, your AOS interview will last about 2 minutes. That's all the time they need to get the info to get you and your case out of their office.


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                              Your wife just didn't get caught. This is one law that is enforced here in the southern states. Max, do the right thing. Like someone said here, do everything by the book to cover your back. 4Now and Old Man pretty much summed it up.


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