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    Actually, I think there's a better chance of immigration to India and sooner. It's more open to foreigners than China (which isn't all that hard to be), but it seems to be rapidly developing a large and prosperous middle class. Where you have that, you have a lot of entrepreneurs who want to get in on it, from all over.


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      Today it is investors who go to India and China, in search of better business environment (lower cost of labor, lower taxes.. highest profit margins and so on).

      But 20-40 years from now it will be a MASS migration, MASSES going in search of low paid jobs ( but relatively higher than anywhere else) , better life-style, better protection under the law, asylum, to study, for professional career, to open small businesses and etc.
      Just like it has been between 200 years ago and now to US.

      You think India will be prime target?
      I doubt.

      India has long history of cast system, has very specific mentality that is hostile to 'beggars', and I beleive it will prevent India from being a place of prime choice for regular folks. Big businesses sure, always welcome, but regular folks? Again, I doubt.

      China, on the other hand, is a great power, with more open and practically superior metality, and in most of the things she does (though not everything) she imitates steps taken by US.

      I hope in our lifetime we will see immigration pressure eased from US, so that energies of people of this great Nation can be directed to more constructive ends than getting angry and searching and spending billions of dollars on endless and fewerish quest for immigrant detention, 'punishment' and deportation.

      Long live, AMERICA!!!


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        The TRUE benefit of living in this country is the quality of life.

        One solution to the problem would be to lock down the borders now. Register all the illegals, get them green cards, get them SS#, get them paying taxes (this would exclude all the Felons of course, they need to Get Out). At least we would know exactly who is here. I have worked for the Census Dept., and you better beleive they start running when they see you coming. We have people that have been here for 5,10,20, years basically in hiding. We really don't know who is here. And we (the US)have been lax in this area. We really need tighter borders. And beleive me for every 10 US busloads of illegals getting dropped off at the border. They are coming right back, because there is NO border control. What a huge waste of the US dime.


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          Amnesty of any kind will only intices more waves of illegals to come to this country. Even with the strictest border control, some are bound to slip through. Its much easier to go after the business that hire the illegals to begin with and slap them with heavy fines that will force them into bankruptcy or even better, throw the owner into jail cell. Make an example of several thousands of them in one big yearly sweep and the rest will falls in compliance. To suplement this, setup informant program and the likes that offer reward for anyone that can point out any business that hire illegals. Before long, noone will dare to hire illegals.


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            LOSTinAZ has the best solution. Pedro is hopeing for something like this before his September hearing. This is the only practical way to handle the situation we are in.


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              Marmaduke..It won't work..Who's going to turn them in? The illegals that are working for them..naah. The illegals won't become imformants, look at Pedro's case. I can guarantee you that 75% percent of the houses being "popped" up overnight in PHX are being built by illegals. And yes some will slip through, but not as many that are right now. If we actuall ENFORCE the border. How much would it cost to pop a fence up across our border vs the money that is being spent in Employess, Transportation, Jails ect?? Some of these guys have it better in the US FED Prisons, than to go to their home country.


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                As long as the lure of $$$ still persist, more illegals will come. Fences can be easily broken into, guard patrol can be avoided. The only one who'll benefit more is the coyotes that can charge more and more from the illegals for way to sneak them in.
                No need to turn anyone in. USCIS just need to do random unannounced inspections every day to different businesses. Those who caught hiring illegals will be penalized severely. Do this on a regular basis and the result will show itself.


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                  It might work, but it will only burden the system more. It still won't weed out all of the 12 million or so illegals already here. I know of several people that have SS#'s, DL's & one person has been here 32yrs, no papers,not born here, has business, pays taxes, is law abiding, says he's fine. I wonder how many more of him are here? Don't you think it's important to actually know who is in this country?


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                    I am a USC married to an illegal mecican man.I would like to clarify to TUCKER, that I am not a "junkie off the street" but someone who may teach your children in (elementary, junior high, and/or high school) Anyway, my husband has been here in the US illegally( EWI) for 5 years. We have been married for over 3 years. I understand some people saying that he is here illegally because of the way he entered. That is true-nothing to dispute. It delights me that so many people on this site are making such "uninformed or inacurate" points of discussion(my appologies to those who are on here actually trying to be supportive or helpful and not just plain mean). People like MICHAEL, for example, give meaning to the phrase"ignorant people shouldn't breed" Michael, don't you have a paper to work on or another one of your fellow student's lives to ruin? Why waste yor time on here? My husband has been employed since the day he arrived here in the US. He works anywhere from 135-172 hours in a 2 week period -No exageration, I have the pay stubs to prove it.He started out at $5.00 per hour doing the same job that a friend of mine (white) was doing for $9.50 per hour.MY husband was also not provided the house available or the utilites paid that this white worker was getting(a perk of the job). In 5 years, my husband has missed 3 days of work that he was scheduled for-#1 Hospitalized per the boss' suggestion thinking he had apendacitis (He did NOT recieve free medical help-we paid the bill out of our pockets -because we have no health insurance.#2 I called him in sick because he had the flu so bad he could hardly stand. #3 He missed work when he ended up in the hospital this past December with heart problems-Again, we are paying the bills(close to $3,400) out of pocket. THREE DAYS MISSED in over 5 years. I don't know ONE USC that can claim that-probably not even Michael. My husband married me and took on the support of 2 children who are not biologically his (the BIO father has NEVER paid one cent of child support and my oldest is one month from being 20 years old. Guess we'll never see that money. He works hard, is home every night, doesn't cheat, do drugs, hit me or the kids,or drink in excess. His only crime is being in the US without proper documentation. And yes, I would have brought him here legally had we met in Mexico instead of a little town with a population of less than 900 people!!I know a lot of citizens of the US who are guilty of much more. Contrary to popular belief, immigrants have not cornered the market on illegal activities. Sorry to rant and rave but I wonder if many of the people who are complaining about illegal immigrants could answer even 10 questions correctly on the citizenship test required in the US. Just something to think about these "PROUD AMERICANS".
                    Lots more to say but ****ed out Laurie


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                      Laurie, It doesn't matter how much of an upstanding man your husband is. I don't doubt for one minute that he is a great father to your children and a hard worker but you are setting yourself up for a major fall by trying to justify his illegal presence in this country. I am a naturalized citizen who complains about illegals and can answer more than 10 questions on the citizenship test(well I actually got 99/100 right). What p i s s e s me off is the fact that I and hundreds of thousands of LEGAL immigrants have to suffer the stress of following immigration law and procedures each year so that we can live the american dream......and at the same time we have people like your husband breaking the law every day, aiding and abetting criminal companies who take advantage of cheap labor.Please answer me this, did your husband ever give you an explanation why he couldn't apply to come to this country legally?


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                        I also agree with marmaduk. I think the US government has to go after the companies in this country who employ illegals. I also think that Mexico should have all aid and trade terminated until they stop encouraging their own citizens to emmigrate north.Of course this would be a double edged sword as it would of course encourage more to come but the US has to get Fox and his cronies out of power and then help to build up the mexican economy to give the ordinary mexican citizen some hope.......but of course this is a more of a hope than a future reality


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                          The Forum
                          Comments: Protest Against "A Day Without a Mexican"
                          I also thought that billboard was offensive, but I looked at the bright side, California will know it wouldn't work without us the immigrant Mexicans, I hope all the people who believe Mexicans shouldn't be here, will realize how important they are to this state.

                          Posted by Patty at May 4, 2004 06:09 PM
                          I don't know about everyone in the country but everything I have heard, people don't want ILLEGAL immigrants in this country no matter what country they came from. If people want to immigrate legally, I have found very few people (mainly ignorant morons) who have a problem with that.

                          Posted by Alan at May 4, 2004 07:00 PM
                          The film is supposed to make us stop and think. Yes, it is true most people don't want illegal immigrants here but they also don't want to pay a "legal" citizen a decent wage to clean their pools or their houses either!

                          Posted by Elizabeth at May 4, 2004 10:13 PM
                          Granted, I haven't seen the movie yet but I think the whole concept, at least as put forth by the movie's website, is a bit misguided. As someone else posted, people don't want illegals here, regardless of their country of origin.

                          Is this movie supposed to make us think, "Ooh, wow, I didn't realize they did so much for us. Now that I understand that, I think it's great that they're being so selfless by breaking the law by coming here for us"...? Come on! I'd happily pay more for services which are generally performed by illegals if it kept more of them out of the state. It's not a racist thing. It's a matter of trying to protect our own quality of life. What's wrong with that?

                          I'm anxious to see the film. I'm sure we'll be bombarded with images of restaurants with no one washing dishes, fields of crops going unpicked, lawns being untended. I'm wondering if we'll also see shots of teachers in public schools teaching in front of suddenly UN-crowded, reasonably-sized classes. Will we also see emergency rooms handling actual emergency cases instead of being overcrowded with illegals needing non-emergency free services? Somehow I'm betting such scenes were not part of the script!

                          Posted by Mike at May 5, 2004 12:48 AM
                          When Vicente Fox states that Mexico's second largest income is money sent from illegal Mexican workers in America (the first is from tequila exports), we have a problem. They don't pay taxes, but they send their kids to our schools. They don't pay taxes, but they use our medical facilities. They don't pay taxes, but they want to complain when a "Latino" isn't "given" a position of authority over someone that deserves it.

                          We want to be a nation of equality, but the ones screaming the loudest are the ones trying so hard to push us apart. We have organizations such as LULAC and NAACP that promote very racist agendas. For instance, we have a Miss USA pageant that is not allowed to discriminate base on race, color or creed. There are black, white, Hispanic, Asian, etc. participants in this pageant. So why is there a need for a Miss Black America pageant? I don't think a Miss White USA pageant would go over too well.

                          Let's stop trying to divide ourselves. Everyone should be upset about the illegal immigrants in this country. If you are here legally, great. Don't sneak over here, steal from the US and then send it back to Mexico. Try working on fixing Mexico first.

                          Posted by Keith at May 5, 2004 01:25 PM
                          We are assuming that Mexicans are only laborers. They are also teachers, doctors, lawyers, police officers, judges, CEO's, business owners, federal agents, actors (Anthony Quinn is Mexican), soldiers (How many "illegal" aliens fought in WWI, WWII, The Korean War, Vietnam, Desert Storm and now Iraq?)

                          Every person regardless of their legal status that lives in the United States pays taxes one way or another. If you rent an apartment you pay taxes, how? That property owner has to pay property taxes, with income he earns from the rent that is paid by the occupier. Everytime an undocumented worker shops at a grocery store, department store, gasoline station, car dealership, etc., etc., they are required to pay a sales tax. In Chicago that sales tax is 8.75%.

                          They are not here for a free ride and the tens of millions of dollars that they pump into our economy is proof of that.

                          7 million dollars in taxes alone are collected from these "freeloaders" from the money they send back to their families in Mexico. Where does this money go? Social service agencies.

                          I am sure you wouldn't turn down the almighty US dollar regardless of who is handing it to you.

                          So if your concern is that Feds do not collect income tax on a $4.00/hour wage, concern yourself that your aunt/uncle does not pay taxes for these workers that they employ. I think even our President's have employed undocumented gardeners.

                          Posted by Cristina at May 6, 2004 09:22 AM
                          I am very tired of Feds/Politicians using illegal immigration as a blame for their failed economic policies. It seems that every time our economy is struggling, they use them a scapegoat!... People don't realize, illegal immigrants cannot collect SSN and Unemployment benefits just to name a couple!

                          Can't wait to see the film!!!

                          California has the world's fifth largest do the math!

                          Posted by Jose at May 6, 2004 06:22 PM
                          Well, my heart bleeds for you. Let me help you understand the way it works. Mexicans are welcome into the United States, Illegal Immigrants are not! Mexico is a poor country and United States is rich with opportunity. Who says we have the right to come to this land and put up a fence to keep the rest of the world out of our nest egg? Nobody! However, we put up that fence to protect the interest of this great land. When a mexican comes to the United States and becomes a grass-mower, he is taking away that job from a US citizen, so now the US citizen has to turn to the government for welfare so he can survive. Since most lawn mower operators do not pay taxes, you are not helping to replenish the money the US citizen is using. In turn, since they hired you at a lower wage, you turn to the government for welfare so you can survive. Since you are not paying taxes, nor is the US citizen that is receiving the welfare check, other hard working US citizens are having to pay more to cover both of you. And since a portion of the little amount of money you do make gets wired back to Mexico to help out your relatives there get to the US, we are even more screwed. Then, since you like having so many kids, our tax dollars are going to pay for them to be delivered, raised, educated, until they can get jobs mowing grass. You see, its a circle of life right here in the US. My suggestion, get the education you receive for free here in the USA, and return to Mexico and develope a civilization that has a strong economy. If you did this you will be giving future Mexicans a reason to stay in Mexico and not come to the USA and take your job for less money.

                          Posted by A White Guy at May 6, 2004 06:51 PM

                          Posted by Art at May 6, 2004 07:24 PM
                          The problems, just as the solutions, are not simple. Are the illegals the result of capitalism, which encourages competition and therefore forces lower prices only achieveable with extremely low-cost labor? Is is the fault of the companies who willingly hire illegals, but who are forced to in order to remain competitive? Or is it the fault of people who hire companies that use illegals, or who buy fruit knowing that an illegal picked it? Is it the fault of Americans wanting to pay the lowest price for food, lawn service, etc. which therefore requires cheap labor? Is it Mexico's fault for not doing enough to stimulate their own economy? Perhaps the blame lies with the IMF and the World Bank for forcing Structural Adjustment Policies on Mexico and other Central and South American countries that prevent effective economic recovery and therefore force workers to places such as America. Maybe the US is at fault for not enforcing strict immigration laws, not hiring enough staff to monitor the situation, or not closing known holes in the US/Mexican border. The real answer is that it is for all these reasons and more.

                          Also, however, illegals do not, as a general rule, take jobs from Americans. To use the lawn mowing example above, I'll bet 'A White Guy' has little desire to mow lawns and do backbreaking landscaping duties for $5/hr. and no benefits for 60 hours/wk.

                          Posted by Jason at May 6, 2004 09:07 PM
                          This movie is intended to serve as a reality check of who really makes things tick in California. I should make people stop complaining about illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants are the one's who get down and dirty doing the jobs other people don't want. It should already be clear the immigrants do pay taxes. They might not get taxes taken away from their check but those taxes go to social security and these people aren't going to be getting a social security check when they turn 65. Not having illegal immigrants in California is not the interest of the land, it is in California's interest to have these easily exploitable people here. The government knows it doesn't want these people to leave because then all kinds of **** will fall apart (As I presume the movie will portray). Illegal immigrants do not take jobs away because they perform jobs that no one else wants to do. For example, California's economy is based greatly on agriculture and there is always a demand for work but only the illegal immigrant are the ones mostly willing to break their back picking the food you and most of the world eats. I don't see just anyone migrating, season by season, region by region, camp by camp, to be able to survive. People take a lot of **** for granted. This film is intended to take away this "white privelaged" mindset. This country was based on immigrants. There is only one group that is native to this so called AMERICAN land. The way this land has been built has not always been in the most legal way. Realize it!

                          Posted by Roberto at May 6, 2004 11:34 PM
                          Chingenle ... Now some of you have you wanted ... I hope you enjoy it. Haber como le queda el ojo!

                          Posted by El Paisa at May 6, 2004 11:40 PM
                          "Why can't we all just get along?"

                          Posted by Bonnie at May 7, 2004 12:48 AM
                          "Why can't we all just get along?"

                          Posted by Bonnie at May 7, 2004 12:49 AM
                          I think that people miss the point when they say that native born americans won't do the jobs that illegals do. Before the illegals came in large numbers, just who did the unpleasant work? I'm sure that most contracting (drywall, plumbing, carpentry etc) was done by americans. But now the salaries have been driven down so low by the illegals who will work cheaply that americans cannot compete. Another example are fast food workers. When I was a high school kid, these entry jobs were done by kids. Nowadays, you're lucky to find a fast food place where they speak english. I'm sure that much of the items that they buy are non-taxable items (food) and do not compare to what the average american pays. We also do not use as much of the services and expect the government to pay for them.

                          Posted by eric at May 7, 2004 02:55 AM
                          People don't see the real value in immigrants. It's not about clean houses, clean cars, or even the low price in fruit, it's about people wanting a better life. I think if people see this movie with an open mind, they'll learn a lot. I live in a community with a lot of immigrants and a lot of work in agriculture and thanks to the immigrants we have affordable fruit, vegetables. Granted, a lot of immigrants aren't here legally but they're paying taxes just like the next person therefore they should have the same rights as the next tax payer. Last I checked, nobody else is willing to do "slave labor" for $50 USD/ day. If somebody is interested, please contact any of the local field foreman's and I'm sure they're willing to give you a chance in reclaiming your country legally.

                          Posted by at May 7, 2004 11:35 AM
                          Ok, morons. Sales tax is local to the city or county (parish for those in Louisiana). That is why it varies among cities. We are talking Federal taxes. This is what gets taken out of your check. Roberto said above, "They might not get taxes taken away from their check but those taxes go to social security..." No, poor Roberto, it doesn't all go to Social Security. Have you ever looked at your check stub? FICA is the Federal tax and the line for Social Security...well that goes to Social Security. It is the Federal programs that get exploited by illegal immigrants. I know we are a nation of immigrants. There is nothing wrong with that. My family migrated from Germany, but they did it legally. Mexico is a poor, dirty country. When the illegal immigrants come over, they treat this country the same as their native land. They trash it up and junk it out. I see it today in my own back yard. There is neighborhood down the street from where I live that used to be a great, beautiful place to live. Now it is one of the worst neighborhoods in town. You can't drive through there without fear of hitting a toddler in diapers playing in street without a parent in site. Oh, that is another thing, they make the older children watch out for the younger ones. I see this all the time. The mother and father are walking around a store, paying no mind to their 2 year old because he is being looked after by his 7 year old sister.

                          I am sorry. I got off on a tangent for a moment. Let me get back. Someone who has migrated over here and has their legal residence is not over here illegally. An illegal immigrant cannot serve in the military. They have to have a social security number because that is how everything works in the military. It takes time for a resident to become a citizen. You first have to live here for 10 years or be married to a citizen for 7 years. It is not like in the movies. You are not instantly a citizen because you marry one. You have to apply for citizenship. You have to take a test and be sworn in. This is how it works. I have a friend from Pakistan. He came here legally 12 years ago on a student visa. He then applied for residency and received it. He has been married to a citizen for 10 years. Last year, he finally got off his butt and applied for citizenship. I am happy to report that he is now a US citizen. He will finally get to vote in the presidential election. Just to let you know...he is voting for Bush.

                          Posted by Keith at May 7, 2004 12:53 PM
                          I mainly decided to post my opinion as a response to a comment by a guy named Mike... You claim that you don't want illegal immigrants because you want to protect your quality of life, protect it from what or whom?
                          There are a lot of other people claiming that illegal immigrants are some sort of threat, when in reality a threat doesn't exist. The average American will not work the same jobs that an immigrant would, especially not for the money they get paid. It's not like jobs are being taken, except maybe from the ****y teenager that wants to get a summer job at Mc Donald's.
                          Come on!
                          And there are also comments about being in the emergency rooms taking free medical services, what king of an argument is that? Every human being deserves the right to medical treatment, even if they're are poor, even in the legal systems, a person who committed a crime has a right to an appointed attorney.
                          At first I thought this movie was a joke but I'm glad it's not, it's time we educate people about being tolerant and respectful, after all this country was established from British immigrants and is the most ethnically diverse country on the planet. It's funny that Americans don't want illegal immigrants in their country but they pride themselves in colonizing and establishing businesses and franchises in foreign countries. Raping other cultures and stripping them of their own natural resources and goods, and infecting the people with false notions of materialism.

                          Posted by Blanca at May 7, 2004 03:25 PM
                          Well... all these people that think that we Illigal Aliens don't pay taxesare full of ****. This country runs because of immigrants not just Mexicans. People from other parts of the world live here as well. Yet, you only hear about Mexicans this Mexicans that. Everyone in this country is an Immigrant. People also forget that the only people that should be here in California are the Indians and guess who else, Mexicans. Because of politics California was taken away from Mexico.

                          Posted by Crossed the border at May 7, 2004 07:17 PM
                          THIS GOES TO KEITH:

                          Posted by at May 7, 2004 07:30 PM
                          a day without a mexican is gonna totally kick ***. I just went to the website and downloaded a talk show host on the radio saying, "oh in your movie does it talk about how hospitals will be less congested with latin americans and more with US citizens? Or does it have a seen showing the state budget going up because of taxes that they weren't paying?" After hearing this i wanted to **** my pants out of pure anger. This dumb *** has no idea that all these mexicans that are working here for next to nothing, buy clothes and cds and plenty of other products that have taxes built in. This moron obviously doesn't know that many of the workers here work with fake social security numbers, and that taxes ARE being taken out of their checks AND that lots of mexicans that ARE paying these taxes DO NOT even go to hospitals or take advantage of the other state/federally funded programs becuase they are too afraid they'll get deported. You guys seem like you'd be interested in organizing something, like another day where we all don't go to work or school, or to the store, or anywhere to show these *******s how important we are. or even better we go to the movies on one of these days and watch A Day Without a Mexican and buy no popcorn or anything, we just go to the movie and then return home. Something has to happen because if I hear another dumb *** say that the solution to the state's financial crisis is kicking out illegal immigrants, I'm gonna **** my pants.

                          Posted by jeff torres at May 8, 2004 06:33 AM
                          Could this become a reality, like in Texas?

                          Posted by Beth at May 8, 2004 10:58 AM
                          I have been to Mexico several times. Yes there are some beautiful beaches. The problem is that you can't step 3 feet without being harrassed by someone trying to sell you some **** or begging for a handout. Why can't Mexico do something about that? Jeff must be a dumbass. Are you telling me that illegal immigrants are getting fake social security cards so that they can pay taxes?!? That is the craziest thing I ever heard. I say, send them all back. I am tired of this country reforming to please the minority. What ever happened to the majority rules? All of you that don't like my comments can kiss my white, American born, hairy ***.

                          Posted by Keith at May 8, 2004 11:07 AM
                          Keith, you want to see dirty, just drive by your local white-trash trailer park.You'll see dirty!!

                          Posted by at May 8, 2004 08:04 PM
                          hey keith,

                          ever walked down hollywood blvd or stood around times square? the same americans here try to sell me cheap tourist **** and the same homeless people ask me for some change. what's your point? and mexico has "some beautiful beaches"? you've obviously never explored the area outside of the tourist traps, or bothered to learn about the culture.

                          oh, and if the majority rules, soon you'll regret saying that. at the rate our latino and asian populations are growing, we'll be complaining about your lazy white ***.

                          Posted by at May 8, 2004 10:16 PM
                          yeah people do get fake ssn to pay taxes!

                          Posted by Mark at May 8, 2004 10:22 PM
                          hey keith, you are saying that you are so proud of being white, however, can you explain to me what are you proud off? when you have a history that goes back what three hundred years of racism, discrimination including genocide. I thought that you knew some history. As far as I am concerned all whites, blacks, asians and mexicans we are all immigrants the question here is who came first. those that came first want to claim this country but this country belong to no-one and to everybody that has a dream.

                          And if you do not to be near any mexicans because 'we are so dirty' you better go to another planet because we are every where. Why did your family immigrated to the united states, in search of a better life, guess what, we are following the same path the only difference is the color, racist.

                          Posted by Anna at May 9, 2004 12:33 AM
                          we should all leave? hahahahaha awwww is the majority scared of going under as the minority? hahaha keith that's too bad man, like anna said, we're EVERYWHERE! if you don't like us, then don't go to japanese restraunts or chinese restraunts or just about any restraunt because roughly 90% of them have mexicans or latin americans in the kitchen you lame ***. and the reason they get the ssn isn't to pay taxes you pathetic piece of white trash, it's so that they can work for people who wouldn't hire them if they didn't have some kinda legal document. duh. we should go back? you guys stole our land, and that stupid *** movie The Alamo is horse **** because you guys encroached on out land crossing down the border roughly 3 or 4 miles and then started killing mexican villagers saying they shot first. please educate yourself before you post, jesus, you're so ignorant it hurts. the numbers are pretty **** clear dude, we're the reason for the Californian economy doing so well. we should go back? ahhahah sure then jobs will open right? and just outta curiousity who's going to do those menial jobs? more importantly even if people are willing to, what company is gonna be willing to pay minimum wage for that work? NONE. they couldn't afford to pay that many workers. and don't be jealous because we have culture, that the Mayans invented the number zero and the aztec calendar is more accurate than the calendars used today. we were figuring stuff like this out, while your primate white ancestors were picking the flees off eachother.

                          Posted by jeff torres at May 9, 2004 02:55 AM
                          If this movie gets you going, I hear there is a disappearing white people movie coming out next here. It's called WHITE OUT. The website is at

                          Posted by passerby at May 9, 2004 08:52 AM
                          Keith, Man! You're so lame. Well let me tell you something, once I was driving going in to a freeway, Guess what I saw? I saw a "mexican" selling oranges on one side of the street and a white-crackhead looking man begging me for money. Think about it. Also, if you don't like Mexicans then move out of the west coast because we're everywhere. We where here first and we're staying. And in case you were not aware that Latinos are the largest growing population and soon we would not be the "minority", Youe MORON! Ignorant people like you make me sick.

                          Posted by Gilbert at May 10, 2004 02:13 AM
                          I came across this page to see what was being said about this movie. I happened to see it on Friday and I enjoyed it very much. After reading the postings here I have to say that this movie will not be enough to educate people on the issues surrounding immigrantion; such as, paying taxes, jobs, # of children, the Mexican economy, history, education, and the military. Most of what I've seen on here from Keith, Mike, and A White Guy are notions of white supremacy and ignorance. Not one of you have a clear argument. This can only reflect your lack of knowledge and the utilization of assumption as fact. There is no argument, everything stated is a fallacy. If there are no jobs it is not because of undocumented immigrants, it's part and parcial to free trade agreements and capital accumalation (check out Michael Partinti's "Democracy for the Few"). Regarding the number of children immigrants have, I feel that you are assuming that immigrants are popping out kids left and right. It's not true; for instance, the increase in population is due to immigrantion, increase in fertility rates, and longer life span. In relative terms Mexican immigrants are having less kids than Mexicans in Mexico (I would suggest a book called "The Burden of Support" by David Hayes-Bautista, Werner O. Schink and Jorge Chapa.). Also, historically the three of you have forgotten that this land was violently robbed from Native Americans (I would suggest a book called "The American Holocost"). Not to forget that this country was build by immigrants and people of color (I would like to suggest "The Peoples History" by Howard Zinn). And as far as Mexico being a dirty country I would like to know where in Mexico have you been? Prior to the Spanish invastion of Mexico, it was more advanced in the Sciences than any other developed nation at that time. We also had song and flower, which is called poetry and the arts (I would suggest any book from Miguel Leon-Portillo). And now it's not the Spanish it's the United States who is taking up all of the wealth in Mexico. Can any of you explain to me why our southern boreders are open to Mexican made products but militerized to keep Mexicans out. It's as though you all want the cheap labor and products but not the people who make them or their families. Overall, those are a few suggestions of issues the three of you should consider when making such strong accusations about immigrants and Mexicans in general. Oh by the way if you think this country is going out of this way to "please minorities" then I would like to challenge you to explain how. If you think that you're spending so much money on our education to mow lawns, then don't you think that demonstrate the lack of quality education. If this country is "trying to please minorities" then its not really doing a good job then (Check out Daniel Solorzano's "Pipeline Through Education" at the UCLA Graduate School of Education and Information Studies) if only 48% of Chicana/os and Latina/os are graduating from high school then I would say this country is not doing enough to "please us". I would like to challenge all of you to back up all of your "facts" with numbers and research done. This issue is too important to use assumptions as fact, and fallacies as a rule of thumb.

                          Posted by Crystal at May 10, 2004 03:10 AM
                          For all you Mexicans lovers, how would you like 50-75 Mexicans standing on the corner near your home everyday waiting to be picked up for the day? How would you like your kids to pass these herds of men on they way to school every morning? Mexicans have ruined the neighborhood where I live any many others. There are filthy pigs. They have so many children and live off of the system. Build the Berlin Wall dividing the border to stop these pigs!

                          Posted by hatemexicans at May 10, 2004 04:00 PM
                          Wow, I didn't realize that there still were so many ignorant people in the world. Obviously "I hate Mexicans" is an idiot, and I don't need to comment on what he said. Except for that he should probably move his trailer out of the Home Depot parking lot!

                          Keith, just to inform you, Undocumented people do pay federal taxes because the slave owners who higher them often create illegal SS#s to register them. So not only do they pay federal taxes and Social Security, they do not benefit from having social security to retire, they do not benefit from labor laws to protect them from being overworked. Now, I don't agree that people should immigrate illegally, however they way to stop people is to stop providing work for them. Although undocumented people do utilize some, and I reiterate SOME resources they are not here in the US to do so. Keith I don't know what you do for a living, but I doubt you work anywhere near the population who actually does milk the system. I work as a children's social worker for the county and service abused and neglected children and their families. Abuse, poverty, and Dirtiness knows no color line. Obviously either does stupidity. Why don't you take your inbred, hairy *** back to Germany, you don't deserve to be in OUR country, Nazi.

                          Posted by traviesa at May 11, 2004 01:59 AM
                          Why the outrage? Would these workers who earn really low wages ever actually have to pay income taxes based on what they earn- I mean wouldn't they probably be exempt if they were legal workers? If they were citizens and working for the same wages, they would probably qualify for free medical care. They would probably be to opoor to own property so they **** sure would not pay property taxes!!! I really don't think that they are taking jobs away from all those proud U.S. citizens clamoring to flip burgers, work the fields, clean our houses, and mow our lawns. If anything, these people allow us to have a greater quality of life by providing us with cheap labor and spending their money in our stores, restaurants, etc.

                          Posted by abby at May 11, 2004 07:46 PM
                          go back to the caucuas mountains

                          Posted by droogone at May 12, 2004 01:20 AM
                          wow!!! such hate, bitterness, and anger is felt in my soul as i read these comments. what this whole PLANET needs is another catastrophic event, such as, say a meteor to wipe out all of the human race. we are doing a fine job of destroying this planet anyways; pollution, deforestation, WAR, to name a few. maybe this planet may benefit from a new evolution of non-huamnoids. hell, why not? ok, have a nice day!

                          Posted by changoman at May 12, 2004 02:28 AM
                          All of this dislike of other people is related solely to the love of money and/or the necessity of it. I know that people would not have a problem with the illegals if they would only not use so many of our resources and increase our taxes so much. Calif is an expensive place to live and only gets more so every year. It is frustrating to see the illegals coming over popping out kids everywhere, qualifying for medi-cal, overcrowding the schools, roads etc. I am a single guy with no kids, so I get screwed most of all when it comes tax time. It is frustrating to pay so much in taxes when I get so little in return and see these people appear to get more and pay less proportionately than me.

                          Posted by eric at May 12, 2004 04:00 AM
                          It saddens my heart to hear all this negativity and friction. I think we ought to unite in this country and put ethnicity aside. God sees us all the same. As far as hating the Mexicans or the Jews or the Irish....we gotta consider that humans are corrupted in the US and ooh..are they corrupted in Mexico! Everybody knows that Mexican politicians are the most corrupted, savy, cruel people! That's why those poor people come to the U.S., because there is NO true democracy in Mexico. I am a Mexican-American born in the U.S. and I love White people, African people, all kinds of people! And yes, I am all against LULAC and NAACP, those orgs just keep dividing our nation.

                          Posted by Carlos at May 12, 2004 10:19 AM
                          Hello Mexico is California if u look at past history.And if people hate illegal get off your butt and do it your self. And in the past history your family where illegal do the same thing!

                          Posted by rob at May 12, 2004 11:44 AM
                          My point is not to put down Mexican or any other people. My point is that these people who supposedly, and I stress SUPPOSEDLY, overburden our state's economy by not paying income taxes and obtaining low cost or no cost governmental benefits probably do not do so in a disproportionate number to those CITIZENS who earn comparable wages. Regardless of their citizenship status, people who earn so little money, whether illegal aliens or documented citizens, will need to rely on the government to provide them aid in obtaining certain basic necessities; they probably will not have enough money to buy property and, therefore, will not pay property taxes thereon. I think that these people are important to sustaining our economy as we know it. They are willing to work hard at jobs that other people don't want and will not perform and, as consumers, they put money back into our economy. We need these people, so how can we deny them benefits in the form of govenrmental assistance; don't they deserve what little aid we give them, especially if it helps them to gain a foothold in the U.S. to become regular tax-paying, property-owning documented citizens? This is not about hate or race, it is a question on the interrelationships of economics, government, and immigration in forming society as we know it.

                          Posted by abby at May 12, 2004 01:35 PM
                          I am tired of reading this bull**** every time about who will clean your house, who will pick up you trash, who will clean your dishes and who will pick the vegetables in the fields we should stop complaining and do something about it. Yes we latinos should all do a major boycott here in Califas kind of similar to what Martin Luther King did for the african americans, We should do it for one whole month or for as long as it takes to get our point accross. We should not buy, work,and send our kids to school. This was done already for one day but that was not enough we should do it for as long as it takes to prove our point. Adios

                          Posted by Carlos at May 12, 2004 03:28 PM
                          I am an African american woman and all I have to say is leave the Mexicans alone they are really good people!!!

                          Posted by glowwy at May 12, 2004 04:03 PM
                          Obviously, we've all got some sort of problem in our own diversity. For the Anti-Mexicans, some of your comments are straight out of the worst areas of our country, say like, Queens or Hells Kitchen, East L.A., redneck trailerpark USA-you know those who are of lesser intellect and never learned to read-BY THEIR CHOICE BECAUSE 'THEY'VE BEEN SO VICTIMIZED BY CAPITALIST AMERICA' etc. In illustrating your point, especially if you don't like these Mexicans, you end up in a position beneath what you are claiming them to be. For the Mexicans, many points made about dishonest Mexican acquisition of opportunity are true- i.e. taking advantage of the society for which other Americans, like myself end up paying for. Mexicans can hide all **** day behind, we do jobs that no one wants" but taking it a step further, if we didn't have Mexicans here to do those "undesirable jobs" we'd still figure it out WITHOUT YOU-don't take so much credit. At least perhaps we could give our kids (especially CA kids)their work ethic back the way it was when my own great grandparents did for their kids -so I hardly think there is a credit that can be given out to them (you) for that. I've seen and been on both sides. I have family that has some or are related to someone of Mexican descent. It finally comes down to this, rather than generalize for or against an entire race, let's be more accurate and realize there are **** lazy, no good Mexicans with no honor, respect, or descency for a country or it's people that has come through it's own hard times and triumphed amidst our trials. For those with your embarassing warcry of when and how you are justified in being here because you were here before anyone AND have a more accurate calendar than we do, then why the hell is Mexico still a third world country and has yet be rescued from it's poverty if you're so resourceful (after thousands of years)? Time to step away from your perfect calendar boys and start developing a higher society and standard of living-kinda of the way we did when we finally got our fill of each others fleas that we'd been pickin at and got serious about TRULY giving something back to our family, by building our country. --the calendar? No one cares...I have a lot of Mexican-American friends who do appreciate their heritage but despise Mexicans and their seemingly complacency of their condition of their lives and what the country as a whole makes of itself. Very honestly that while those "offended" Mexicans whine about how much they are "trying to take care of the family back home", take into consideration the example on how this is to be done: SNEAK into a successful country (don't earn it-Steal it, esay!), run from authorities and give no regard for rules or foreign policy (ensure that the rightful citizens of our beloved country are having to blow millions of dollars on you to heighten security to keep your cheating, dishonorable asses on your side of "a proud Mexican" border, then send American money to to Mexico so the rest of the family can tell the kids that Daddy broke into "a bank of a country" to get us out of here. How proud can a Mexican be when you realize the facts and procedure by which these things are done? Eh, vato?
                          Of course I know that like my Mexican friends (who happen to be docs, attorneys, traders, as well as landscapers, teachers, etc), many Mexicans are harder workers than anyone I've seen in my life and are humble enough to accept small compensation for the amount of work they do at first. These are the people that deserve immunity from such chastisments of others that don't understand all Mexican people as a whole. That there are those who bust butt trying to achieve not only for the "family" but for themselves (because that requires a higher level of thinking like how not to "steal into" a country-but work honestly) and there are those that deserve LESS than the meager wage they barely EARN here! But then again, we have rednecks, cowpokes and elitists here also...we all have our failures...

                          Posted by americanvoice at May 12, 2004 04:54 PM
                          Americanvoice, would you please clarify what it is you are trying to say?

                          Posted by abby at May 12, 2004 05:05 PM
                          Is sad that there is lots of racism in our country, we need the labor and they need the work , what is the big deal people, just imagine if you family would'nt have anything to eat and there was no work here you would also have to leave your own country , we all have to realized that they are here for a reason , more respect to them

                          Posted by Kimbery Johnson at May 12, 2004 05:23 PM
                          what happend to the racist *******s

                          Posted by oscar at May 12, 2004 09:57 PM
                          VIVA MEXICO

                          Posted by OSCAR at May 12, 2004 09:59 PM
                          The comments from some of the "racist *******s" have been removed. I don't censor free speech: they can say what they want here, as long as they actually have something intelligible to articulate. The equivalent of simply screaming racist slurs will not be left up. People who hate have that right, even if I don't agree with it, but I know that even hateful, racist ideas can be eloquently stated without resorting to vulgarities or simple-minded threats.

                          Posted by Jason at May 12, 2004 10:01 PM
                          PINCHI BOLA DE RACISTAS

                          Posted by RICHARD at May 12, 2004 10:05 PM
                          WE SHOULD ALL SUPPORT THE MOVIE

                          Posted by OSCAR at May 12, 2004 10:07 PM
                          As far im concern this country belongs to the anahuac people...who are the real owners of this country?? genocide was perpetrated by the ignorant white hairy asses mentality just like kathy...they killed and genocide a native culture and guess what ? the genocide still keeps going ...There a lot eurocentricity among our people because they are not longer taught their real history their real identity ..Of course only European History is what we learned in this white focus educational system ! and you american voice said that we should stop our argument about "perfect calendars" it's not only that but just for ur information more than 70%of all world the crops are originally from the Anahuac the other hand who are the real immigrants to this land? The European descendents who crossed the ocean and who were only interested to steal and never to deal with the native people..hmm . Also,Yes mexico is a poor country thanks to ignorace and the Eurocentricity in the mexican educational systems this happens here and it happens there...Obviously, if knowledge is power then people who are ignorant dont have the power over their land and it resources....And of course the goverment want to keep the power that is why ...we dont get the quality of education that we as anahuac descendent people deserved it. This is one of the reasons why mexico is poor because Mexico has pelnty of natural resources but guess who "buys them" Of course united states. So to conclude i just want to say that mexico is poor because both (mexico and Usa)goverments have been benefitting by the ignorance of these people.
                          just check this
                 and have a good day!

                          Posted by Lilian at May 12, 2004 10:10 PM
                          the idea of mexico as such a grand country is a huge myth concocted by prideful folk such as yourself. It is an oligarchy ruled by a precious few white families who never intermarried with the native indians. It is not much better equality-wise than this country, in fact even worse since it offers no opportunities to the majority of the population. While i realize that the US is not perfect, it is a country where a person can succeed despite class or race. Mexico however is not such a place. We should stop calling ourselves "mexicans" and insist on being called "americans" cause we will not be going back to that pitiful land of misery.

                          Posted by eric at May 13, 2004 02:01 AM
                          i have read many comments about how mexicans cross the border to steel job from the americans or how mexicans do jobs that nobody wants. well let me tell you something we should be more ambicious and educate ourself so we can own our own businesses, be proffesionals like doctors, attorneys, governors, congressmans, senators etc. and become a respecfull community like the italians, jews and others. this country what really respect is how big is you bank acount there is an old English saying "tell me how much do you have and i will tell you how much you are worth". is really sad to see in the streets of california full of mexicans gangs killing each other instead of seeing the Universities full of mexicans graduating each year. we as mexicans or mexicans-americans should be more ambicious and open our own busisnesses and then hire the so called "white man" but in this case we will be their Boss who he is going to respect or he is fire.
                          well i can only say one thing

                          this beautiful country is our new home and we are here to stay.

                          Posted by eddy at May 13, 2004 02:52 AM
                          Hey American racists. Lets say this great country
                          went broke one day, that there was no more Social Security,no more unemployment benefits and the politicians became more corrupted than they are now and stole money from the poor. Lets
                          say you were one of those poor white americans that had no money, no job and a couple of starving kids. Lets say Canada was a rich great country with a lot of jobs and you wanted to migrate but had no money to aquire a travel visa or any kind of legal document. What would you do? would you let your kids starve to death or sneak across the canadian border illegally to find work so you could live a better life. Think about it put yourself in our place. You'd never know, the way things are going with this war against terrorism, it could happen. you might end up in canada doing back breakin labor for hardly any money and have canadians telling you go "back to where you came from you **** illegal". How would you feel.

                          Posted by friscomex at May 13, 2004 03:22 AM
                          erik you're a typical sellout. Don' forget where you come from. I hope you never set foot in our beautiful land.

                          Posted by friscomex at May 13, 2004 03:42 AM
                          Mike, Keith, Whiteboy AND ALL THE REST of Mexican Haters!! F&*% YOU!! You all are ignorant and full of ****. I am an illegal immigrant and I have been here since I was 7 years old. My parents came to this country because Mexico is a poor country and full of dishonest politicians who steal from their own country. It's sad to say it but it's true, the politicians are the ones who steal from eachother and Mexico's economy. It's not the people's fault and they have no control over that and that's why Mexico is the way it is. That is why my parents immigrated to the United States. Everyone who is a productive person and wants to succed in life looks for other paths and ways in having a better life and if my parents decided that coming to the USA meant a better life for the family...WHY NOT? Mexico denied a permision or a Visa for my parents to come into this state so they had no choice and crossed the border. Since then, my parents have worked very hard. They've payed taxes ever sicne they started working here. I am now 23 and I bet I have achived more in life than you **** heads ever achived at my age. I studied and right after High School started to work. I bought a fake SS# and I have worked with that number ever since. The IRS department gives us a number like a SS# just to use it for taxes. I bought my own house, a bought a new car and I have a very good job. I have worked really hard to achive and get what I want, I DON'T need any legal papers to be a succesdul person in this is country...AND this is the country that I CHOOSE TO STAY IN AND WILL STAY IN FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!!! I will have Mexican children and Mexican grandchildren HERE!! Wether your white harry butts like it or not!!

                          Posted by Jazmin at May 13, 2004 12:35 PM
                          hey I am very anxious to see this movie. I think is gone be a very interesting film because that will show all of the people the real importance of us in this society what if we were not here who would you pay to clean your house or do all the hard work...if you see on the streets most of the homeless people are white and not mexicansbecause we work for our jobs we came here to work,and thats how we are helping this country...and to all the people that say we dont pay taxes if you dont know we do pay taxes even if you are not legal ...we pay taxes!!! every year cus if we dont the government is in our house takin our things to alll the **** talkers **** you and arriva mexico cabrones

                          Posted by luis at May 13, 2004 01:27 PM
                          yeah so changoman...i just realized something, what the hell is this? what the hell are all these posts? jesus christ how ****ing far have we come? where are we? the world is on the brink of destruction and we're talking about this, you know what? let those people say what they want but it's up to us, humans in general, but i mean mexicans in this case, to stop the hatred. hating someone back is only gonna lead to something terrible. look what's happening in iraq...the torture of those iraqi soldiers and then they retaliate with cutting the head off an american electrition or whatever. REVENGE for what happened to their own soldiers who got tortured, and now the US is gonna come back with something worse. Bush says "what they did is worse than what our soldiers did" what the **** is that? great idea, someone hits you so kill them, someone kills your friend so kill their entire family and back and forth. so that's great stuff we should do the same, this guy Keith says, "you guys go home" it's not gonna happen, we know that right? what's the point of insulting, yeah i'm well aware that i posted a very racist remark against keith and i realize that was wrong, i was fueled by hatred. and that hatred is the exact same thing this war is being fueled by, hatred that will lead to the end of the world. changoman, good point, maybe we don't deserve to live on this planet, it's too good for us...sometimes stuff like this makes you think that if the world ends, just let it, maybe the world would be better off...but i mean maybe there's still hope somewhere...hope

                          Posted by jeff torres at May 13, 2004 02:51 PM
                          ok,this reply is to keith,the slack-Jawed yokel. first of all you


                          • #88
                            Yea the dirtbag committed TWO felonies. Somehow, someway in some bizarro twist of logic, this trailer park trash thinks its not fair that he got deported and blames the government. Too bad they can't deport her and their children who are future criminals.


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