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    Miss my wife--Entering on a visitor's visa doesn't give one the right to violate the terms of that visa by overstaying or working. Or to obtain the visa by fraud (claiming you intend to visit when you intend to remain). To all intents and purposes, one is still an illegal alien, though the laws have given people who entered legally more options to adjust than those who enter without inspection.


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        The sad thing is, that from what I've read on this board, the fact that she entered legally as a juvenile and later married you should have made it relatively simple for her to remain here and get legal status.

        I hope she truly didn't mislead you about knowing she was illegal, but kids here seem to find out their legal status about the time they want to get a driver's license or apply to college, and have to fill out forms asking nasty questions. Either that, or her parents had a real conspiracy going to keep the truth from her as an adult.


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          She arrived with her parents, where is her parents.

          How long you have been with her before marriage.
          Did her father worked for US Armed Forces in Philippines?


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            >was flown on a chartered plane, in >handcuffs...using your tax money

            Sad as it may seem -- but reality is -- many of these people would NEVER leave otherwise. Even if they get denied in court, and told to "leave" -- they just go back into hiding. Like less than 1% of illegals actually leave. Detention and handcuffs are the only alternative left. Plus it acts as a deterrant for other illegals when they see how others get treated. Makes him think twice before breaking federal laws.

            Plus other countries in the world do the same thing. Except 10x harsher.

            -= nav =-


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              Actually, unless you were from a rich country or extremely proud (most illegal immigrants are niether), the idea of being deported in handcuffs would not be a deterrent! It's still better than living in a third world country. It would only be a deterrent once the person is already in the United States and has already established strong roots. My brother-in-law illegally crosses the border once a year to work in the fields. He doesn't have any interest in getting a green card and if he gets deported, he'll just come back again next year. Those who are interested in getting legal are people who have established roots in the community i.e. by marrying an American, or by having children who have grown up here.
              Have a nice day


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                Missing my wife's wife's family (what a mouthful) came to the U.S. legally, on visitor's visas, suggesting that they at least had the money to do so and didn't want the discomfort of coming illegally. I'd suspect it might matter to mmw's father-in-law.

                Also, people being deported back to Pakistan seem upset at the indignity of arriving back home in handcuffs, if the foreign press reports are to be believed.


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                  deported in handcuffs measn nothing -- but sitting in a dingy jail for 6 months before you do IS!

                  -= nav =-


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                    I'm glad to see you joined in for the support. I am also new to the forum. I joined pretty much for the same reason- support and helpful information. My husband will be leaving very soon to return to his country to complete his paperwork. I too am very concerned. I will keep you in my thoughts. I will be anxious to keep up with how your wife's case progresses. I hope everything goes well.


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