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    I was wondering when does the Fiscal Year for Famly Sponsored Visas (for all categories) start every year from DOS?

    And if now (APRIL) - DOS is in the middle of the Fiscal Year? - because my priority date is about to become current as Family Category 1st (DEC, 2000) and they are currently processing OCT 22, 2000. I wonder if my priority date is about to become current very soon... or have to wait until the next Fiscal Year starts?

    Any predictions?

    Thanks again

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    I was wondering when does the Fiscal Year for Famly Sponsored Visas (for all categories) start every year from DOS?

    And if now (APRIL) - DOS is in the middle of the Fiscal Year? - because my priority date is about to become current as Family Category 1st (DEC, 2000) and they are currently processing OCT 22, 2000. I wonder if my priority date is about to become current very soon... or have to wait until the next Fiscal Year starts?

    Any predictions?

    Thanks again


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      there is no telling when a priority date will become current. Sometimes the PD moves at a snais pace and sometimes it's like a fast car. If there is going to be any rollback (numbers moving backwards) it will generally happen from July-September. That happens when the State Dept. miscalculates the number of visa requests they will receive or there is an abnormally high number of requests (more than the projected amount). Every October, they get a fresh supply of numbers to allocate so that's when you will notice that a category that may have been stalled starts to move a little.


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        Thanks for the input BronzeLady...

        Well, there were no rollbacks for about 16 months now, for the Family 1st category. So, it has been on a positve trend ever since... average processing rate was 30 days applications received : 30 days applications processed ratio. if this holds true for the next 2 months, then I should have a visa available to me in 60 days. This will be in May/June time, which is before the July-September rollback period (as you suggested).

        By the way, they will be updating the monthly DOS visa bulletin for May, 2004 this coming Monday, April 12th, 2004. This (hopefully) shouldnt cause any rollbacks... and might even pass my priority date... Lets hope so.

        I hope its like a fast car Bronzy! - or I will reward you the Bronze Medal.


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          Was your I-130 approved already? What Center was it filed?


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            My dad (USC) filed the petition for me (over 21) on Dec, 2000 (priority date) at Columbus, Ohio. It was approved by Nebraska Service Center about 2 years later.

            My priority is date is very close... as I mentioned above, DOS is currently processing OCT 22, 2000 for Family 1st category... so I am hoping they get to me soon, so I can jump on the AOS process, which will also takes some more time.

            I will be doing AOS at the Boston office, hopefully it should all be done in matter of 6-8 months there, after my priority date becomes current.



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              I found an article about "rollbacks", which concurs with your suggestion about July-September period for rollbacks to occur:

              Most Family-Based Immigrant Categories Retrogress or Become Unavailable

              July 18, 2001 - The U.S. Department of State (DOS) August Visa Bulletin, released July 16, 2001, indicates that many family-based immigrants will have to endure further delays before obtaining their green cards. It specifies that all family-based immigrant visas for the first and third preference categories, as well as most family-based immigrant visas for Mexico, are now "unavailable," and that other family-based categories have retrogressed.

              An "unavailable" designation means that the quota for a preference category has been reached, and that no more immigrant visas are likely to be available in that category for remainder of the fiscal year, which ends September 30, 2001. DOS anticipates that additional family-based categories may retrogress or become unavailable before the end of the fiscal year. However, DOS indicates that it expects family-based categories to return to near July 2001 levels when the new fiscal year begins in October 2001.



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                Here is a more recent news, which made :

                10/31/2003 Immigrant Visa Number Update : FY2004
                The U.S. Department of State (DOS) has issued its predictions for immigrant visa availability for fiscal year (FY) 2004 in the employment- and family-based categories. The news continues to be good for the employment-based categories, as these numbers are not expected to "retrogress," or go backward. Currently, there are sufficient visa numbers available in all employment-based (EB) categories. The DOS has predicted that family-based (FB) cases will continue to move forward at approximately the same pace as FY2003.

                Nice... so much for putting BronzeLady on the SPOT!


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                  Another update on this issue:

                  DOS ADVISES ON Immigration Visa Numbers for FY2004 (October 2003).

                  Foreign nationals who are sponsored to immigrate to the United States must wait until their "priority date" becomes current and a visa number is available for them in order to apply for an immigrant visa. Each month the Department of State (DOS) publishes a visa bulletin at indicating the current priority dates in each category.

                  DOS has confirmed that in FY2004 it expects priority dates in the employment based categories to remain current, with the possible exception of the "other workers" (unskilled laborer)category. If the "other worker" category retrogresses, DOS anticipates that this would likely not occur until the summer months toward the end of FY 2004.

                  With regards to the familybased categories, DOS expects that progression will be fairly consistent with last year's rate of forward movement. From October 2002 to October 2003, the priority dates for all family based categories except the third preference category (married sons and daughters of U.S. citizens) advanced approximately 14-15 months. The priority dates for the third preference category advanced approximately 9 months.

                  So - No expected rollbacks people!


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                    That's very good that your I-130 has been already approved. I filed it for my son(1st preference category) at Vermont center on June 2000- still nothing. I think Vermont is much slower. So you are very lucky.
                    Thanks for all the info that you posted. This is encouraging


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                      Well, my dad filed a petition for me through Nebraska Service Center Dec 2000. Vermont might be a little different schedule. The petition was approved early 2002, so it took about 1.5 years. Now, I am doing "wait-and-see" with the DOS visa bulletin, which is to be updated this week (April 12-16), maybe tomorrow - and they are just 59 days short from my priority date to become current. DOS predicted things to move smoothly for this fiscal year - so my hopes are little high for the coming couple of months.

                      I hope you hear something soon about your son's case.



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                        It looks like they did not advance for the first preference category. This is suprising since for the last 2 years they were advancing each month at least a little bit.


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                          I actually found out yesterday that they didn't advance - and was furious to see how they didn't even go forward from 22 OCT 2000, considering my priority date on 20 DEC 2000. I can't cope with this 59 days gap anymore. It's becoming more problematical than they predicted I guess.

                          The lady I spoke to told me that the peak of the applications was in the month of October for the year of 2000. Despite the fact they were moving forward smoothly the last 16 months or so, this month is a good example of how random and unpredictable the process can be.

                          The only good news is, there were no rollbacks. So, my confidence level on getting a visa available to me soon has shrinked, and don't know what to think of the outlook for the coming months.

                          I hope this was just an awkward moment they are trying to move on from. This wasn't the case for last April, or the processings for the month of October applications for the past couple of years.


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                            Dear Mo,
                            Sometimes I even think it is better not to see those dates at all.It drives us crazy.You hope for something , have the expectations and then nothing happens.But your date is close. Let's hope for the best.
                            Mo, how did you manage to speak to the human being at the state department. They told you that they received alot of aplications?


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                              The DOS visa bulletin inquiry # is: 202-663-1541. Press "0" to speak to an agent. It could take anything between 2-45 mins to speak to one depending on the time of the day.

                              You can also call the number anytime (day/night) to listen to the cut-off dates, but agents are only available during business hours. The agent I spoke to said "they have millions of applications", but she didnt say how many for Family 1st applications. So, I think that's no news since we are aware of the size of the immigration backlogs.

                              Good Luck


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