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    Hi Sunita... how you been?

    Here is a copy of the December 2004 Bulletin:

    All Chargeability Areas Except Those Listed INDIA MEXICO PHILIPPINES
    1st 22NOV00 22NOV00 15JUL94 15OCT90
    2A* 01JUL00 01JUL00 22SEP97 01JUL00
    2B 22JUL95 22JUL95 01JAN92 22JUL95
    3rd 01DEC97 01DEC97 01JUL94 01JUN90
    4th 08OCT92 15FEB92 08OCT92 22SEP82

    Good Luck


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      Thanks Mo I am in F3 category and they advance by 3 weeks I had forty weeks I now have thirty seven. I have seen you have less than a month to go.That's great for you.


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        Hang in there, I remember waiting for over 37 months. Your 37 weeks will soon change to matter of days, I will try to keep you posted with the DOS monthly bulletin regularly, if I get the chance to do so.


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          The counting STOPS... my priority date became cuurent last night at the DOS visa bulletin site. Family 1st is now 22DEC00 for January 2005, I don't care about F2A anymore - it use to bother me see the F2A advance all the time, and see my F1 frozen forever.

          Time to celebrate and jump on to the next stage of getting the greencard.

          All those who are waiting, hang in there.... anything is possible.

          Good Luck


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            Hi Mo
            Congratulations for surviving the long wait. Just out of curiosity why did it bother you that F2A was moving quicker than family first, is it that F2A moves at the expense of of the other one or what? I am asking because I am a beneficiary of F2A my priority date is August 2001 and I am in great agony now that there is a possibility these family categories will freeze


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              Hi Mo, still celebrating,well I am happy for you but I would like to give you an example of what is happening to some relatives of mine in our country embassy.They have reach their priority date two months ago and to date have not recieved their appointment package so when they call the embassy they told them they had no available date to schedule an appointment.It is an F4 sponsership with their priority date of 22 August 1992.What I would like you to do is could you post on this board when you recieve your appointment package.I know you are in the US maybe you will hear from them sooner than my relatives who are out of the US.


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                I will keep you (and everyone else) posted with my case... I will file AOS by first week of January (suggested by an attorney) at the Columbus, Ohio District Office, which is in the area I currently reside. It takes about 10 - 12 months to get an interview here. Hopefully, things should work out smoothly.

                Thanks again.


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