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    There are people on this board who has nothing better to do i.e. michael, someone12,etc. But dont listen to them. The fact of the matter is, Michael and ImmortalE is the same person. He/She needs two names to get attention and someone to make it look like he is being supported. talk about white trash.


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      and antivirus is just another dirtbag illegal....why should we listen to anything he/she has to say?


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        The funny thing is that most of the people don't understand that the LEGAL immigrants are the lifeline of this great country. Many of us sponsor, with our tax dollars, the unemployment benefits of American citizens. Our companies provide workplace for many other Americans. Our innovation and willingness to succeed fuels the economy and our desire to qualify to become American citizens is what makes us great American patriots.

        I live in a neighbourhood where many well-doing immigrants live. Almost every house on my street (mine included) has the American flag flying high. Many of us volunteer in EMS services in our towns. We contribute to national causes and charities. Those who redicule us on this board are, in many cases, the frustrated. They claim we "steal jobs" from Americans. When I arrived here on an H-1B visa, it was after my company tried to recruit Americans offering them THE SAME WAGE and benefits I am getting now. None qualified. Hiring me, my company actually spends more than it would had it found an American citizen - but there were none to be found that had my qualifications. I believe the situation is very similar with many other cases. American colleges, FOR THE MOST PART, produce less educated graduates than colleges in Europe and Asia. That's a fact of life. Add to that the fact that an immigrant-to-be comes here with a "can do" attitude, drive to succeed and qualify (instead of planning on depending on the social security and unemployment benefits) - and you understand why so many immigrants succeed - to the frustration of SOME locals.

        Just a week ago a driver snapped at me at a traffic stop: "go back to where you came from". My answer was: "and who's going to finance your unemployment benefits then"?


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          I sometime wonder how pathetic someone12 and other ignorant b a s t a r d s life are. They have nothing better to do than to disturb people on this board. If they are really concerned about illegals then why don't they take measures that actually might do something positive.

          Being acting like an idiot you are worseing the name of Americans that is already bad. Do you acutally think people listen to you on this board. You are a joke and makes me sad to know you have nothing better to do. Get a job and pay taxes so that illegals can get more money,lol. How you like them apples biatch?


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            You alleged that I am the same person as Michael ("The fact of the matter is, Michael and ImmortalE is the same person") which is not true, but you are entitled to your opinion.

            Now tell me, what measures do YOU take to do something positive about current immigration problems, other than making statements as quoted above?


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              I am in an immigration process right now myself. Therefore I use this board to get questions answered that I may have. At the same time, I try to answer anyone's question that I might have some knowledge about. I have done a lot of research and I am quiet knowledgeable about certain matters. I can feel the pain of those on this board who are in not so great situation, so I try to provide some help. People like you are on this board to get in the way of concerned people trying to get help. People on this board are educated to a point where they get on-line, use a computer and participate. People on this board are decent people, and you guys do nothing but bash on them. Its like making fun of someone with cancer or something. People make mistakes and they have a right to fix them, don't get their way. If you cant help anyone, at least don't hurt them


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                People like you are on this board to get in the way of concerned people trying to get help.
                Is this addressed to me also?
                If so then why don't you try to use whatever comprehension skills you may have to read and understand what I write in my posts, before making such broad and obviously false assumptions about me?


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                  There is a lot of good information to be had here. Don't take things personally. I made the mistake of doing that for a long time, but all it did was get me depressed.

                  Not everyone on this board is here for personal reasons, many are here for political reasons. Because of that you can expect to be attacked sometimes when your personal situation doesn't line up with thier particular political beliefs.
                  Have a nice day


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                      Dear Michael: EFF OFF ! (love and freedom!)
                      (p.s....just kidding)


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                        this (and any other discussion board) servers to share information, experiences etc .. wheter you get them here or from books, gov sites, radio or whatever .. you can use them for valid or shady reasons

                        all those whos replys say "youre illegal" or "get out fo this country" are simply waisting the board space, everyones time, and create unnecassary tension for everyone whos here, which in most cases are ppl who have already been through a stresful process and dont need your cowardly responses

                        if information sharing is not your thang then go cut some grass or wash your car and leave us alone .. peece


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                          a12345: The United State of America is my country, and I don't want illegals in it.
                          I suggest you invest a few dollars in a dictionary...look up the word "peace"


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                            since you responded to your crimes .. i can tell you that youre the one mostly abusing this forum or another words not providing any usuful information .. and if you really think that youre protecting this country by flaming ppl seeking help .. youre basically a cheap shot idiot


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                              information is out there if you try to look and spend some time to look on this board, only thing you have to is to, refrain yourself from getting into arguments with others on LEgal or Illegal issues, if you concentrate yourself into your problem and really look for answer you will find it here, if you can't just post your question, you may get 20 reply to your post and may be 19 of them will be BS but one you will find is correct answer.. if you elobrate enough you may get Law backing up that answer too.
                              Hope you are here to solve your immigration problem and not for other BS people do,.... CUSS each other, pick on someone else to waste time in hand, Here for divert you another website so other web site get traffic, OR to get publicity,good or BAd..
                              Its a discussion, not a legal advise..


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                                what, my crime is patriotism? Sue me.


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