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    I'm just wondering how you interview was? i'm waiting for my interview in seattle too,i hope everythin worked out great.

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    I'm just wondering how you interview was? i'm waiting for my interview in seattle too,i hope everythin worked out great.


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      Hello Everyone,

      Sorry I didn't post my interview results here yesterday (as I promised).

      After the interview my wife and I decided to go on a $10.000 to $15.000 (at the most) car shopping and we ended up after looking and looking all day long couldn't find anything we liked so we ended up buying a Lexus RX 300 for $21.000.
      So pretty much that took us the rest of our day.

      That being said, this is how my interview went...

      My green Card was approved.
      But, But, I have to wait she says (the officer) for the FBI background check results to come in and they call me in to come and get my Stamp in my passport.

      Basically she didn't stamp my passport because of it but she said that interview wise, she was satisfy we what we had to show and tell her, therefore I was approved...

      Now let me tell you how the interview itself was conducted:

      -We got there at the office at 10:30, the interview was set to 11 AM, we went in straight without staying in line and got in and deposed the appointment letter in a tray that was later retrieved and at 11:05AM, we were called in.

      She told us to stand up and raise our right hands and say after her, we swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth. We both said "Yes" and sat down.

      She proceded to open my files and asked us: "So, tell me how did you guys meet..?"

      My wife got a little excited and started to tell it all to her and next thing I knew they were both laughing and smilling and talking as 2 girlfriends.

      It was kind of funny because she toltally like forgot she was doing an interview and was talking I swear to my wife about Georgia-Atlanta since that's where they are both originally from (What a coincidence).

      They talked and talked, I was like in my heart: << okay, I am the one here for the interview but as long as everything is cool, I dont care ..You guys can ignore me all you want ..>>

      She then asked me the questions on the I-485 form.
      I responded no to all of them and that was it.

      She then told us that she approved the interview and that I have to wait 2 to 3 weeks for the FBI background check to clear and I'll be noticed when that arrives to come in by myself to get my I-751 stamp in my passport.

      She also did exchanged phone numbers with my wife and said she should call her sometimes so that they could hang out, now and then.

      We got up, shook hands and said goodbye.

      So that was my journey yesterday with BCIS in seattle, Washington.

      I am happy it is finally over with. I can breath and smile now.
      As for the background check, there is nothing to find on me (NADA), so I am happy about that too.

      Thank you all for your support and your help.
      I really appreciate all of you guys.

      Great day Folks.


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        Congratulations Nada, i just applied on the 22nd and now i'm waiting to see what's going to happen, i have my fingers crossed, i'm just nervous, it feels like one of high school exams scare. it took only 5 months wow, i'm married to USC too but my lawyer told me it was going to take 6 to 9 months.


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          Boritos superrrrrrrrrrrrr surotut quand je vois els problemes au pays c'est vraimetn mieux d'etre cic! FLICITIONS!!!!!!!!
          Once more congrats!


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            boritos, there is another fella, less lucky than you, got hummered before I-751

            what would you reccomend him?
            do they have doctors available at interview?
            this guy's got no insurance


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              congrats Boritsos.

              Enjoy your car and life here in the states. Much success and happiness to you and your wife.


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                hi Boritos la star ivoirienne



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                  Hello Everyone,

                  Thank you all, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the help, for all the valuable info I received from you all here.

                  It's a great feeling to be a part of a country that has given me so much and I will forever be thinkfull for that.

                  Where I come from, things aren't rose right now.. Tune your news towards Ivory Coast and you'll see for yourself.

                  For all of you that are still battling to get your residency approved, my advice to you is:

                  ** Be persistent.
                  ** Have faith.
                  ** And always be honest in whatever you do and say.
                  ** Least but not last, the day of your interview, smile allot and let it flow naturally, be who you are and you'll see positive result at the end of the tunnel.

                  I have been enjoying the car " ALLOT ALREADY".
                  They ride really smooth. It's a blessing to come to this country and have made something of myself.

                  Special thank you to: 4now, Pasha, Kara, JC, E, MO, ARQU, CEDAR, Mrs. lonely heart, Glühbirne ....
                  So many people to thank but even if your name isn't listed, please consider it included.

                  Again thank you and God bless us all.



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                    When the couple is legitimate the interview will often turn into a pleasant discussion of everyday matters. I must, however, caution you here. Your application is NOT approved. Please do not think that it is. Your case is PENDING. Until such time as a CIS officer puts an approved stamp on that I-485 your case is pending. While the I-130 (if it wasn't already pre-approved) may be approved your AOS application is not. Also, I would have preferred that the officer advise you that the security clearance in question can take anywhere from a couple of months to 1 year and counting. This check is outside of CIS control and until the results clear your case cannot be approved. I am not trying to throw cold water on you but I just want you to understand. Nor am I saying that something is wrong with your case. Sometimes perfectly legitimate people take a long time for the security clearance to be clear. I'm sure things will work out for you in the end but if you don't hear anything back right away don't panic either is all I'm saying. Good luck.


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                      BronzeLady is right. We had almost the EXACT same experience at our interview - we were informed it would take 2-3 weeks for the background check. However, it took 3 months! On top of that, everytime we called the 800 number we got different answers regarding our case; once someone even suggested it would be another year before it was approved. Just be patient, if everything has gone well this far, it may just take some time.


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                        Hello Folks,

                        Thanks for your input.
                        Bronze Lady, what you said is 100% true and I knew it all along because she explained it to us. Even gave us a print out that pretty much says it all.

                        But again as I've stated before, the reason why I am very happy although the case may be pending to be exact, is because I know at least I made the interview part and as for the background check, I am dead sure I'll be just fine.

                        But thanks for voicing your opinion.
                        It is much appreciated.



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                          Hi Boritos la star ivoirienne

                          Wish u all the best... I m really touched with ur spirit, patience and confidence to deal with BCIS... can I ask u one thing ? ur id always amazes me whenever I see it...what does that mean ? kindly answer only if u feel comfortable with it...


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                            Sorry Pasha for the late response.
                            I was out today job hunting.

                            Thanks for your kind words.
                            To answer your question regarding my username (ID), it goes like this:

                            First off, it's in french as french is my first language.

                            "Boritos" really doesn't have a meaning per say. It was a very good friend of mine back home in Ivory Coast that was called that and to remember him, I always used it as a nickname for my online activites.
                            Silly but true.

                            As for the rest (La Star Ivoirienne) it simply mean : " The Ivoirien Star ".

                            Ivoiriens is how are called people that are from Ivory Coast also known as Cote D'Ivoire.

                            So basically, all together it means "Boritos the Ivoirien star".

                            Thanks for asking though and trust me I know it is indeed kind of silly but I like it. (lol)

                            Take Care Pasha.


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                              than you very much Boritos la star ivoirienne

                              I always thought what it could be? when i look at ur long id...thanks for detailed and nice explanation


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