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Administrative Appeal Office and CSS / LULAC

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  • Administrative Appeal Office and CSS / LULAC

    After reading the decisions of the appealed CSS / LULAC cases in front the Administrative Appeal Office in Washington D.C it almost more than 99.99% of the appealed cases was dismissed or denied again. So if you CSS/LULAC case denied by the USCIS local office and you appealed it to AAO in Washington your chance for approval is zero, you only buying more time for two to three years before the final outcome the final denial come?
    It cost the government $50 millions to litigate those case for the past twenty years and they made sure in the end nobody get approved just make you paying more money to the government and to the lawyer to make it possible for you to appeal.
    Peter Schey and his friend got 6 million out of it and almost the majority of css/lulac class member lost and much worst than that the government now knows everything about them.

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    so who cares? liars are still liars and visa cheats are still visa cheats....nothing has changed.


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      Antton, you’re right. It was a funny game. The Government played it safe by approving some applicants. For the most part they approved the ones who hired attorneys who were involved or affiliated with the settlement attorneys. The Government didn’t want any more litigation. But, if you should go in with an attorney who was not associated with “the team” or even much worse… go in without an attorney. Then you’re dead in the water period, regardless of how strong your case is. None of this had anything to do with fairness, it had everything to do with “what they could get away with.”

      Going into a CSS/LULAC case without an attorney, is like a drunk girl showing up at a super bowl party nude. You can all guess what is going to happen to her.


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        Glad to see that USCIS is denying some of those MS-13 ********ers.


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