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Micahel, what happened to your wife?

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  • Micahel, what happened to your wife?

    If this is the Michael that I have read posts from in the past, please tell us what happened to your ex-wife? I am in a similiar situation and have ran into many road blocks.

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    If this is the Michael that I have read posts from in the past, please tell us what happened to your ex-wife? I am in a similiar situation and have ran into many road blocks.


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      Don't know; don't care; go to Russia and find a new hotter, younger wife; don't forget a good prenup this time


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        I am not looking for a wife, I am a woman.
        I have read many posts from someone named Michael who married a woman and was used by her. The Michael that I read about was angry and rightly so. His wife used him and was going to marry another US citizen after their divorce. That's the Michael I wanted to know about. I hoped this woman had to leave the US. This Michael took the immigration laws seriously. I don't think you are that Michael since you are looking for a hot Russian woman. I don't being a hot Russian equals being a good wife.


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          Why are you looking for that Michael?
          Want to date him or you got dumped by an alien?
          I am litlle confused here.


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            This is the same Michael. Forget finding "justice" in our American immigration laws. Remember that the immigration service gave green cards to the terrorists that destroyed lower Manhattan 6 months later. You can sue and you can get an anullment. But end it at that. Don't obsess over what you can't control. Maybe there will be justice, maybe there won't. But the worst injustice is that you do to yourself by wasting time over some sick person that used you. They are still sick. Don't let them make you as sick as they are. I am just recommending to focus on yourself and be kind to yourself. Find yourself a better person to love and to be loved. Serenity is stronger than vengeance.


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              Thank you for responding. I am very disappointed yet somehow in my gut I worried this would be the case. I want to believe that my ex will get what he deserves, but so far that doesn't seem to be the case. I know I can't control it and that pisses me off, but I am slowly accepting that. I am sorry that the system let you down.

              From your earlier posts, I was certain your ex-wife would have to leave the country. The immigration laws seem very clear and precise, yet they don't seem to be enforced.

              I am divorced now and much better off without that lazy ***b in my house. I have a lot going for me and my life gets better every day that he isn't around to bring me down. He's the loser! Even if he stays in the USA, he will have a difficult time. His conditional resident status will end as well as his work authorization. We never went for the AOS interview so surely the immigration people will eventually figure out something is amiss.

              I'm sure something will go wrong and he will get into trouble. I realize I may never know what happens to him and I'm okay with that. I don't have to look over my shoulder and worry about keeping lies straight. He is not a good person and I really believe that what comes around goes around. My ex-husband is a liar and a cheat. He has no friends because even stupid people catch on to a liar after a period of time. yes, I admit I was stupid to believe him. Thank goodness I stopped believing him.

              Whatever happens to him is not my concern. I just hope he doesn't turn out to be worse than I think he is - if he is then God help us all!


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                GOD HELPS US ALL?



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                  I bet you are confused most of the time. No, I don't want to date Michael. And no, I didn't get dumped. I was married to and am now divorced from an abusive man from Egypt.

                  I visit this board to learn and met people who share my experience. I am willing to offer advise based on what I learned during the long process of getting my now ex-husband to the US and ignore people like you.


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                    I visit this board to learn and met people who share my experience. I am willing to offer advise based on what I learned during the long process of getting my now ex-husband to the US and ignore people like you.
                    Uhm, hoping that you will find your next victim?

                    Just reveal your intent like Michael did and you will be fine.

                    I just dont like people with evil intent who hide behind vertue to push for their hidden agenda. "I come here to help people", yeah right. I read it like this: I am fat and ugly and cannot get an awesome american boy, so I will order an awesome boy from overseas by using my citizenship. Of course I will not portrait myself as such, but instead I will show that I am nice and come on this board to help people. Hopefully, one stupid foreign boy will fall for me and I will controle his life as it pleases me.

                    What wrong with you people? Why cant you just be honest with yourself like Michael does?

                    It just makes me sick.


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                      I am not fat and ugly and I don't have a problem getting dates with American men. I fell in love with someone who misrepresented himself. I did not want to control his life. I am not looking for a victim. In fact, I seriously doubt I would ever give a foreign man the time of day because I would question his true intention. I have no evil intent and I'm not trying to hide behind vertue. The immigration laws say if you marry a US citizen you will be given resident status. This is not a right of any foreign person and the foreign person should not be allowed to stay in the country if they only married to get in. You don't know the situation and you are judging me. I try not to judge people, but I bet you are foreign and trying to figure out a way to stay in the US and you are probably the fat and ugly one.


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                        You don't know the situation and you are judging me. I try not to judge people, but I bet you are foreign and trying to figure out a way to stay in the US and you are probably the fat and ugly one.
                        Yes, I am foreign. No I am not ugly nor Fat. Have you seen the profile of the type of foreign guys american women mary? Why would you mary an ugly foreign boy? Lol.

                        No, I am not looking for a way to stay in here. I have my 10 GC. I got fooled by an american girl. She deceived me and used whatever she could to controle my life. She used the same techniques you are now using: Hey I will help you, I will do this I will do that for you. In exchange, you have to mary me, you have to move with me, you have to live with me, you have to love me, blah blah blah. They are sweet until they get you hooked, then turn into btches. Hell no, I'aint falling for that crapp anymore.

                        I wish there was a legal system for me to fall back on. Of course, she is american, she can screw everyone else and it always will be fine.


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                          Do you always quote people?

                          I think we are both judging each other. You say you have your 10 year GC now, guess that means you don't have to do what your American wife wants. You found a way to stay here, didn't you? It seems to me that you and my ex were willing to sell your soul for a green card, so perhaps you should look closer at yourself and stop saying that I have a problem. I did not ask my ex to marry me or move to the US, that was all his idea. I never told him to do anything except treat me with respect.

                          Where are you from? How did you meet your wife?
                          It seems you managed to stay with her long enough to get a green card, so why are you crying?

                          Let me say again, that you don't know me and you don't know my situation. So, stop judging me!

                          About my wanting to help people, I do. The immigration process can be confusing and I managed to do well enough to get my ex here. Now, let's see if he is smart enough to figure out a way to stay.


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                            I AM NOT JUDGING YOU. I had a very bad experience with her and I tend to think that everyone else marrying a foreigner has the same intent. After all, there are many single guys in this country. I have no idea why you would want to marry someone from other country.

                            Anyway, as for my situation, lets me tell you this.
                            I did not come to this country with false intent. Before I came here, I had won the diversity lottery and at the same time I was invited to a university for a research. I asked the ambassy about the situation and they said that I could come finish my research while the diversity visa is being processed. During my research, this girl threw herself at me during a convention and spent the night with me at the hotel. I had no idea what she saw in me. But it happened like that and I thought I would just play it by ear. Anyway, you can read other postings I have done on this matter. From this experience, I will hardly trust any american girl or any girl on this planet. Just bunch of B.S.


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                              Okay, I felt that you were judging me. I am not a bad person. I knew my ex for four years before we got married. I loved him with all my heart and a part of me will always love the man I believed him to be. I never intended to marry someone from outside my country. I was on icq and he sent me a message. As I mentioned before he is from Egypt. We started to talk, not about dating, but about culture and history and politics and I liked him as a person. We talked for several months before I even saw a picture of him or he of me. After two years of chating, emailing, talking on the phone and exchanging letters I went to Egypt to meet him and his family. I admit a reg flag should have gone up when he wanted to go to the US Embassy to marry, but I just said no. I went back to visit a second time and again he wanted to marry and again I said no. He gave me an engagement ring, which I accepted. Upon returning to the USA I began to prepare paperwork for a fiance visa. It took a year and a half to get him here. I was so happy and I planned to spend the rest of my life with this man. We went to Las Vegas to get married and that night I was standing alone crying in front of the fountains at the Belliago because the man that I had loved for four years had disappeared. I later saw him talking to a woman in the casino whom I believe was a prostitute. The rest of the trip was hell, he stayed out all night and slept all day. Less than a month after we married he had another woman in our home. I told him to go back to Egypt that I would not tolerate his bad behavior. He said he loved me and would do anything to make our marriage work, he did, just long enough to convince me to send in the AOS application. I went to work every day and came home to him immediately after work only to find him on the computer. He stayed up much later than me and never woke up in the mornings before I went to work. After three months he got a job and then other women started calling. Now, let me ask you this Kumna, what did I do wrong? I suggested marriage counseling, tried to talk to him to find out what if anything we could do to save our marriage. He said he was home sick and planned to return to Egypt. I believed him and then the next thing I know he is living with another woman and says he is going to marry her. So, I met him to file for a divorce and that happened rather quickly since we live in a no fault state. That's my story.


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