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Excelleng article on why the compromise died

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  • Excelleng article on why the compromise died


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      This article is dead on point..senator harry reid is to blame for this.Hopefully, after they return from the 2 week recess, they will get right back to it.


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        The desperation of those that want Immigration reform at any cost is sad. Reid isnt to blame. Frist isnt to blame. The neverending politicking that happens in the governments are what caused this bill to stall and I believe that it is for the best. Ever since 9/11 there has been nothing but talk about securing the borders and protecting the homeland yet in the 5 years since that terrible day. NOTHING HAS CHANGED.
        The creation of the DHS was supposed to
        signal a new era in the USA. Has that happened? Other than knowing that your private phone calls can be listened to,knowing that any transfer over 10k is going to be rewarded with a visit from the Feds.
        In any event 5 years down and we arent any safer. The endless bickering that goes on doesnt change the fact that 12 million illegals and millions of citizens and legal residents are not any safer than 5 years ago. Those that sit rubbing their hands together celebrating the stalling of this bill dont seem to understand that your victory is really a funeral. It took 5 years of talk to get to the point where a bill was even ready to be voted on. How pitiful. Those that dont care what immigration reform resembles are as pitiful. How exactly is the Us intending to enforce mass deportartions. Will they begin knocking on the doors of those in less afluent neighborhoods in order to discover if theres an illegal in the house?
        Its ridiculous beyond belief.
        I doubt there will be an immigration reform bill this year. Every year since 9/11 they talked about the Border and every year things remained the same. Thats the real policy in the US. Talk..No Action.Unless its about posturing in the World Communityand want to be seen as effective(See Iraq for details)
        I hope there will never be a tragedy the s cale of what happened in NYC again..anywhere in the world. I hope that those who were elected to serve the people bear in mind that the American peopla arent ready for the images that were seen on 9/11 again and please work to make sure that we never have to go through that tragedy ever again.
        If the majority of Americans are against legalization then the same majority should be for enforcement yet noone is seeing anyone demonstrating for border safety...unless you include the minute men and lets be real. If you call yourself a minute that areference to your sexual impact on your lady ?(Couldnt resist)
        Sick and Tired of This never ending talk.
        Protect The Borders Already !


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          What's even more discouraging is that we don't need to pass one more law in order to secure our borders. With the laws on the books and the REAL ID act which was signed into law we have the ability to control who can or cannot reside or work in the U.S. All we need is the will and funding to seal off the border and enforce our interior.


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