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  • Originally posted by SunDevilUSA:
    Timmy_d11: I understand from another thread that your long-suffering wife is from Colombia. I'd be interested to know whether you hold Colombia in as much contempt as you evidently hold America...given that your wife's ancestors "stole" her country by "taking it by brute force."

    I bet that your morally-superior liberal attitude will somehow give Colombia a free pass...after all, in your little world, it's America that's the bad country. A country, I bet, that your wife is happy to be living in after the "paradise" of Colombia.

    Quite honestly, you're a disgrace.
    Well that's just full of idiotic assumptions on your part.

    The fact of the matter is ALL countries are far from perfect - including the United States.

    What our country has that immigrants crave is OPPORTUNITY, but that DOESN'T make our country perfect.

    And I'm sure a douchebag like you would love it if Colombia's opportunity and economy was great so you would not have to be burdened in any way by immigrants from that country, huh?

    Actually I wish the economies of ALL other countries were strong and there was plenty of opportunity for all of their citizens - but for reasons that are FAR different from yours - BECAUSE I think ALL people matter, not just Americans.

    I suspect you are one of those "America is the greatest country on earth - fu@k everybody else - let them starve" conservative Americans anyway.

    I can hold my head up high - you're the shameful tool.


    • SunRabidUSA is NOT an American. He's an immigrant who loves to bash other immigrants. He's also SomeDumb12's official A S S kisser.
      I am so glad you kicked those two losers' sorry A S S E S. They truly deserve it...


      • I am also articulate enough to express my thoughts and opinions without cursing and swearing.


        • So am I unless I am surrounded by idiocy and then I use expletives for emphasis.


          • How, sophisticated! No wonder your wife can't wait to go on vacation...alone!!


            • I'm getting ready to start a very good new job, and I can't go, nor will I have the time to argue with losers like yourself here.

              I know that when asked what your hobbies are you and somedi@k12 list hanging out here and being a patridiotic bigot as your number one hobby, but I got way better things to do most of the time.


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