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    Hello All,

    I am new member of this blog. I am in usa since last 6 years and now I am on green-card. I would like to invite my mother for a short visit. My mom has applied for Visitor's visa 3 times from our home country but it has been rejected without giving any valid reason. Now in september my mom is going to apply for visa again. US consulate officer rejecting my Mom's visa without any valid reason, I have enough fund to support her stay and everything is legal then why are they rejecting visas.
    Is there any law which could help us? My mother is 57 years old.
    Any help will be appreciated.


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    A "valid reason" is not needed for the Consulate to reject a visa application. Visas are issued solely at the discretion of the State Department according to its guidelines.
    The key thing is that YOUR MOTHER be able to prove her ties to your homeland through family ties there, a job, a house, and finances. If the consul doesn't think she's got sufficient ties that she'll go back, then they'll refuse the visa. It's my opinion that your mother's apparent dependence on you and your finances actually hurt her chances.


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      Thanks for your prompt reply and advise. My brother is in UK and my mom is staying with my dad(happy couple). My dad is retired and not financially sound. My mother just want to visit me for 3-4 months. In such situation what should you advice.


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        Again, what your mother needs to do is convince the consulate that she will return home. Your dad's presence there should help, but the financial situation probably doesn't. She should muster all the evidence she can (bank accounts, property, etc.) to show she'll go back. Other than that--she may not be able to come until you get citizenship and can sponsor her for permanent residency. (Always remembering of course that I'm not a lawyer and certainly not an immigration lawyer--not that a lawyer could help you much in getting a visitor's visa. As mentioned before--that's at the discretion of the State Dept.)


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          May I ask if you're a colored minority. If you are and your name sounds ethnic, this is a factor.


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