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New Processing dates updated March 16

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  • New Processing dates updated March 16

    Hi Guys the new processing dates are available since..TODAY!
    not to bad the process of I 485 in NYC is currently on May 10, 2002 applications.

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    Hi Guys the new processing dates are available since..TODAY!
    not to bad the process of I 485 in NYC is currently on May 10, 2002 applications.


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      wo hoh....great news..

      Just hope they don't roll back the date as they did receipt date for i 485 is march 19 2003....look like a year away for me.

      also, i sent in my i 765 to renew my ead yesterday...hope to hear from them soon.


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        I think you're a bit confused. Those dates haven't been updated since the 4th.
        Have a nice day


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          Maybe your district office has not updated its dates! but NYC and many others were updated.don't hate the Playa, hate the game!


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            Sorry to burst your bubble but don't put any stock in the updated times for NYC. They haven't scheduled a case in over 3 months so how could the date move? Cases are going to be scheduled by the NBC starting in mid-May (assuming the process is up and running by then). Also, NBC has to put all of the cases sent to them and all of the new filings in order by month/year of filing and when they do that I'm sure some older cases will pop-up. The last that I knew, NYC had cases that were filed in 2/02 scheduled and that's about where they left off.


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              So if I follow you correctly, the NYC dates were true last month (o2/o2) but are false this month??????
              I guess you know better than the people who update the website!!!
              try to be positive, as it is proven to bring what you expect. As opposed to thinking negatively, which does a couple of things: it raises your blood pressure for nothing, and your goal never gets attained!


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                I DO know better than the published reports. The published reports ARE wrong and if you read the entire post than you might stop to wonder. " is it that she knows that NYC is NOT scheduling cases at all right now?". How can the processing times move if cases aren't being scheduled??? Think about it. Also, I am not looking for a gc I was born here.....USC by birth.


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                  I applied in Feb 2002. I received NOA for Biometrics and it's been more than 1 month since I did the fingerprinting but they haven't send me anything about the interview. I'm getting really frustrated about it.


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                    so your receipt date is feb 2002? if so, they should be doing your case now. it takes more than 2 years now to get an aos interview...

                    my receipt date is march 19/2003...i will do fingerprint on april 8, just sent in my renew 765 application this week.

                    Please report back because as far as i know, your case should be up right you have a lawyer? if so, contact him to see what up


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                      Well Claire, since your status is clarified, no need to worry the others!
                      I think if Claire23's date if 02/02, then she should first call the 800 # and then go the NYC district office with her notice to ask them what is going on. I still believe that the website updated priority dates information was set up to inform, not to mislead.


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                        Sorry in my previous post I meant Bronzelady.....


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                          Please don't waste your time going to the District office. NYC is not scheduling right now because the Missouri Service Center (MSC or NBC) has been tasked with doing all of the preparatory work and will start scheduling cases in mid-May. However, if you don't believe me go to NYC district office and PLEASE report back that you were sent to the 3rd floor information unit, made to wait a really long time and then given a green inquiry form and told to go to the 8th floor where you stood in another line only to be told by an information officer that your case is in process and you will be notified by mail when they will schedule your case. Please be sure to report back since others prefer to believe a website that is updated by people in Washington DC without getting input from the District office directly.


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                            By the way, it is not a question of misleading...the formula they are using to decide what processing date an office should be up to is faulty.


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                              Thanks Bronzelady! I don't have to go to Federal Plaza because I know it will gonna be a waste of time. It's just so frustrating that my AOS will take 2 1/2 years or more to process.


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