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    You are a very sick person and need to get help. I hope you're not in my country, because we need less haters here. If you continue to post these vile messages here, I will alert the Department of Homeland Security - your IP address is just a click away. Be warned, you S I C K O!


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      i'm abou t to cry.. i've looked at all the posting this manali person does and their sick...i wish he gets tracked down.i just so wish he is not in this country.. its so scary to think we're surrounded by sick in the heart and head ppl.


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        It's okay, Renata82. I am going to have someone track down his IP address on his or her computer. These posts are just sick and wrong. I know we have freedom of speech, but this is pushing it too far in my opinion.


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          there is no freedom of speach for terrorists proudusc,,and manali is a female,,and yes plz do it,,and i will be more tha happy to make calls too and support u ,, call the (FBI) or just log on the fbi website and submit a tip againts this b i t c h ,,manali go back and live in ur home country with ur freedom fighters,,th one who killd other ppl,,the ones who killes ther own people,,the ones who celebrate 1 day a year in iraq and cut them selves with the knives until they bleed and die,,the ones who entered the u.s and took ther citizen ship and didnt respect and appreciate them and then they attack them in 9/11,the ones who bombed england and europe and ther own country's and killes ther own ppl,,the one who uses god's name on everything and claim to be doing everything for god?thats if they have a god,bcoz i dont think they believe on god or know who god is,,,the one who killed childrens and old ppl for no reason,iam middle eastern,,and iam a shame ,,and i really hate over there and i hate the fact that iam from there,,and thats why iam in mexico with no legal status even,,i rather been here than going back ther and live with thoes idiots,,we will get u manali,,i promise u we will,,,and i will be more than happy to c on the news,,bcoz terroristes are not the ones who kills or bombs only,,terrorist are the ones who support terrorist emotionaly just like u,,u dont have to grab a knive and kill someone to be one of them,,what ur just doing now makes u one of them,,and i wish if they get u ,,f*** u manali...and f*** ur ppl ,and f*** were u come from,,long life for the u.s and god bless them from motther f****** like u and iam asking everybody on here to submit a tip to the (FBI)and one for (ICE)also so she can be double f***** ,they dont need more trash in the country,,i said it one time before manali,,one way ticket b**** and thats it,,dont come back,,go back to ur wounderfull country ,,but hopfully u won't,so i will enjoy seeing u on tv ,


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            Originally posted by davdah:
            Out of curiosity, why would manali bother posting anything on here. Does he or she really think their propoganda bothers anyone. Hell, I would be willing to bet that anyone who does post anything back is only doing it as a jab at an obvious idiot. Or maybe manali doesn't get it.
            The attempt of getting immigrants to think twice about coming to the US or staying her. In other words, it is a very poor psychological warfare tactic.
            "Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence." John Adams on Defense of the boston Massacre


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