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  • Interview in Chicago

    Does anyone have experience with interview in Chicago?
    Its based on marriage to USC.

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    Does anyone have experience with interview in Chicago?
    Its based on marriage to USC.


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      Yes. Probably quite a few people on the board since CHI does thousands every year.


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        We have priority date 11/2002 and still nothing yet. We did the finger prints in September 2003. We were just wandering if they forgot about us and what do they accept as suporting evidence.
        Just curious.


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          how did you meet?
          where did you meet?
          name of the place where first date was?
          you did file taxes...oh I see good.
          looked through the pictures of the wedding, saw my mom on one of them, asked if my parents came for the wedding, we said of course along with other 400 people.
          guy also checked something on UNIX based system, not sure pertaining to whom...

          I did not even apply GC until we already were married for almost 3 years and had 2 kids...

          I do not know if it helped that my attorney was with us but I got unconditional GC.
          ...Mistake Recognized is half corrected ...


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            and oh yeah, from time my attorney filed all the paperwork to an actual inverview was just under 9mo for me, noone could believe it that it was ever done that quick. My interview was in Milwaukee.
            ...Mistake Recognized is half corrected ...


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              What was your priority date and how soon after you had the interview?


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                CHI is currently working 2001 applications. Keep your address current with them (change of address with the US Post Office is insufficient, file a change of address with USCIS in CHI or the new office if you change districts) and wait.


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                  honestly I have no idea about priority dates or even form names you guys/gals are tossing around this forum. My attorney handled everything. I had to go to Milwaukee 5 times:
                  Initial inverview with my attorney (right across the federal building)
                  2 days later they wanted to check my arm at the doctor and gave me an envelope to keep sealed and give to my case officer
                  and lastly interview.

                  Rest of the Q/A, signing forms, sending pictures and copies of the documents was done between my attorney and me via phone/email/fax/fedex

                  I do not regret a penny I did spend - no confusion, no reasons for me to guess what to do and smooth interview. My attorney was recommended to me by one of my fraternety brothers who in turn asked his parents if they knew anyone...

                  In other words, to answer your question - I can't because I do not really know what a 'priority date' is
                  ...Mistake Recognized is half corrected ...


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                    Thank you again.


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